The 3 Pillars of Digital Procurement!

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Procurement professionals have the same question looming over their head on a daily basis about Digital Procurement:

“How do you plan on dealing with digitalization?”

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Cutting Edge Warehouses! (Video)

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that in 2017 total spending on logistics in the US rose to a record $1.5 trillion, up 6.2% from the year before. What’s more, the costs of warehousing, fulfillment and delivery are expected to keep rising in the upcoming year. This is why the biggest players in the market are investing in cutting edge warehouses and technology.

Here are 4 amazing examples of beautiful warehouse operations in which the latest technologies are helping ecommerce giants handle record volumes of parcels faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Are We Facing the End of Supply Chain Management?

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A new article in Harvard Business Review has been generating some automation-related controversy in the Supply Chain Community, as well as lots of buzz and interesting conversation. Naturally, we want to weigh in and the end of Supply Chain Management.

Titled, “The Death of Supply Chain Management,” the article discusses the way that automation, AI and big data are transforming the industry.

It raises the alarm that the function will soon cease to exist, only to – as these “X is dead“ articles often end up doing – assert that it will still exist, just in a very different form.

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The Importance of Cloud Storage in Supply Chain!

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The supply chain industry is changing at an alarming rate as new technological innovations launch. Cloud storage is one of the technologies that have significantly revolutionized supply chain management.

This page will look at ways in which cloud storage has impacted the supply chain sector.

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Things You Can Do With Your Cash App!

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Mobile payment app Cash App changed how we make regular transactions for good. Want to send a friend some money? Need to order a pair of shoes on Amazon?

All you need is a free account and some money in your debit card or bank account. Cash App is secure and easy to use, making it convenient and hassle-free. 

This article will outline some of the best ways to spend money using Cash App. Let’s get started.

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What Can Location Map Software Be Used For?

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Most companies collect and store consumer data. For many businesses, the data holds a geographic component to the information, including physical address or general city. Unfortunately, businesses without location map software will involuntarily forgo these critical communication components.

After all, any location-based information may directly connect with sales data, supplier information, and more. Understanding how to optimize and capitalize on these details is essential for businesses wanting to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Our 2018 Top 10 List!

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It’s been a tremendous start to our second year at  Supply Chain Game Changer.  Our goal has always been to share experiences and expertise, including our 2018 Top 10 list.  In the first half of 2018 our readership continued to grow substantially over our first year, 2017.  And we were selected  as one of the Top 25 Procurement blogs in the world.

In 2018 we added video content and introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action” Interview series.  For the purpose of this Top 10 List we have excluded all  “Seasoned Leadership in Action” articles as we are not trying to promote a popularity contest amongst individuals.  That being said the response to the Interview series has been absolutely outstanding.

We also continued to add more and more Guest posts provided by industry leaders.  We have 17 new Guest contributors so far in 2018 on top of the outstanding roster of contributors who started with us in 2017.

As we end the first 6 months of 2018 we wanted to publish our Top 10 List, so far.

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So here is our 1st Top 10 List of 2018…

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What is Fabrication Automation?

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The literal meaning of fabrication is the action or process of inventing something.

In a manufacturing context, it means adding value to semi-finished parts or raw materials and making something out of them e.g. metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling metal pieces that are used in making machines, parts, and structures.

Welding is a common example of fabrication.

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The Top 5 Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Logistics!

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There’s no other way to describe it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics. That may seem like a cliché, or hype, or buzz, but it is true.

The tech is fundamentally changing the way packages move around the world, from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles and robotics. Here are the top five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming the logistics industry as we know it:

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4 Ways Blockchain is Revolutionizing Supply Chain!

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Have you ever wondered where your favorite shirt, pillow, shoes, or snack came from? All of these products follow a supply chain and are tracked down along every step of it. From the raw materials’ origin and production of items to delivery and distribution—the entire process is no joke! Thankfully, blockchain is revolutionizing Supply Chain and can help make Supply Chains operations seamless and more efficient.

Most people encounter this term after searching for “What is Bitcoin (BTC)?” on the web, and that’s because blockchain is the powerful mind behind BTC. But aside from being the brain behind today’s dominant crypto, blockchain also has its fair share of developments in various fields, including the supply chain.

Before we dive deeper into that, let’s first define what it is.

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Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing!

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Although additive manufacturing and 3D Printing for both plastic and metal materials has been around for years, the investment, developments, breadth of applications, adoption rate, and beneficial case studies are expanding at an extremely rapid rate.

New processes, materials, devices, design applications, are emerging every day. Now, there are cloud sites that store portfolios of designs, much like Pandora does for music. All of this is creating an amazing amount of opportunity creating more efficient supply chains, new product types, de-centralized manufacturing schemes, and easier approaches to mass-customization.

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Can I Get Toll-Free Numbers for Different Countries?

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Simply put, the answer is yes. Your business can get toll-free numbers for different countries across the globe. 

Since these numbers help increase your company’s reachability, you can use them to improve communication throughout your business network. This is why international toll-free numbers are a great solution for those supporting a worldwide customer base or managing a global supply chain. 

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the basics of international toll-free numbers. This way, you can see how it can benefit your business and decide if it’s right for you. Let’s get started!

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What’s the Difference Between Blockchain and Supply Chain?

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The phrase “Supply Chain Management” was first coined in 1982.  The idea of a  “Blockchain” was conceived in 2008 although the concept of a chain of blocks began as early as 1991, and use of the word Blockchain itself has only become popular in the last few years.

Blockchain has rapidly become a very widely used term, at first intended to describe the enabling technology platform behind Bitcoin.  However as awareness and knowledge of the technology has been increasingly understood the words Blockchain and Supply Chain are more often used together.

As people become more familiar with Blockchain, and consider it’s applicability in their strategic Supply Chain plans, we thought it important to clarify how Blockchain and Supply Chain are different yet mutually supportive.

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How AI and Machine Learning are Shaping the Legal Industry

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Unchaining Change Leadership

With unprecedented and uncontrolled advancements in technology grasping the professional sector, such as the legal industry, everyone’s concerned about the changes it would bring in the daily operations and the careers of those whose jobs will get substituted with technology.

When discussing technology replacing professionals, what crosses the mind instantly is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that have even started making their space in the legal industry. Both considered as the crux of advanced technology is an efficient workforce of tomorrow.

How AI and ML are transforming the legal industry is unparalleled. But, their main task is to take over the clerical work of the law practitioners and augment it to free them to take up and concentrate on higher-level tasks, viz negotiating deals, appearing in courts, advertising to clients, and more.

Hence, to understand how AI and ML are shaping the law industry, we have made a list of benefits that the two technological tools would be offering.     

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How to Reduce Software Development Cycle Time!

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There are many indices to determine the general success of the software development team. Brilliant ideas, successful applications, developers’ experience and qualifications, the company’s profit, and so on.

Today we’ll pay attention to the delivery cycle time and its meaning for both developers and their ordering customers. 

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