An Acquisition Gone Wrong! A Coup D’Etat in the Boardroom!

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The CEO called an emergency meeting in the Boardroom.  The President of our Division, myself, the prior owners of a company we had just acquired, and one of our major shareholders/board members were to attend.  The sh*t had hit the fan with our latest acquisition.

It had only been a few months since the acquisition had been completed.  This was certainly long enough for the honeymoon period to be over.  But now it looked like we were quickly heading for a divorce.

What went wrong?

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Supply Chain Innovation: The Path to Success!

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Supply Chain innovation article posted on by Kristi Montgomery.  Permission to publish here provided by Greg Boring at Kenco Group.

Innovation is a team effort requiring collaboration and buy-in from all levels within an organization, and it’s especially true when it comes to bringing innovation to the supply chain.

While new and buzzworthy technologies like drones and robotics are consistently being introduced, innovation for the supply chain is truly a continuum of small improvements that make a greater impact – whether it’s improving processes or the overarching business model.

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Value Stream Mapping the Future State Process!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

We had completed value stream mapping the current state processes across some very significant business processes in the company.  It took a fair amount of time even though we had the active involvement of subject matter experts and leaders from every functional organization.

When all was said and done the current state involved hundreds of process steps, almost 200 pain points, and dozens of iterative, repetitive loops.  The company was just being introduced to Lean process improvement techniques.  And as challenging as it was to reach a common understanding of what the current processes were the difficult part was about to start.

How were we going to define and map the Future State process?

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Is AliExpress Safe? A Basic Guide for Importers!

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AliExpress article and permission to publish here provided by Dave Chadha.

You may have heard of the e-commerce platform AliExpress. If you haven’t, Alibaba, which is owned by Jack Ma, is the parent company of AliExpress.

The platform has risen enormously in recent years, and so has people’s skepticism, questioning the possible risks of buying from AliExpress

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The Disintermediation of the Supply Chain!

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What is disintermediation?

Most definitions of disintermediation characterize it as the elimination of intermediaries, or “cutting out the middleman“.

Further consider that the “Wastes” associated with Lean thinking and principles include transportation, inventory, over production and motion amongst others. Eliminating these wastes is critical for peak performance.

Why is this relevant?

A truly efficient and effective Supply Chain must include a strategy, plans, business processes, and performance metrics that incorporate disintermediation and the elimination of waste!

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Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing! (Infographic)

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Virtualization article, and permission to publish here, provided by Thomas Roach at

For non-techies, it can be easy to confuse virtualization and cloud computing, and figuring out which is the best option for the business is a whole other challenge.

Fortunately, this handy infographic guide explains the two and lays out their benefits in plain English.

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Resilience is the New Critical Supply Chain Strategy!

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Resilience article and permission to publish here provided by Sam White at Argentus.

As everyone in Supply Chain Management knows today, the field has come a long way. It’s something we’ve written about a lot on the Argentus Blog. The function – which used to be a back-office, administrative task – has evolved to become a major seat of strategic profitability and brand within companies.

For the majority of Supply Chain’s history, this evolution has been driven by a knack for finding efficiency. Companies have leveraged digital tools, and evolving skills, to collect vast data about product or raw materials sourcing, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing.

They’ve hired strategic Supply Chain professionals who can turn this data into actionable intelligence, and redesign the supplier, production, and transportation network to get products to market quicker and cheaper. They use advanced ERP software and S&OP strategy to match supply with demand, and turn over inventory faster and faster. “Just-in-time” production has become a hallmark of today’s Supply Chains.

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The Vital Role Played by Transport in Supply Chain

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Vital role article and permission to publish here provided by Amy Fletcher.

“Shippers, carriers, wholesale vendors, and others in the supply chain are concerned about the performance of the freight logistics system because highway, rail, and port operations affect their costs and profits,” state experts in the report  Measuring the Transportation System from a Supply Chain Perspective, highlighting the importance of transport to a host of industries.

Indeed, economic growth and competitiveness cannot be achieved without efficient transportation, since it enables logistics to bring its advantages into full play.

What are some of the most important roles played by transport, and why should it be given top priority for all businesses relying on this important stage of supply?

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Joe Carson, CEO Spend Strategies, LLC!

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At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.  As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action™” Interview series at Supply Chain Game Changer. This interview is with Joe Carson, CEO and Founder of Spend Strategies, LLC.

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Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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When I started my career the term “Supply Chain” had just been coined. As such it was many years before I actually heard of the term “Supply Chain Management”.

Regardless I pursued my interests and took on an increasingly diverse set of progressive jobs as time went on. Now as I look back on my career virtually everything I did falls under the banner of Supply Chain management.

Given the phenomenal opportunities that Supply Chain offers for personal and professional growth it is a career path which I highly recommend to anyone.

What is it about Supply Chain that makes it such an appealing career path?

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What Makes Amazon Web Services the Leader? (Infographic)

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Amazon Web Services article and infographic, and permission to publish here, provided by Josh Wardini.

You may or may not have heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS for short), but there’s a very good chance that you have used a site hosted on their servers.

Netflix, Reddit, and Pinterest all use AWS services, as do other giants of the digital world, like Dropbox and VMWare. What’s more, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) too picked AWS over computer giant IBM to build their private cloud.

AWS rules the world of cloud hosting. No wonder, Amazon made $45.37 billion from its Amazon Web Services (AWS) segment in 2020.

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Characteristics of a Barrier Busting Culture!

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When you embark on driving any kind of Game Changing Transformation you will most likely also need to change the Culture.  As the saying goes, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”.  So in order to get different results you may have to break through barriers and drive different behaviours from what are inherent in your current Culture.

Your organization is an ecosystem of policies, practices, processes and procedures that are the result of decisions, beliefs and  behaviours.  Over time much of this generally gets accepted as the way it’s always been done and is not open to challenge or to change.  Therein sacred cows, whether real or perceived, can become obstacles to making the changes needed to derive different results from the status quo.

So how do you change your Culture to achieve Game Changing results?

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7 Strategies to Improve Your Supply Chain!

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Strategies to improve your Supply Chain article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman.

The supply chain is a significant part of your overall business strategy and inventory management. An effective and efficient supply chain can help your business improve customer satisfaction and money by minimizing wait times for in-demand products. In other words, it provides you with a real competitive advantage against some companies in your industry.

On the contrary, an ineffective supply chain can be a vast drain on your resources, so it’s crucial to implement some strategic solutions. This way, your supply chain will be as cost-effective and lean as possible. 

Below are some of the best strategic solutions you can consider to maximize your supply chain’s efficiency and performance:

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5 Maintenance Tips for Earth Moving Machinery!

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Earth moving machinery article and permission to publish here provided by, Ellen Johnson at

Regular maintenance of earth-moving machinery is essential for ensuring a smooth operation. The last thing you want is to encounter a technical issue while you’re out there operating on the mining site.

Improper equipment maintenance will not only result in unwanted downtime, but it can also reduce the lifespan of the machine itself. Faulty machines also increase the risk of accidents as many workers lose their lives each year due to mechanical errors.

To make the work environment safer and more efficient, it’s imperative to keep earth-moving machinery maintained at all times.

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Waiting for Good Forecasting is a Bad Strategy!

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If you work in Business or Supply Chain you feel the results and the immense pressure caused by inaccurate forecasts. You don’t believe that good forecasting even exists.

When customer demand exceeds forecast you are scrambling to get parts and materials, to secure capacity, and to expedite the movement of goods throughout the Supply Chain. When demand falls short of forecast you are left with too much inventory, excess capacity, under-utilized resources, and profit and cash flow pressures.

If only the planning people could forecast better all would be right with the world. But waiting for better forecasts is a bad, and a lazy approach.

It is much more important to create a more robust and resilient Supply Chain to dynamically respond to any fluctuations in forecasted demand.

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