A Marketer’s Secret Weapon: Free Instagram Link Video Download!

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For many, social networks are a place where you can relax, look at photos of friends, find entertainment or discuss an interesting topic. Every day, thousands of people start their morning by reaching for their smartphones and checking their Instagram feed.

Most users know how to publish stories, posts, and share content on this social network – its interface is intuitive even for those who are far from computer technology. However, if you work in the field of marketing and your duties include administering your company’s social accounts, you need to know much more than basic functions.

In this article, we will look at one useful tool that can be called the real secret weapon of a marketer.

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How to Promote Social Networks with Content Marketing!

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Compared to direct advertising, content marketing is a very environmentally friendly way to attract customers. When you generate interesting material, you primarily focus on creating value for your audience and broadcasting the maximum benefit.

The second feature of content marketing is that it can be used to advance without attracting a budget.

In this article, we will consider how to promote interesting content through the artificial intelligence of social networks, as well as with the help of users.

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11 Free and Useful Podcast Tools!

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Podcast tools article and permission to publish here provided by Priyank Sharma.

Podcast listeners are immensely increasing these days.  Brands around the world use podcasting to reach out to their audience. Sharing their brand’s story is not as challenging now that podcasting has become a trend.

For startup businesses that want to have a successful podcast, here are some free podcast tools to start up your business.

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Create a Marketing Plan Using LinkedIn!

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Observing the world today, we can notice that social media has taken off and become more and more popular both among the younger generations and the older ones. 

What has become very important is that Linkedln is becoming more and more popular among business people from year to year, that it has simply become an unavoidable question in a job interview whether you have a LinkedIn profile.

With almost 700 million members, more and more companies, as well as business people, use Linkedln for networking and sales.

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5 B2B Marketing Tactics to Edge Out the Competition!

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In today’s competitive business world, every business enterprise is working hard to outshine other firms in the market with B2B marketing tactics. It applies to all businesses, whether large or small.   

That said, if your business sells goods or services to other firms, you understand how hard it’s to gain a competitive edge in the market. It is because most businesses have already identified their vendors and established strong ties with them.

While that’s the case, implementing a few B2B marketing strategies and tactics can help.   

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Private Instagram Story Downloader!

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Instagram is a well-known way to interact with your audience. Users view the stories of the people they are most interested in on a daily basis. Much visual content consists of useful information that motivates us: tips, advice, and great solutions. If you are using a Creator account you can check who viewed your Instagram highlights.

However, not all videos can be watched on time. After 24 hours, they automatically disappear. We wish we didn’t lose stories when we need them.

How to view and save a story on the smartphone? And is there a way to do it anonymously, so that the other user doesn’t know about viewing? Surely viewing accounts that are set to private is possible. It can be either a saver, downloader or ig story downloader application.

In this article, we have collected the 7 best private instagram story downloader tools and apps that will help to store stories and keep anonymity. 

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