How to Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient!

As demand increases, your supply chain needs to be working as efficiently as possible.  While you can never predict a sudden surge in demand for your products, you can easily make sure you’re always prepared to start shipping at a faster rate. We’ve outlined below some of the best tactics to make your supply chain more efficient.

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The Art of Supply Chain Management!

For many people who work in Supply Chain Management, or for those on the outside, it functions on the foundation of processes, formulae, and metrics. This is very much the core of Supply Chain education and certification as well.

But in truth the most effective and efficient Supply Chain operations, and Supply Chain leaders, transcend these basics. How many of our current problems are because people are stuck in thinking about the mere mechanics of Supply Chain.

The best Supply Chains, and their leaders, have mastered the ART of Supply Chain Management!

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Broken Links are a Chance to Strengthen Your Supply Chain!

Continuity of supply requires every aspect of your Supply Chain to be connected. The word “chain” makes the interdependence of these Supply Chain links clear, both metaphorically and literally. Supply Chain cannot function with broken links.

Raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, processes, systems and resources must all function, more or less harmoniously, to make any Supply Chain work.

But, just as elements of the Supply Chain must be linked, it is also true that links can and will be broken, whether deliberately or accidentally, and certainly unexpectedly.

The effectiveness of any Supply Chain is how to reattach these links, or forge new links, to make your Supply Chain more resilient, more robust and stronger than ever.

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With Covid-19 Supply Chain Professionals Are More Important Than Ever!

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on Supply Chains – specifically, how the emerging crisis in China had placed new pressures on companies importing finished goods and raw materials from overseas.

In that post, we wrote: “an epidemic striking at the heart of global manufacturing is a stone thrown into the ocean of the global economy, and the ripple effects are sure to be felt downstream. In the west, they may just be starting.”

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How to Improve Supply Chain Security and Safety!

The supply chain is one of the most important parts of any company’s operations. It’s the comprehensive system of people and entities involved in creating products, getting them to consumers, and ensuring business profitability. When the supply chain falters, entire companies can lose profits, revenue, and even loyal brand advocates. 

Unfortunately, various factors can influence the performance of your supply chain, from socio-political issues, economic changes, and unpredictable weather. Dangerous driving behavior can put your products and assets at risk.

Even cybersecurity threats can impact supply chain operations, and harm your business reputation. The question is, how do you preserve the security and safety of your supply chain?

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The Supply Chain Workload Iceberg!

SC Viral The Pandemic Diaries

Supply Chain responsibilities are vast in any organization. These jobs reach far and wide, touching virtually every business process, most metrics, and all functional areas.

But too often the expected deliverables from Supply Chain professionals are established without a real understanding of the totality and breadth of actual tasks that must be performed underneath those high level expectations.

With an iceberg it is said that only 10% of it is visible as the rest is under the water. This can be analogous to the work done in Supply Chain.

So let’s explore the Supply Chain Workload iceberg!

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The Role of Advanced Telematics in Modern Supply Chain Optimization!

The world of modern commerce continues to move at break-neck speed, and supply chains play a pivotal role in ensuring that goods are efficiently transported from manufacturers to consumers. With the rise of e-commerce and global trade, the demand for seamless and optimized supply chain operations has become more critical than ever. 

Amidst these challenges, the integration of advanced telematics platforms has emerged as a game-changer, offering businesses the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the supply chain landscape.

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Why Good Logistics Must Be at the Heart of All Supply Chains!

Whether it’s a supply chain or a supply web, the logistics and transport your business has in place will determine whether your supply chain is a hindrance or a help. All businesses need to get supplies and raw materials in and ensure that their products are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This article details, in brief, some of the most pertinent considerations for a good logistics solution that will work for your business.

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The 2 Main Reasons Why Future Supply Chain Progress or Improvements Will Fail!

Having come through the Coronavirus pandemic, most people will have felt the impact of Supply Chain failures.

For consumers they will have seen empty store shelves and either an inability to get goods or at a minimum delays in getting deliveries. For employees, at a minimum they will have experienced stressful working conditions to resolve issues, and at its worst they will have lost their jobs or even seen their companies fail.

All of this implies that making improvements and Supply Chain progress is necessary and eventual. However there are 2 pivotal factors that will almost certainly lead to the failure of organizations to improve their Supply Chains in any respect.

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Supply Chain Trends this Year and Beyond!

Like other sectors, the global supply chain industry has evolved rapidly. The preceding pandemic, coupled with breakneck technologies, has brought unignorable changes in Supply Chain trends.

New and existing geopolitical conflicts, climatic changes, inflation, recession, and other unforeseen issues affect access to goods and how goods reach their final destinations.

There’s a need for the introduction of modern strategies to manage and build resilience in supply chain functions. Below are emerging Supply Chain trends poised to disrupt the environment this year and beyond.

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The Importance of Whole Life Insurance for Supply Chain Employees!

In the dynamic sphere of supply chain management, employees play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless movement of goods and services. In their complex roles, ensuring personal and family financial security becomes vital for supply chain professionals. It is where whole life insurance comes to the forefront.

Whole life insurance goes beyond the usual coverage, providing special advantages suited to supply chain employees’ unique circumstances. It offers tailored benefits that address the specific challenges in their demanding roles. 

In this article, we examine why whole life insurance matters for supply chain workers. We explore how it helps them feel financially stable, manage uncertainties, and ensure lasting tranquility.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain: Trends and Best Practices!

In today’s hyper-connected and rapidly evolving business landscape, supply chain management has become a critical determinant of success. Efficient supply chain management can help businesses reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge.

One of the key drivers transforming the world of supply chain management is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionising how companies plan, execute, and optimise their supply chain operations.

In this article, we will delve into the rise of Artificial Intelligence in supply chain management, explore the latest trends, and highlight best practises that are reshaping the industry.

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The Need for Speed in Supply Chain!

You can try and blame the need for speed on Amazon, with two-day delivery becoming one day and even same day in some instances. But all they’re doing is perfecting what we all want – immediate gratification. The double whammy of the Amazon Effect- and the COVID-19-induced exponential eCommerce spurt is pulling us along at a faster pace than we ever envisioned.

The quest is not new, it’s just now entered onto everyone’s radar. It’s been accelerated. With eCommerce growing more in three months than in the previous ten years, the pressure is on for companies to get moving, regardless of industry segment or business model – we are all affected. 

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5 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Supply Chain Performance!

Data-driven business practices permeate industries and departments and have become one of the biggest competitive advantages today. The level of knowledge businesses can extract from their own internal and external operations makes it possible to make informed decisions that will boost growth on multiple levels.

The situation is no different when it comes to supply chain management. This business area produces massive amounts of data coming from customers, suppliers, inventory, and more, and it can greatly benefit from a data-driven approach.

But how do you get started and what is the best way to go about it?

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The Supply Chain Progress Poll! Denial or Action and Innovation?

As pandemic related restrictions are lifted in our personal and professional lives, the key question is what will our lives be like? What will our new normal be? How will Supply Chain progress?

The level of Supply Chain disruption has been pervasive, unrelenting and indiscriminate. Still there is a danger that once we get past the pandemic people will just go back to their old ways, ignoring all of the signals that things need to be improved.

As such we conducted a poll to determine how Supply Chain progress will be manifested in the future. Will companies be in denial and make no improvement or will they understand the lessons of the pandemic induced disruptions and work to make major improvements?

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