4 Must-Haves in Your Product Packaging Checklist!

When shopping for new products, it’s always the packaging that will first catch the eyes of the buyer. For consumers who are yet to try what’s inside, the packaging is often what influences their decision whether to buy it or not, which is why you need a product packaging checklist.

Likewise, when shipping products, the packaging should also be secure enough to withstand the shipping journey. If your products aren’t packaged securely, chances are they’ll end up damaged in transit. Not only will it be detrimental to the buyer’s customer experience, but you’ll also have to cover the costs of a replacement, which includes an additional shipping process too, all at your expense.

If this happens too often, it’ll eventually eat up your revenue. 

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Tips for Transporting Supplies Between Old and New Workplaces!

If you are currently moving with your employees to a new workplace, such as a new office, you may be worried about how you are transporting supplies and equipment to this new location without any problems.

So, if you are concerned about this, here are a few tips that can allow you to transport all your supplies between A and B seamlessly. 

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How to Pack Designed Décor Items for Moving!

We spend a lot of time and money on home décor. Home décor items don’t only make your home beautiful, but they’re also pleasing to the eyes. When it comes to packing items, moving designed decor items is a challenge. Therefore, you need the help of NYC moving companies to make your move secure. 

Designed décor items are delicate, and they’re more prone to damage. Moreover, they’re not easy to pack because of their size and shape. So, if you want to move your items from one place to another safely, you need to be extra careful.

Here, we’ll share all the tips you need to know for packing your designed decor items.

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A Guide to Personalized Packaging!

We believe that it has been established that thoughtful, personalized packaging resonates with the consumers. It leads to great success if it manages to sway your customers with its appearance, along with satisfying your customer service, experience and product value needs.

It means that you have to give your product packaging considerable time in conceptualization and customization to create a unique customer experience and to meet your business goals.

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Features to Know Before Buying Kraft Apparel Boxes!

Kraft apparel boxes have been utilized by famous boutiques that sell superior expensive pieces of clothing. These exceptional clothes are also provided as blessings. So, the emphasis on the custom apparel packaging boxes is an alike measure of what is inside.

The material used in assembling these stylish custom printed packaging boxes is to be of staggering quality. These packaging boxes are an ideal medium for marketing your business as these are seen by several people reliably. For instance, an individual holding the American apparel packaging box in a strip mall will make different people aware of the company. 

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The Recycling Benefits of Mono-Material Flexible Packaging!

Mono-material can be described as a product only made from one resin type. Packaging using this option is rapidly gaining popularity when compared to multi-material packaging.

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How Australia is Dealing with Packaging and Waste!

Many businesses are taking active steps to manage waste, including in their choice of protective packaging and packaging supplies. They are alert to the challenges of sustainability and to the demands of the circular economy (reusing and recycling waste products), as well as to customers’ interests in eco-friendly packaging. How is Australia dealing with packaging and waste?

The government has developed initiatives to help business in their endeavours with ongoing research and guidance.

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What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection and Why is it Important?

Before logistics providers send goods over to their destinations, they conduct a pre-shipment inspection. This might seem like a tedious or bureaucratic process if you need to send goods urgently, but a pre-shipment inspection is vital.

According to industry research, shipping errors occur on 2% of the average merchant’s packages. This means 2 out of 10 packages will experience an error and add costs to your fulfillment expenses. Can pre-shipment inspections cut this error rate?

Let’s look at what they are and why you need them.

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How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your E-Commerce Store!

To choose the right packaging for e-commerce products is extremely important. It is one of the most important parts of branding, and if you’re operating a single product store, the packaging could end up being a major element in your website’s design. Picking packaging that stands out will make your product more attractive and increase conversions.

But packaging is about more than aesthetics, and there are many factors that you’ll have to consider.

Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll have to think about when choosing the packaging for an e-commerce store.

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The Importance of Packaging in Supply Chain!

Packaging systems play an integral role in supply chain operations, from manufacturing to distribution of products to end users. Many packaging options are available in the market, providing excellent protection for items people buy online or in physical stores. Aside from that, packaging is also considered valuable in marketing and sales.  

This supply chain article will focus on the importance of packaging in businesses to help you determine the best packaging systems for your brand.  

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4 Ways to Keep Shipments Moving Smoothly During Annual Leave!

If you are a store owner, you understand how high annual leaves can stall your shipments. When running a business, there are endless things to consider. In addition to having a solid lineup and effective marketing, you must also consider shipments.

You must think of ways to stop your newly persuaded customers from becoming irritated with any aspect of the purchasing process. 

Here are a few ways to ensure that shipments run smoothly during periods of high annual leave.

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How to Choose the Right Shipping Boxes!

Choosing the right shipping boxes may be more complicated than you think. Aside from the right size, there are other things to consider. These boxes should be able to withhold the external factors during shipping. Boxes are essential in ensuring that your items arrive safely at someone’s doorstep or parcel boxes. 

Durable boxes maintain the quality and integrity of the shipped items. It also helps in improving customer satisfaction. Aside from having a parcel delivery box for safety, the right kind of box is essential.

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Eco-Friendly Shipping Mailers!

Product packaging significantly contributes to the modern world’s waste problem. They’re commonly made of plastic, which pollutes bodies of water and harms the planet’s biodiversity. Many businesses are now switching to eco-friendly packaging and shipping mailers to solve this problem. 

Switching to eco-friendly materials for your product packaging and shipping is a major shift for most businesses. The initial costs are usually higher than the readily available plastic and poly mailers. However, taking a step toward this environmental initiative has more advantages that are worth the effort and budget. 

Here are eight reasons your business should use eco-friendly shipping mailers: 

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Anatomy of the Perfect Unboxing Experience! (Infographic)

In today’s eCommerce landscape, the majority of customers interact with you only two times, once when they make a purchase on your website and then again when the product is delivered. Improving your website’s conversion rate is very important and gains a lot of attention in the eCommerce industry, while the anatomy of the unboxing experience is too often overlooked.

As the marketplace for physical products continues to transition online, the customer experiences far less interaction with the actual company. These lost opportunities for a business to impress through exemplary service will need to be compensated for in other ways.

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Hacks to Select the Perfect Bag for You!

Bags, especially the perfect bag, occupy the most prominent position in any lady’s wardrobe and much time and effort is invested in their selection because of the multi-dimensional role they play in terms of utility, aesthetics, style, and much more.

Ladies from all walks of life need bags as a fashion statement but sometimes more importantly for their utility in carrying stuff. A woman’s bag is a place where everything of need can be found, sometimes even for men.

So, the goal is always to find a multipurpose bag that can serve all your needs. 

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