How to Build Customer Loyalty!

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As a business owner, you understand that your customers are why your business exists. Therefore, it’s vital to consider them in everything you do.

Your buyer’s needs should be your company’s number one priority; this will boost your sales and build customer loyalty for the foreseeable future.

What is customer loyalty? It is when a customer is interested in your products and services, which they find the satisfaction in their needs.  When customers are loyal to your brand, they share their opinion about it and recommend it.

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Call Abandonment Rate!

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Abandoned calls in a business represent missed business opportunities as well as poor customer support. Even though different reasons might force a client to abandon a call, the bottom line is that the client was not able to get what they were looking for. 

However, businesses can implement different strategies to minimize or even eliminate their call abandonment rates. This helps them provide their customers with an amazing experience.

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How CRM Can Help Supply Chain Companies!

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If you are working or running a supply chain company, you’ll know that your industry is completely globalized. As your reach expands to nearly every country in the world, you find yourself catering to thousands of businesses, thus requiring a CRM.

With all this on your plate, you’ll realize you need good CRM management software for your organization’s success. If you were to ask me about the CRM definition, I’d tell you that it is a software that will not only help you run your business better, it will also boost it to the next level.

It is a fact that an increasing number of supply chain companies—especially small and medium businesses—are investing in CRM for small business solutions to manage their business processes. When we say business processes, we are talking about managing customer interactions, tracking leads, streamlining business processes and so much more.

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5 Ways To Make Customers Feel Valued!

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Do you love your customers and do your customers feel valued?

Indeed, you do. But how do you tell your customers that you value them?

As you must have read at hundreds of other places, customer experience has overtaken price and quality as the key differentiator for brand loyalty. So, if your answer to the above question was ‘great quality’ or ‘awesome service,’ sadly, it isn’t enough.

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Order Management Improvement Best Practices!

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An order management system (OMS) is the system of record for maintaining orders and handling inventory. In the omnichannel supply chain, order management improvement leads to confident inventory management across all channels.

Additionally, the use of data to understand what is happening, what will happen, what should happen, and how to make the best outcome happen through analytics will result in order management improvement.

Order management begins with visibility, and visibility promotes improvement within inventory management. Such improvements naturally lend themselves to higher customer service levels and benefits throughout the supply chain.

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The Customer is Not Always Right! Protect Your Customer Service Employees

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Unchaining Change Leadership

The belief that the customer is always right may seem like a great way to attract and retain customers. However, it may end up doing more harm than good to your business as customers may not be right all the time. You need to also protect your customer service employees.

The idea also tends to give clients the upper hand no matter the circumstances and subjugate employees. It also compels businesses to do the customer’s bidding in fear of losing business at the expense of their employees and resources.

Since customer service can make or break your business, it is crucial to protect your customer service employees. You should also know where to draw the line when dealing with customers and their complaints.

Read on to find out more about why the customer may not always be right, and ways to protect your customer service employees from work-related challenges, including harassment and bullying from customers. 

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