CEO Insights on Value Realization from Customer Success!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Customer success article was created by Kia Puhm, CEO at K!A CX.  Kia’s site is

The Toronto Customer Success Executive Breakfast is a forum whereby local industry leaders get together over breakfast to discuss the still young and rapidly evolving field of Customer Success.

Co-hosted by Natasha Narayan and myself, and Sponsored by Gainsight, senior executives in this field are invited to share their knowledge and expertise amongst their peer group in an intimate and highly interactive setting.

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6 Reasons Sales Reps Need a Sales App!

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Your sales reps do a lot more than just selling stuff. They have meetings to attend, reports to write, customer queries to resolve, leads to convince, rude and angry customers to pacify, and a myriad of non-revenue generating tasks that are imperative for smooth business operations.

Since sales reps wear multiple hats, it only makes sense to lend them a hand. Offering sales apps is how you do it.

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How to Guarantee Faster and Safer Business Parcel Delivery!

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Any business involved in regular trading or transactions overseas requires parcels to be shipped back and forth. Business parcel delivery has always been a common part of businesses.

In recent years, the process has become even more streamlined and efficient thanks to the development of new technologies. This is because parcels can be used for deliveries, marketing messages, or any other interaction between businesses.

As a business, ensuring that your parcels and packages are delivered as quickly and safely as possible is crucial as this helps reduce late and wrong deliveries. It can also help you cut extra costs such as compensations and parcelling fees.

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Understanding Outbound Call Centers !

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Outbound call centers article and permission to publish here provided by Mark Henry.

Before knowing about outbound call centers, let’s see what are the types of call centers.

There are 3 types, such as inbound, outbound, and virtual. Further, these three are categorized as Domestic and International depending on whether they serve within the country or outside.

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Consolidate Orders Online and Stop the Senseless Waste Now!

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During the pandemic more people have been shopping online than ever before. It stands to reason that with lockdowns in place and many physical stores being closed, that ECommerce ordering and shipping is a great alternative to face to face shopping. And customers typically except sellers to consolidate orders they place.

Along with online shopping the never ending push for fast delivery has continued unabated, whether it’s really necessary or not.

The result of this however is that more and more online orders are being fulfilled and delivered piecemeal. An order of 3 or more items more often than not results in the delivery of 3 separate packages. There is no focus to consolidate orders at all. It’s insane.

Unless there is an urgent need for a specific item companies should be consolidating their items in fewer packages and avoiding all of this waste.

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On Time Delivery – Get that right First!

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No matter what industry you are in and no matter what channels you are serving your Customers expect delivery of their goods on time.

You may have different pressures, to increase profits for instance, but you must take care of the basic expectation of on time delivery first.

If you don’t have on time delivery all your other pressures will not matter.   Your customers will go elsewhere and your business will fail.  Even if you have a unique product that no one else in the world has (for now) you must deliver on time to your customers.  If not there will always come a time when your customers will be able to go elsewhere.

Providing on time delivery may seem basic.  But it is the foundation on which the rest of your business must be built.

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Last Mile Delivery: Stop Shipping Air and Empty Boxes!

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When you order something Online there is great excitement in anticipation of opening your package when it arrives.  With any luck the company you have ordered from has provided a positive experience in the online ordering and payment process.  Now you are just waiting for the package to arrive.  You certainly don’t want them to stop shipping.

Most recently we ordered a couple of items online.  They were relatively small items and could easily fit in the palm of your hand.  Within a couple of days a large box arrived at the front door.   I wasn’t quite sure what it was because the box was rather big, big enough for a toaster or perhaps a couple of large board games.

I was surprised when we opened the big box, removed a bunch of crumpled paper and packaging material, and found the 2 small items we had ordered sitting on the bottom of this box.  The items could have fit inside a standard envelope.  Instead they were deliberately packaged in a box which could have held 200-300 of the items.  Why don’t they stop shipping air?

What a waste!

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6 Major Delivery Logistics Trends!

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2017 was an important year for delivery logistics trends. With ecommerce sales reaching $23 trillion in annual sales worldwide, customers are relying on better and faster deliveries for all sort of goods and services.

But this evolution in the supply chain, and for last mile fulfillment in particular, doesn’t end with retail. From restaurant chains to supermarkets to pharmacies to service providers, the world of logistics is experiencing unprecedented change.  What are the delivery logistics trends?

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How to Get Great Amazon Reviews!

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Amazon reviews article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony.

When you have a product you sell on Amazon, the whole package is important, quite literally. 

Customers have thousands of options at their fingertips in any given product category, and that means they can be discerning. Customers can also leave their reviews of your product, and those reviews are an integral part of boosting your sales if they’re positive. 

From having beautifully designed packaging to sending follow-up emails after someone receives your product, you want a streamlined experience that compels your Amazon customers to jump on the site and leave you a great review. 

The following are some tips to get those coveted online reviews

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The New Car Bait and Switch! A True Story!

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The “Check Engine” light appeared on my vehicle recently. As the vehicle was over 11 years old and showing increasingly serious signs of breaking down, a trip to the mechanic confirmed that it would cost more to fix the vehicle then it was worth. So my wife and I decided we needed to get a new car.

We quickly researched vehicles and narrowed down the model and brand that we were interested in. After a visit to the local dealership, a test drive and some negotiating we bought a new car.

Within 24 hours of getting our new car our happiness turned to bitterness. The car they gave us was not the vehicle we had bought.

It seemed like we were the victims of a car dealership bait and switch!

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1001 Networks Offers Delivery Solutions! (Sponsored)

Article and permission to publish here provided by Damien Chapus, CEO and Founder of 1001 Networks.

In December 2019, 1001 Networks officially launched!

This site, which operates out of Antibes, France allows people to take control over their business’ shipping and delivery needs. The website offers a place for people to come together and share information.

Right on the homepage of the website, people can see real customer reviews of companies. These detail the experiences people had with their chosen provider, and allows others to learn who to use, or not to use. 

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What Vendor Centric and Customer Centric Would Look Like on a Date!

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Vendor centric and Customer centric article by Kia Puhm first appeared on

Last week I wrote about how my client was reverting back to a vendor-centric approach to drive increased adoption and usage of their products.

As we looked to develop the playbook to support their channel partners in the integration of the products, as well as enabling them to sell, train, deploy and support their customers in the usage of the solutions, we fell upon an unlikely analogy; a first date.

What would a vendor-centric versus a customer-centric approach look like on a first date between the vendor and the customer?

Vendor-centric approach

In a vendor-centric approach the vendor would focus on getting the customer to understand everything about them.

They would talk all about themselves sharing what they have to offer the relationship (how great they are and how the customer will benefit by being with them), everything the customer needs to know about them (i.e. the “product”), how they operate (so the customer can figure out how best to interact with them), and what the customer needs to do in order for the vendor to achieve what they want out of the alliance.

The vendor would, unintentionally, neglect to ask the customer what they wanted out of the relationship or understand what they like and dislike in order to know what makes them “tick” and want to go out again.

The vendor’s focus would be predominantly on obtaining its own objectives, but they would genuinely feel that they had the best interests of the customer at heart.

Customer-centric approach

In a customer-centric approach the vendor would focus on understanding the customer to see how their mutual interests could be aligned to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

They would listen to the customer learning about what they want to achieve (so the vendor can figure out how to best support the customer obtaining their goals while achieving its own as well), how they operate (to figure out how best to interact with them and make it easy for the customer), and understand what they like and don’t like (i.e. what is the best way to motivate them) in order to generate excitement about the relationship.

The vendor would use that information, along with its expertise and what it has to offer, to purposefully outline ways to create a mutually beneficial relationship, building trust and confidence from the get go.

The vendor’s focus would be to align the interests of both parties, knowing that long-term relationships are created and expanded when both receive value from the.

Would you want to go on a date with the vendor-centric vendor or the customer-centric one?

A goofy analogy to be sure, but it certainly drives home the point of how goofy we as vendors act when it comes to driving adoption using a vendor-centric approach.

Bottom Line

Understanding the customer and aligning their business interests with a customer-centric, prescriptive approach to realizing value from the vendor’s products is the fastest and most efficient way to product adoption.

Ultimately this leads to value derivation for customers, which in turn leads to customer retention and expansion for the vendor; a match made in heaven and one that lasts and grows!

Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on September 21, 2017.

What is a Multichannel Distribution Management System?

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Multichannel Distribution article originally published at and permission to publish here provided by

Many businesses begin with single-channel distribution. That sole channel could be a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce website. In either case, all sales flow through one outlet.

The advantage of a single-channel distribution management system is simplicity. There’s only one channel to manage, one channel to stock, and one channel to market to customers. As a business expands, however, the single-channel model can limit growth.

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Is Your Customer Screening Process Up to Standard?

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Effectively screening customers is one of the first steps in ensuring that you can keep financial criminals out of your organization.

Fortunately, there are plenty of modern know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) programs that are designed for the digital age.

By implementing these solutions, your organization can deter and detect malicious entities that are aiming to take advantage of your company’s resources and damage your brand’s reputation.

But how do you know if your customer screening process is working as it should? Is there a particular standard that these solutions should adhere to?

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The Omni-channel Approach to Customer Experience!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Customer experience article originally published at, and permission to publish here provided by Karl Crisostomo at

In the last decade, the growing adoption of ecommerce has been swift–and ruthless. Huge retail market players like Best Buy and Toys R’ Us are shutting down huge chunks of their physical locations due to plummeting revenue. Not only is this a result of not embracing ecommerce early in its wave, they are also now competing with ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba who sell the same or competing products online.

Traffic drought in physical stores could be attributed to the rising number of purchases made over the internet for certain customer and product segments. For some, the revenue drop is significant. And yet another part of the challenge big box retailers face as publicly traded companies is that they have to answer to their investors–and with ecommerce delivering superior results, the patience afforded to big box retailers is just not as generous.

So, where does the success of ecommerce lie?

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