How Android Phones Make Bitcoin Trading Easier!

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Android phones article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency having no third parties involved in the system. The cryptocurrency is utterly subjected to virtual, devoid of land-based brokers; the users are requisites to invest computing capitals in order to trade in bitcoin. Bitcoin was merely accessible by only contributing primary computing devices at the very first instance, which restricted the accessibility and convenience of the cryptocurrency. 

The setback of bitcoin was pointed by several other crypto industry founders. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of ethereum, stated that bitcoin is just a pocket-size calculator with limited accessibility. However, the advancement of technology has utterly revolutionized the accessibility extent of bitcoin, as bitcoin trading is now probable with android devices with zero luxuries and high-end specifications.

Below mentioned is a complete portion explaining how android phones embrace the ease of bitcoin trading; let’s have a look.

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The Speed and Efficiency of E-Signatures in Procurement!

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E-Signatures article and permission to publish here provided by Mariana Wilona.

In the procurement profession, speed and efficiency are key. There is just too much time and money that can be wasted on a daily basis while signing paper documents. From formatting and printing off forms, scanning, signing to reformatting again before hitting the send button.

For a one-off, that doesn’t sound too bad. However, when the process has to be repeated over hundreds to thousands of times, it can become a cumbersome process and an expensive investment. Electronic signature platforms allow you to sign multiple documents within seconds, on the go.

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How to Buy Your First Bitcoin!

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Buy your first Bitcoin article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols.

Bitcoin is referred to as a stick of dynamite, and the explosion of this explicit dynamite has led to introducing several innovative aspects in the marketplace. Investing in bitcoin has been like a flash in the pan for many investors and traders who have acquired millions of dollars just from bitcoin. 

The digitalized coinage was exceedingly accessible at the very first instance of its invention as the first-ever transaction utilizing bitcoin as a payment method was of 10000 bitcoin units as a guy from Florida purchased two pizzas. 

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How Vital Are Trade Shows For Your Business?

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Trade shows article and permission to publish here provided by Amelia Emma.

It is recommended that every business owner with dreams of one day growing to be big enough to compete on the international level must attend a major trade show related to their line of business, at least once in their lifetime.

Trade shows are a lifeline for many businesses, and some of the biggest brands in the world got their big break from attending a trade show.

We are going to look at the benefits of attending a trade show as an upcoming business and how vital it can be to your growth.

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3 Tips On How To Create a Brand Guide!

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Brand guide article and permission to publish here provided by Michelle Custodio.

The marketing landscape has become brutal for today’s brands, especially with the increasing popularity of social media. Hundreds of ads bombard internet users every day, and it takes a strong brand to stand out.

When you think of memorable brands like Nike, Spotify, Starbucks, and Netflix, you can vividly picture each brand’s logo, imagery, typeface, color palette, to even the specific way they ‘talk’ to their target audience.

Similarly, you need such differentiating visual elements and messaging to outshine your competitors.

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Small Business Cost Cutting: A Short Guide!

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Small business cost cutting article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

When it comes to cost-cutting in smaller businesses, you need to think very carefully. Not just because one bad investment could put your business in extreme difficulty, but also because you need to figure out what is a good deal or a bad deal pretty much on your own. Obviously, this can be stressful, and you might feel way out of your depth. 

The truth is, there are no easy decisions when you are running a small business and keeping everything ticking over while trying to take the business forward is a real juggling act.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for small business cost cutting you could put in place to not worry about your financial situation on top of everything else.

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Best Cybersecurity Tips to Secure Your ECommerce Store!

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ECommerce store article and permission to publish here provided by Laura Jones.

The world of ecommerce is a minefield, and cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re designing or setting up an online store. But, here’s the snag; with so many cybersecurity tips and tricks to learn, it’s hard to know where to start. 

So, this blog post will go over some best practices for securing that all-important data to prevent any devastating security breaches down the line through less than savory methods such as hacking, leading to considerable revenue losses.

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Procurement Terminology is a Mess!

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Procurement language article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at

From one Procurement organization to the next, terminology differs.

Of course, it’s impossible to expect that every company would work within the exact same framework of understanding and messaging, but the lack of being able to communicate can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Procurement is a function, that is undergoing transformation; technologically and ideologically.

With change comes new methods of communicating. RFPs become RFSs (Requests for Solution), and people speak less about TCO and more about TVO (Total Value of Ownership).

Language has a funny way of working. Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is the thing that brings us together as humans and as collaborators in business. But, it’s also the very thing that can create a sense of otherness, confusion or disdain.

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The Importance of Investing in Professional Marketing Services!

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Professional marketing services article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Poulson.

Professional marketing is all about taking your business forward by following a plan. If you want your products to have a wider reach and increase your visibility online, you need to start working on your marketing strategies. 

It might seem like a futile investment if you are working on a start-up. However, a professional approach along with a dedicated marketing team can undoubtedly solidify your standing in the business leagues. 

If you are considering getting a marketing expert on-board but aren’t too sure, you might want to see all the benefits of hiring one. Continue reading to find out what the benefits of getting professional marketing services help. These perks might just end up convincing you into hiring one!

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An Acquisition Gone Wrong! A Coup D’Etat in the Boardroom!

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The CEO called an emergency meeting in the Boardroom.  The President of our Division, myself, the prior owners of a company we had just acquired, and one of our major shareholders/board members were to attend.  The sh*t had hit the fan with our latest acquisition.

It had only been a few months since the acquisition had been completed.  This was certainly long enough for the honeymoon period to be over.  But now it looked like we were quickly heading for a divorce.

What went wrong?

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Blockchain Continues to Make its Way into the Supply Chain World!

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Blockchain continues article provided by  Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement.

A few months back, we wrote about Blockchain as an emerging technology and tool for Supply Chain transparency.

It’s a pretty incredible technology that stands to reshape big aspects of the economy in general and Supply Chain in particular – but it’s also pretty difficult for the common person to understand, which doesn’t help matters.

But Blockchain is coming, and it offers the potential to shake up Supply Chain and Logistics like few other technologies coming down the pike.

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Supply Chain Innovation: The Path to Success!

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Supply Chain innovation article posted on by Kristi Montgomery.  Permission to publish here provided by Greg Boring at Kenco Group.

Innovation is a team effort requiring collaboration and buy-in from all levels within an organization, and it’s especially true when it comes to bringing innovation to the supply chain.

While new and buzzworthy technologies like drones and robotics are consistently being introduced, innovation for the supply chain is truly a continuum of small improvements that make a greater impact – whether it’s improving processes or the overarching business model.

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What is Geofencing? And How Does it Work?

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Geofencing article, and permission to publish here, provided by Olivia Andres at Radar.

Geofencing is a buzzy mobile app capability that’s been around for at least a decade; however, developers are only now seeing the full potential of geofencing for building a great user-first experience.

While geofencing received some attention in relation to user privacy, new tools are considering how geofencing can better surprise and delight customers – and in the future, radically change the way companies deliver location-based experiences. 

From sending a tailored promotion when a customer enters a retail store to powering order-ahead food delivery, geofencing plays a key role in making mobile apps contextually aware. How does geofencing work, and how can mobile app developers better deploy this technology?

Here’s what you need to know about geofencing. 

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Understanding the Bitcoin Mining Process!

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Bitcoin mining article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols.

Bitcoin is a medium of exchange that means it acts like cash, but in reality, they are not printed but mined like gold or other precious metals. As of now, you must have heard about bitcoin and also heard about different people having different opinions and views.

So, do you consider bitcoin as a good investment or not? Bitcoin investment is risky, but if done properly, it can help you make profits. If you are looking for any bitcoin trading platform to start trading, you must check out . It is a great platform that allows users to trade thousands of cryptocurrencies. 

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Value Stream Mapping the Future State Process!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

We had completed value stream mapping the current state processes across some very significant business processes in the company.  It took a fair amount of time even though we had the active involvement of subject matter experts and leaders from every functional organization.

When all was said and done the current state involved hundreds of process steps, almost 200 pain points, and dozens of iterative, repetitive loops.  The company was just being introduced to Lean process improvement techniques.  And as challenging as it was to reach a common understanding of what the current processes were the difficult part was about to start.

How were we going to define and map the Future State process?

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