10 Mountain Climbing Strategies and Lessons for Optimum Results!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

I met a guy who had recently climbed Mount Everest. In our conversation I learned that he actually reached the summit on his second attempt, having failed on his first attempt a few years earlier.

On his first attempt he could actually see the summit only a couple of hundred feet ahead of him. But he ran out of fixed rope. Despite being so close to his goal he had to make a decision. Does he risk the attempt given the very high chances that he could die and never see his young son and wife again? Or does he go back down and try again in the future.

In the face of summit fever, that feeling of going for the summit at all costs, he calmly made the decision to go back down, and live to try another day.

It was a fascinating story and lesson that could be applied to life and business. What other lessons can be understood through the experience of mountain climbing?

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Inside Amazon Project Zero!

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Amazon Project Zero article and permission to publish here provided by Angelo Chongco.

Counterfeiters can cause a lot of damage to your Amazon business. They can undercut your prices, skimming valuable profit from your listings. And even worse, they can really tarnish your reputation, discouraging customers from trusting you.  

Amazon is aware it has a counterfeit problem. The eCommerce giant has faced many lawsuits from brands saying that it is not doing enough to fight copycats in the marketplace. 

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The Parallel Supply Chain … A Twilight Zone Strategy?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lockdowns of enormous portions of the global population and its businesses. The unprecedented disruption in these Supply Chains and the economy, along with panic buying (eg. toilet paper) and extraordinary demand for PPE (Personal Protect Equipment) has brought the subject of a Parallel Supply Chain to the forefront.

Simply a Parallel Supply Chain is a duplication of your mainstream Supply Chain. It sounds beneficial on the surface as a way to repatriate global Supply Chains, but is it a realistic long term strategy?

Or is a Parallel Supply Chain really a journey into the Twilight Zone?

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Understanding and Preventing Retail Cyber Attacks!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Retail cyber attacks article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony.

Cyber security is one of the most significant issues of modern times. As technology has grown and evolved at such a rapid pace in recent years and the world has shifted into digital and virtual spaces, new threats and dangers have emerged, with literally tens of millions of cyber attacks happening every single day, all over the globe.

In response, cyber security measures have been developed to help keep up with the hackers and virus-makers, aimed at defending individuals and enterprises alike from having their data stolen, their accounts hacked, their devices infected, and their businesses brought to a grinding halt.

These measures are absolutely critical in all walks of life, including in the retail sector.

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Featuring Our 15 Top Pandemic Articles!

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Who could have guessed that 2020 would see the spread of a global pandemic?

As the Coronavirus spread around the world it upset virtually every aspect of our personal lives, our jobs, businesses and economies. No one or no thing was immune from the impacts of the pandemic.

Front and centre in this pandemic has been Supply Chain. Never before has Supply Chain received so much visibility and recognition of its importance. That’s because disruption in the Supply Chain has exacerbated the impacts of the Coronavirus to our lives, both personally and professionally beyond the immediate issues of our health and welfare.

We created a series of articles in 2020 focused on all aspects of Supply Chain and the Pandemic. In our latest “Featuring” series we present our 15 top pandemic inspired articles.

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AI + Data = Supply Chain Risk Management!

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Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at kodiakrating.com.

I feel you.

I was there.

In the exact same position, you’re in now.

A cynic. A skeptic. A person, utterly exhausted with seeing those two letters: AI.

As we see from Deloitte’s CPO Survey in 2018, AI is only fully deployed in 2% of procurement organizations and is far from making any real impact at scale within the digital ecosystems procurement teams are so eagerly trying to build. To top it off, there’s only 27% percent of procurement leaders considering AI/Cognitive technology, and 55% who haven’t considered it at all.

Cut to 2019, Deloitte published its newest CPO Survey where they found that 81% of chief procurement officers with fully implemented solutions in the space of Supply Chain Risk & Compliance Management aren’t satisfied with their solutions.


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The Single Point of Failure in Supply Chain – The Suez Crisis!

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In March of 2021 the world was astonished when a large cargo ship, the Ever Given, became stuck in the Suez Canal. Virtually everyone is oblivious to the movement of any single cargo ship around the world. However very quickly the colossal ramifications of this singular event became known to all.

The blockage of the Suez Canal by this one ship immediately impacted global Supply Chains. Over $9 billion per day (12% of global trade) moves through the 120 mile canal.

While the ship was freed after about a week, in the intervening time ships were debating whether to take the longer trip around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa or wait for the salvage operation. It all underscored the vulnerability of having a single point of failure in any Supply Chain.

Do you have a single point of failure in your Supply Chain?

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Ways to Avoid International Supply Chain Disruptions!

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The Link Business Directory

International Supply Chain disruptions article and permission to publish here provided by Adam Smith.

In today’s world, most commerce depends on an international supply chain one way or another. Whether it’s contracting the manufacture of goods or simply ordering parts from another country, few products are sold that are totally made in the USA.

Unfortunately, even a slight disruption in the supply chain could put your company at a huge disadvantage which could, in turn, significantly impact your bottom line. If you work with suppliers in various foreign countries, you’ll want to avoid disruptions at all costs. 

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5 Things Startups Must Know Before Launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)!

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Minimum Viable Product article and permission to publish here provided by Julia Beyers.

Let’s be honest – the modern business climate could not be imagined without startups, but how many of them actually succeed? 11 out of 12 new businesses fail, and that is sad. The more important question is why some of them actually succeed.

Today we will try to answer these questions by going through the steps necessary for a startup in order to build a solid foundation for their product and avoid the game-ending errors.

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Supply Chain and Digital Innovation in the Wake of Covid!

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Digital innovation in the wake of Covid article and permission to publish here provided by AWL India.

The pandemic has caused significant damage to several companies around the world. However, some of them have seized growth opportunities. The cause for this success was the use of digital innovation and automation rather than the use of manual processes.

There was a huge challenge in the supply of food and medical equipment that included masks, medicines, sanitizers, PPE kits, and other related products that were required to protect and control the spread of the disease. The pandemic had created a global emergency where the companies associated with the supply chain have abruptly moved into the limelight.

Later on, the health systems began to regain control of the pandemic with the help of coronavirus vaccines. They became a stress relief for all companies associated with the supply chain.

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Cyber Security Options for Supply Chain!

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Cyber security options article and permission to publish here provided by Angelo Chongco.

Technology has mainly driven the growth of supply chain operations throughout the years. Organizations of all sizes are migrating to the digital world, some pushed by the recent upheavals. While organizations construct their cybersecurity fortresses, there are many weaknesses at contact with manufacturers, suppliers, worldwide partners, and other service providers to consider.

The growth of supply chain cyber threats in the aftermath of COVID-19 has also made a serious risk for cyber security much more vital than it has always been. Supply chain breaches pose a substantial danger to businesses, potentially interrupting operations and harming their reputations. 

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Starting a Business From Scratch – A Brief Guide!

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Starting a business from scratch article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

Have you always had the ambition of owning a business? 

While many have the desire to become self-employed, it’s not the easiest route to take. You’ll be faced with a plethora of responsibilities as opposed to employment, such as setting up a solid legal foundation through business incorporation and registered agent responsibilities, hiring employees, creating a professional website and more.

There is, of course, the element of risk to be aware of.

However, with that being said, becoming an entrepreneur is an extremely rewarding career route due to the time, dedication, and passion you’ll be plunging into your venture.

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Supply Chain Risk Management is a Cirque Du Soleil Calibre Act!

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Recently we took our Granddaughter to see a Cirque du Soleil show. While we had seen several Cirque shows before it was her first time. The show made an indelible impression on her. She talked about it for weeks and will remember it for the rest of her life. We were proud that we gave her such a lifelong memory.

In thinking about the show and its construct I thought about the incredible amount of risk that the performers and producers are managing. These world class performers have astonishing talent but they are also working in an environment designed to eliminate risk and maximize safety.

Supply Chain Professionals, although not usually theatrical, also work in an environment in which they are managing a tremendous amount of risk. While most jobs are not life threatening the level of risk is still prevalent.

What are the risks that Supply Chain people deal with every day and what is Supply Chain Risk Management?

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Disaster Strikes!!! Is Your Supply Chain Ready To Recover?

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Hurricanes!  Earthquakes!  Terrorist Attacks!  Train Derailments!  Cyber Attacks!  Every one is a disaster.

You see it in the news every minute of every hour of every day.  Either some natural disaster or some man made despicable act has occurred somewhere on the planet.  The result is death, destruction and disruption.

Everyone is trying to pick up the pieces.  They are trying to figure out what has happened, how to come to grips with the catastrophic results,  and how to get things going again.

Depending on what the disaster is people can be struggling to know where they can get the basics such as food, water and shelter.

This is where the Supply Chain must kick in to gear!

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Post Pandemic Stress Disorder in Supply Chain!

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A year of dealing with the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus, combined with another tough year ahead, has created an environment of Pandemic fatigue of the highest order.

Children have had to stay at home instead of going to school. Adults have had to work from home, or worse yet, are at home because they either lost their jobs or had their work hours cut. Going to the store to get the basics has meant seeing empty shelves, long line ups, curb side pick up, mask mandates, and social distancing reminders everywhere.

Businesses have been closed, forced to reinvent their ways of going to market, and restructured just to cling on and hope for survival.

And even with the approval of vaccines the poor initial rollout suggests that it is going to be a long time yet before we can go back to some state of normal.

How many people have Post Pandemic Stress Disorder?

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