The Best Ways to Make Sure Your Customers Are Loyal!

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Any business owner will tell you that keeping an existing customer is far easier than acquiring a new one. It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one, and yet most businesses focus most of their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers.

This is where customer loyalty comes in. Customer loyalty – or customer retention – is defined as the likelihood of customers to continue doing business with you in the future. And while acquiring new customers should still be a part of your marketing strategy, retaining your existing ones should be your number one priority.

Here are just some of the reasons why customer loyalty is so important for your business and some of the best ways you can make sure your customers are loyal.

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What is a Multichannel Distribution Management System?

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Many businesses begin with single-channel distribution. That sole channel could be a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce website. In either case, all sales flow through one outlet.

The advantage of a single-channel distribution management system is simplicity. There’s only one channel to manage, one channel to stock, and one channel to market to customers. As a business expands, however, the single-channel model can limit growth.

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7 Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Frozen Slush Beverage Center!

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If you own a frozen slush beverage center, you probably already know many benefits of owning and operating one. Customers love the convenience of having an ice cream shop right in their neighborhood, but they also love the premium quality of your frozen slush beverages.

You need to make more than just delicious treats to keep up with demand. You also must ensure that customers can find your business when they need it most.

This article will cover ways to increase customer traffic using these marketing strategies and techniques.

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Hospitality Career Options, Titles and Descriptions!

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So, you spent four years learning everything about a hospitality career and tourism, public houses, and dealing with problem clients. What can you do with that knowledge if you choose the hospitality field? Can you go straight to a hotel manager position?

Well, it’s all a matter of a career ladder. For starters, learn the job positions one might consider in the hospitality field. All vacancies vary and have both perks and disadvantages.

Keep reading to learn about the most popular hospitality positions, and choose the ones you like in the article below.

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Is Your Customer Screening Process Up to Standard?

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Effectively screening customers is one of the first steps in ensuring that you can keep financial criminals out of your organization.

Fortunately, there are plenty of modern know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) programs that are designed for the digital age.

By implementing these solutions, your organization can deter and detect malicious entities that are aiming to take advantage of your company’s resources and damage your brand’s reputation.

But how do you know if your customer screening process is working as it should? Is there a particular standard that these solutions should adhere to?

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7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Are you looking to get ahead in the game? Having a great customer experience strategy is the way to go. A well-executed strategy will give you positive results, maximize consumer lifetime value, increase your revenue and boost customer satisfaction.

Every stage of a customer’s interaction with your brand can make or break their trust and loyalty in you. How customers are handled determines how they will view your brand.

Creating a great customer experience (CX) has the potential to bring your brand a lot of value. Unfortunately, most companies don’t know how to do this. Thus, it offers you a competitive advantage.

Below are seven ways you can create a great customer experiencechf strategy for positive results:

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Get Customer Reviews on Loyalty Programs and User Generated Content!

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Retail seeks to convert lookers into bookers and make them come back for more. What will help you accomplish this mission? Of course, we are talking about authentic and honest real customer reviews on loyalty programs and user generated content.

If there are none or few, this may be a signal that something is not right, I’ll look at something else. How to convince buyers to leave reviews every time they make a purchase? And why should you consider an opportunity to embed Google reviews or any other reviews widget to your website?

Let’s discuss getting customer reviews in the article below. 

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What are White Glove Services? All You Need to Know!

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The growth of the eCommerce industry redefined the whole meaning of customer satisfaction, including the provision of white glove services. 

A product’s quality and price no longer define how much value a good has. The tremendous shift of the seller-consumer dynamics now puts convenience, speed, and outstanding logistics supervision on the consumer’s list for a complete buying experience. 

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Delivery in the Age of Amazon!

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Brands don’t have to be Amazon to build stellar last mile delivery and fulfillment operations that win new business and drive customer loyalty.

However, they do have to look deeply and honestly at the way they run their delivery operations today, and then take the next step forward by making the necessary changes.

If you think delivery is just about transporting a product to the buyer, think again.

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How to Build Customer Loyalty!

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As a business owner, you understand that your customers are why your business exists. Therefore, it’s vital to consider them in everything you do.

Your buyer’s needs should be your company’s number one priority; this will boost your sales and build customer loyalty for the foreseeable future.

What is customer loyalty? It is when a customer is interested in your products and services, which they find the satisfaction in their needs.  When customers are loyal to your brand, they share their opinion about it and recommend it.

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Achieve Immense Results for Staff Efficiency with these Restaurant Floor Plan Tips!

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When it comes to running a successful restaurant, having an efficient restaurant floor plan can make all the difference. Not only can a well-designed layout help to maximize workflow and reduce waiting times, but it can also improve the overall customer experience. 

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Omnichannel Customer Service Best Practices!

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The growing size of today’s consumer market sets the stage for entrepreneurs and companies of varying capacities to take part. The US consumer market alone was at $1.5 trillion in 2016. And this number is continuously increasing, including omnichannel customer service.

According to an article from AdAge, US Gen Y or millennials are also swiftly increasing their slice of the pie, spending more than $200 billion annually.

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McDonald’s Supply Chain Challenge: Switching from Frozen to Fresh Burgers!

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Back in early 2018, McDonald’s – a pioneer in cold chain distribution – announced that it was testing out using fresh patties instead of frozen in burgers at 300 of its U.S. locations.

Which doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but for one of the world’s largest Supply Chains – one that’s been using frozen burgers in its stores for decades – it represented an interesting test case in how companies can use supply chain strength to pivot as the market changes.

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4 Must-Haves in Your Product Packaging Checklist!

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When shopping for new products, it’s always the packaging that will first catch the eyes of the buyer. For consumers who are yet to try what’s inside, the packaging is often what influences their decision whether to buy it or not, which is why you need a product packaging checklist.

Likewise, when shipping products, the packaging should also be secure enough to withstand the shipping journey. If your products aren’t packaged securely, chances are they’ll end up damaged in transit. Not only will it be detrimental to the buyer’s customer experience, but you’ll also have to cover the costs of a replacement, which includes an additional shipping process too, all at your expense.

If this happens too often, it’ll eventually eat up your revenue. 

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A Guide to Personalized Packaging!

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We believe that it has been established that thoughtful, personalized packaging resonates with the consumers. It leads to great success if it manages to sway your customers with its appearance, along with satisfying your customer service, experience and product value needs.

It means that you have to give your product packaging considerable time in conceptualization and customization to create a unique customer experience and to meet your business goals.

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