How to Promote Social Networks with Content Marketing!

Social Networks

Compared to direct advertising, content marketing is a very environmentally friendly way to attract customers. When you generate interesting material, you primarily focus on creating value for your audience and broadcasting the maximum benefit.

The second feature of content marketing is that it can be used to advance without attracting a budget.

In this article, we will consider how to promote interesting content through the artificial intelligence of social networks, as well as with the help of users.

Which content formats are the most effective in Social Networks?

Video is considered to be the most important type of content. Without this format, it is very difficult to promote in social networks, build trust with potential clients and increase their loyalty. To make your videos as effective as possible, it is necessary to add subtitles as they are indexed by search engines.

There are situations when a person can not turn on the sound and if you add subtitles, people read them as an article.  At the early stages of promotion, it is important to raise involvement indicators and buy real YouTube subscribers, views, comments. This will increase retention rates and trigger a natural scaling effect of the video.

Live broadcasts are a very profitable promotion format. According to statistics, live broadcasts are watched many times more than videos. During constant lock downs, this figure has increased even more.  Live broadcasts work best when you are in an interesting place and shoot your event, partner’s event, or the event where you are a guest.

Masterclasses are a second effective format when you broadcast information that solves problems, pains, or tasks of your target audience.  It’s important to announce the live broadcast in advance, so you can attract the maximum quantity of people. 

A good format for content on social networks is selections of books, movies, etc.  You can publish a post on the last day of the workweek and encourage people to watch it on weekends. This mechanic works well because people are consuming a lot of content on the weekends and, as a result, you will get several times more reach and views. 

How to promote content?

Once you’ve prepared your content, as many people as possible must see it. There are many ways to attract audience attention: people buy YouTube subscribers to create a high status in the online space, set up ads on Instagram to get targeted traffic or collaborate with influencers and bloggers on TikTok to create a flow of the warm audience.

One of the free methods to distribute content is viral marketing. It is considered that for content to distribute well, it’s important to make it interesting. You can write perfect content that gets lots of likes, but people won’t share it. This is because there are definite viral content patterns that need to be embedded. People have several motives for saving information. 

People save useful material for themselves. It is important to overload the user, give a lot of rich and concentrated information that he will not be able to learn the first time.

People want to share important content for their audience and remain opinion leaders for them. In most cases, interesting expert content is often re-posted by people.  A very good approach is to write an article that gives answers to an actual theme. In this case, it is referenced and becomes a classic.

How to make your content go viral?

First, it’s important to generate material within your niche and highlight your audience’s tasks and pains. This allows you to target your content to a specific audience and get more reactions.  With each re-posting, you have the opportunity to get a quality audience. These are people who are interested in your material, and they went to your profile to subscribe.

Secondly, it is important to present information in a structured and visual way. If it is a text, break it into paragraphs and make numbering lists. A person perceives such information better, shares with it and if there is a selling element, buy faster. 

Third, it’s important to increase the reach of the audience. It’s no secret that all social networks work on the principle of smart feed. Not all followers see your posts, so you need to do certain actions to make more people see them. For this, use interactive content to involve your audience. Every user who reacted to your content: liked it, commented on it will get your next posts in their news feed. It’s a way to get as many people as possible to see your posts. 

To sum up, content marketing is an effective way of promotion that allows you to establish close contact with your audience and convert people into subscribers and customers faster. Moreover, this method is affordable from a financial point of view and does not require investment.

Social networks article and permission to publish here provided by Fred Patten. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 21, 2022.