A Guide to Choosing a Blockchain Development Provider!

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the hottest topic in today’s tech world. Being a decentralised digital ledger that eases and speeds up transactions, blockchain has long been associated only with the crypto market. However, blockchain development is now used in various industries and helps companies reach the next level of transparency, safety and speed.

Blockchain is preferred by lots of companies, industries and domains since it is a cost-effective, highly secure, and transparent option to avoid vulnerabilities. That is because blockchain doesn’t rely on third-party involvement of any kind for the transaction process. In addition, blockchain reduces all chances of changes or modifications of the data. 

Thanks to the increased use of mobile phones, digitalisation, the need for more efficient solutions, increasing number of attacks, companies are looking for blockchain development services when building their products. Whether you need to build a healthcare app, a banking app or a new Metaverse, blockchain is an excellent base.

However, the blockchain development market is vast, making it almost impossible for non-tech organisations to find trusted providers and know what to focus on during the search. We created this guide to help you explore points that you must consider when looking for a development team to achieve success on the market.

5 Characteristics to Consider


Since the number of users and transactions increases over time, the load on your website and the processing time also increase, which can lead to bugs and exhaustion of the system resources. That is why you should ensure the blockchain development provider you choose knows how to design scalable solutions. This can be checked by reviewing the company’s case studies and reviews.

Skills & Expertise

Blockchain isn’t a new technology, but it requires flexibility and specific knowledge. More and more languages and ledgers appear, forcing engineers to constantly upgrade their skills. That is why you should focus on the skills and expertise of the provider.

You can interview teams to see how experienced they are and what skills they have. If you want to develop a mHealth solution based on blockchain, it is best to hire developers with experience in the medical sphere and so on.

Communication & Research

Even though there are many blockchain development providers today, most of them have poor communication and aren’t able to perform research. However, having quality communication is essential for any development process since it helps reduce mistakes, bugs, save money and speed up the process. In addition, your team should be able to perform research which is usually done by you and the project manager offered by an agency you hire.

Agile Development

Even though there are many development methodologies, Agile is considered one of the most effective ones. This methodology allows teams to deliver the best results in the step-by-step development process. In addition, this methodology helps reduce bugs and time needed and is highly adjustable, flexible and effective.

Cooperation Model

There are many cooperation models in today’s highly digital world. These include in-house teams, outsourcing development, outstaff, hiring dedicated teams, hiring freelancers and more. Find a development provider that can allow you to choose what suits you best.

Steps To Choose the Best Blockchain Development Provider

As we mentioned, it could be challenging to find a trusted development provider. Even if you know what to focus on during your search, you may wonder how exactly you can find the team for your project. That is why there is a need for some guidance from organisations to know about the latest technologies.

1. Primary Research

Search Using Google

Google is one of the best ways to find lots of development companies and compare them using different characteristics. That is because Google offers you results based on your needs. In addition, Google is a trusted engine that provides results based on user reviews, their behaviour, the expertise of the company and other factors, making the list you will find trustworthy and relevant.

Word of Mouth

If you run a business, you definitely have some valuable connections. Go to Linkedin or ask your friends who have already developed software. You can also use references and suggestions from the experts. Based on your research, perform an analysis to identify companies that suit your project and business goals.

Clutch & Upwork

Trusted services like Clutch and Upwork are greatly known for their trustworthiness. That is why most business owners use them when searching for blockchain development providers. Here you can find reviews of real clients, the price of the development and learn more about the provider you want to hire.

2. Technological Research

Identify Tech Stack

Before choosing the company, you need to identify the tech stack you need. That is because it will affect the choice. Once the tech stack is chosen, move to the search and find developers with relevant skills and backgrounds. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you need to hire a project manager or CTO to help you with the choice.

Most blockchain development providers have experience in the programming languages such as Node.js, Angular JS, Javascript, Solidity, as well as Go-Lang. Alongside these languages, your team should also have knowledge of development tools like Caliper, Metamask, Composer, etc.

3. Book a Call and Hire Them

Once you create a list of development companies you like and the tech stack is identified, you should contact all providers and discuss your project. It is recommended to check the team’s communication, the cost they offer, timelines they can commit to and their experience.

Ensure that the communication is efficient and that you know their work experience. Trusted providers make case studies and reviews available for any interested party. 

Final Thoughts

Since blockchain is growing in popularity and use cases, companies use it as a secure, stable and efficient base for their apps. Healthcare, banking, edTech and crypto industries are only a few examples of domains that use blockchain ledger today.

However, choosing the right blockchain development provider could be a real challenge for most companies because of the vast choice and lack of information. Knowing these steps can help you identify the right agency for your project. Hire the leading blockchain app development company!

Blockchain development article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Harry. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 11, 2023.

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