Supply Chain is Tackling Food Waste Like Never Before!

Consumers are demanding more from the companies they buy from, and Supply Chain Management is at the forefront of delivering that increased responsibility. Consumers increasingly want goods that are produced ethically, sustainably, and with a minimum of waste.

With the prevalence of digital technologies like Blockchain, companies have more tools at their disposal to dig into their supply chains and make sure that they meet these consumer standards – and if they don’t, they have less of an excuse.

One Supply Chain Sustainability topic that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is the issue of food waste.

A fascinating new article in Bloomberg digs into the magnitude of the issue, and the efforts ramping up – some backed by big venture capital investment – to stop it.

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Guide to Setting Shipping for Your E-Commerce Business!

Shipping’s importance has expanded dramatically in the e-commerce and entrepreneurial innovation era. Customers increasingly want businesses to distribute items globally faster and more efficiently.

Failure to do this can be disastrous for e-commerce business owners since they risk losing clients and their businesses.

Implementing cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions is critical to your business. This article will provide helpful hints to make the journey proceed more smoothly.

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Delivery in the Age of Amazon!

Brands don’t have to be Amazon to build stellar last mile delivery and fulfillment operations that win new business and drive customer loyalty.

However, they do have to look deeply and honestly at the way they run their delivery operations today, and then take the next step forward by making the necessary changes.

If you think delivery is just about transporting a product to the buyer, think again.

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Amazon by the Numbers! (Infographic)

Whether you love, hate or remain neutral on Amazon, one can only marvel and admire Amazon by the numbers which only appear to be accelerating.

The infographic from Fortna in this post from Jeff Ashcroft provides a startling picture of where Amazon is at currently and how they’re expected to handle over half of online e-commerce transactions with Walmart now only at 5% and growing!

Content provided by Jeff Ashcroft.

Competing against Amazon? You need a Blue Ocean strategy!

Amazon by the numbers article and permission to publish here provided by Jeff Ashcroft. Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on August 24, 2017.

How to Expand Your Business to Take Advantage of the European Marketplace!

In a highly competitive global marketplace, business owners must reach a wider audience with their products and services to ensure they can compete, regardless of where they operate. 

It goes without saying that the internet has fuelled the growth of international trade. Today’s customers are fully prepared to purchase goods and services online from a company outside their country – if they can be delivered quickly and reasonably priced. 

That’s why breaking into the European marketplace is vital to enjoy growth and expansion for businesses of all sizes and sectors. After all, the current total population of Europe is almost 750 million people, all of which have the potential to be one of your consumers. 

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5 Benefits of a POS System!

POS is an essential element for every business that sells goods, whether it is done online or via brick-and-mortar. A smart POS system performs more tasks than simply notifying the consumer. In a larger scale, the point of sale (POS) designates the area of retail sales.

Consider it to be akin to a checkout counter. POS consists of transaction-related operating systems, including the cash box, credit card swiper, barcode readers, and document printers.

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Has Walmart Beat Amazon Using an Omnichannel Returns Strategy?

Amazon has reigned supreme in e-commerce for years, but Walmart is well on its way to making the e-commerce giant a little nervous. Amazon acquired Whole Foods and dropped the price of Prime Pantry through Prime Perks. Amazon began looking into brick-and-mortar storefronts, hoping to capture a new slice of the omnichannel pie.

Walmart has a different approach, and in several ways, Walmart is positioning itself to best Amazon in e-commerce through an innovative, omnichannel return strategy. To understand the true scope of this accomplishment, supply chain leaders need to understand the precursor steps Walmart has taken.

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Brick and Mortar Stores: Stand Up and Unite!

It’s time for the Retail Brick and Mortar Store to stand up and be counted!   All of the talk about the demise of Brick and Mortar stores is premature.

In this age of E-Commerce the vast majority of retail sales are still conducted face to face in a physical store.  Even Millennials shop in a physical store 50% of the time.

The phenomenal growth of E-Commerce is undeniable.  But more importantly we must remember that customers want an OMNICHANNEL experience, NOT a Single Channel experience.

At the intersection of what the Customer wants and what the Retailer wants is the Brick and Mortar store!  This is where the Brick and Mortar Store is uniquely positioned to leverage its significant advantages!

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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) System: EPOS Buyback Programs!

In the rapidly evolving world of retail and hospitality, staying ahead with the latest technology can make a significant difference in your business operations and customer satisfaction. Upgrading your Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is a strategic move that can lead to improved efficiency, sales, and overall business growth.

Furthermore, engaging in EPOS buyback programs can offer an economical and sustainable way to make this upgrade. Here are ten compelling reasons to consider upgrading your EPOS system and how POS buy back programs can benefit your business.

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IKEA’s IWAY Lessons For Procurement!

My girlfriend and I have a dog, named Charlie.

He’s only one and a half years old and is already, now, rather well trained. Sure, he has an occasional hiccup and puts his paws on a friend from over excitement, or pulls on the leash a bit too much as we approach the lake. But, all in all, my girlfriend and I (mainly her) have done a pretty solid job raising him.

Then again, we didn’t approach this whole dog ownership business with a ‘wilyl-nilly’ mindset.

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Do You Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Let’s not forget that we do eat to live and don’t live to eat. An excess of food can lead to dangerous diseases such as obesity and like any other good pleasures in life, it needs to have boundaries.

Nowadays, restaurants, and specifically food, have taken such an important place in our lives, that the answer to that question isn’t obvious anymore.

 For some people, the kind of groceries, wholesalers and time of delivery are crucial conversations’ subjects. Indeed, food has become the most important part of their discussions, of their thoughts and even for some of them, of their lives!

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5 Reasons to Sell on Amazon!

Are you looking to sell on Amazon? It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, dipping your toes into the vast ocean that is Amazon. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dive on in.

Amazon has made it possible for thousands upon thousands of sellers to reach customers in the digital, modern-day marketplace. Ranging from books, clothes, home goods, to even brand-new cars, customers love to shop on Amazon for countless reasons.

Not only does Amazon offer the most extensive selection of products, but they also keep customers coming back for several reasons, like their two-day shipping for Prime members and easy returns.

So why should you sell on Amazon?

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Scale Your Supply Chain with Effective ECommerce Fulfilment!

While ‘supply chain’ refers to the journey from raw material, to happy repeat customer, a critical element that is often overlooked is the order processing. This operation involves ‘goods in’, picking, packing, distribution, ecommerce fulfilment and increasingly, value-added services such as outsourced contact centre support, customs clearance, and specialist storage solutions.

In this article, we will delve into the various elements of third-party logistics (3PL), and things to consider when finding the right one.

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Touchless Fulfillment and Shipping!

The transportation & logistics industry found new ways to have touchless fulfillment and shipping during this pandemic. We reside in truly strange times. If some say in the past that 5+ billion people would be during a complete lockdown in fear of a deadly virus, someone would have probably laughed at the overall idea.

But here we are, 8 months after the discovery of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan, a global pandemic. With global cases having crossed 20 million, proactive and reliable methods are required for businesses to survive during this post-lockdown era.

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9 Key Considerations in an Effective Last Mile Delivery Strategy

Understanding last mile logistics is only half the battle. Shippers need to reevaluate their existing last mile logistics processes and devise an effective last mile delivery logistics strategy that aligns consumer and business expectation.

This is the only way shippers can safeguard their position in the market and continue to provide products to their consumers. In fact, an effective last mile logistics strategy must consider these nine key points.

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