Small Business Cost Cutting: A Short Guide!

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Small business cost cutting article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

When it comes to cost-cutting in smaller businesses, you need to think very carefully. Not just because one bad investment could put your business in extreme difficulty, but also because you need to figure out what is a good deal or a bad deal pretty much on your own. Obviously, this can be stressful, and you might feel way out of your depth. 

The truth is, there are no easy decisions when you are running a small business and keeping everything ticking over while trying to take the business forward is a real juggling act.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for small business cost cutting you could put in place to not worry about your financial situation on top of everything else.

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What are Incoterms?

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Anyone in Supply Chain has likely heard the phrase “Incoterms”, certainly if you are involved in Freight and Logistics management, or perhaps in Finance.

Even if you haven’t heard of “Incoterms” you are more likely to have heard of terms like “Ex Works”, “Free on Board” or FOB, or “DDP” (Delivered Duty Paid, amongst others. These, and more, are called Incoterms.

But for those who are unfamiliar with all of these acronyms and definitions they can be quite confusing and difficult to understand.

In this article we will endeavour to provide more clarity on what Incoterms are.

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5 Signs its Time to Upgrade Your Accounts Receivable System!

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Accounts Receivable article and permission to publish here provided by Nathan Miller at

Many companies hesitate to upgrade or change their Accounts Receivable System simply because they feel they can continue to achieve the same results using the same systems and processes as they did five years ago.

If you are a smaller company just looking to send a few automated dunning letters and have your AR team identify which invoices are past due, there may be no reason to change.

But if your company wants to improve free cash flow and cash conversion cycles, you must be sure your AR system is driving efficiencies in your processes – if you hope to grow without spending significant dollars on headcount.  

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Product Packaging Ideas to Reduce Costs!

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Product Packaging article and permission to publish here provided by Holly Breedon for Kolbus Autobox.

Reducing packaging costs can have a huge influence on your business’ overall profit, hence it’s worthwhile taking time to find the right packaging solution for your companies specific products and customers needs.

While it’s important to save as much money as possible in the packaging and shipping of your products, your packaging still needs to represent your business positively. Cheap or non-branded packaging can paint a negative picture immediately, with packaging being the very first thing clients see.

Here are some of the best ways to reduce your packaging costs, without having to compromise on quality… 

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Use Your Small Business Credit Card Wisely

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Small business credit card article and permission to publish here provided by Roel Mahalin.

For small- to medium-sized (SMB) businesses, taking out a loan doesn’t always come easy. Since the recession in 2008, traditional lenders don’t usually grant loans to small businesses that easily. The situation makes it harder for small business owners to secure funding and boost their business’ capital. 

Fortunately, alternatives such as a small business credit card are available for these businesses. With one, companies can enjoy a myriad of benefits, including the chance to build or improve their credit standing, purchase business needs on the go, or get discounts on travel, hotel stays, or gas. 

While business credit cards do gift you with that perks, they could quickly work against your business if you use them irresponsibly.

To avoid that, focus on these seven tips that will help you maximize your card and better manage your debt efficiently:

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Great Guidelines for Trading the Gold Market

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Gold market article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Poulson.

Precious metal trading has become very popular in today’s world. The majority of the brokers are offering precisions metal trading services to their retail clients so that they can maximize their profit factor in the investment business. Some brokers such as eToro are even offering copy trading services so you can simply duplicate the gold investment positions of more experienced commodity traders.

Having such easy access to the gold or precious metal market doesn’t mean you will do well in the trading profession. You must have strong analytical and decision-making skills to deal with the gold market. Without having proper skills, you will never learn to trade precious metals like a pro trader.

There are many ways by which you can learn to trade the gold market but we are going to give you the precise guideline. Try to follow the tips mentioned in this article to become a professional gold trader.

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Best Practices for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable!

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Accounts Receivable and Payable article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Nathan Miller at

Cash flow is the number one reason why most businesses fail: 82% of small businesses go under due to poor cash flow. This challenge isn’t limited to small businesses, either. Just this year, KPMG found a discrepancy in accounting at Meredith Corp., one of the biggest media conglomerates in the country. 

“KPMG uncovered shortfalls in oversight of the processes used to calculate the fair value of Time Inc.’s accounts receivable and accounts payable, which were brought across to Meredith’s books when it purchased Time on January 31, 2018,” reported the Wall Street Journal.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable are critical aspects of a business’s financial health. Understanding how these two accounting functions impact your cash flow and overall growth can mean the difference between another year of healthy profit – and becoming another statistic.

Here’s what you need to know about optimizing the processes of accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

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6 Skills Accountants Should Hone to Increase Employability!

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Accountants article and permission to publish here provided by Mikejohn Arizon.

Today, the finance sector is evolving rapidly. From new payment modes to decentralized ledgers – the role of banks and financial institutions is undergoing a massive change.

Similarly, the integration of FinTech is encouraging businesses to upgrade their finance infrastructure and keep pace with emerging technologies. With evolving dynamics in the finance world, job descriptions and employment prospects are also changing. 

Employers look for accountants and analysts who can work with digital data, applications, and advanced software solutions. In addition, they also want employees with a firm understanding of budgeting, corporate finance, and law to keep up with state and federal regulations.

Therefore, you have to be technologically apt and commercially aware to continue your career as an accountant. 

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4 Exceptional Financing Options for Emerging Businesses!

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Emerging businesses article and permission to publish here provided by Mikejohn Arizon.

The idea is excellent, the time is right, and the opportunity shines bright. Even 99 things go in a business’s favor, but it doesn’t have the necessary financial muscle. Everything goes in vain. One crucial element for business success is ensuring a handsome fund to start and sustain it.

A substantial amount of money is necessary for corporate expansion, long-term profitability, and consistent operations. The corporate finance technique is an essential part of the overall business plan. Unique entrepreneurial talents are required to provide low-cost funding options.

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How a Student Can Get a Business Grant!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Business grant article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Coleman.

Need to get a grant to start business? Financial support is important, especially for students.

Some students feel they can start their own business because they have many interesting ideas. This is a good opportunity for professional growth if you receive financial assistance. Unfortunately, not every person who is 20 or a little over has enough money to realize all their dreams.

This is why a business grant is a good option for you. But how can a typical student get it? Here are some interesting ways you can do it.

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Top Considerations in Credit Card Consolidation

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Credit card consolidation article and permission to publish here provided by William Rovetto.

You’ve seen a lot of mixed messaging if you’ve been reading up on credit card consolidation as a way to get your debt under control. Some sources say consolidation is absolutely the way to go. Others say avoid it at all costs. Still others say certain types of consolidations are good, while others are bad. 

Fortunately though, reading between the lines will help you find the main things to look for in a credit card consolidation to ensure it works for you. 

Here are the most important elements.

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Online Payment Protection Tips for Merchants!

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Payment protection tips article and permission to publish here provided by Muhammad Zayan.

When you run an online business, it’s your responsibility to keep the business secure, both for yourself and your customers. To handle various issues with payment gateway worldwide functionality, you need to take care.

Here are the payment protection tips you can take to protect both yourself and your customers from the risks of online commerce.

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What to do in a Financial Emergency!

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Financial emergency article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Chapman.

Be it the middle of a pandemic or some accident that just occurred, emergencies can happen for anyone at any time. No matter how much you prepare, there is always something surprising in an emergency. In most cases, these emergencies have a financial aspect associated with them.

So, despite your preparations, what to do in such a crisis?

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6 Ways to Attract Investors to Your Startup Business!

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Startup business article and permission to publish here provided by Priyank Sharma.

So, you have started your business that looked promising. It is well thought out, and the stakes for success are high. However, you worry about not being able to keep it running forever. You have considered getting investors. But do not know how to convince them to invest in your startup business. 

There are several promising startups that did not make it in the market. The main reason why startups fail is a lack of funding and resources. This is also why convincing investors to invest in your business is important.

Here are six (6) ways to attract investors for your startup business:

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What is a Good Credit Score?

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Good credit score article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Stark.

Have you ever wanted to get a loan but were told your credit score wasn’t good enough? A good credit score is key in maintaining your personal finances and can be the defining factor of whether you can access the best financial services out there. 

This article will break down what makes a good credit score and help you understand where you sit in relation to others.

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