What is a Good Credit Score?

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Good credit score article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Stark.

Have you ever wanted to get a loan but were told your credit score wasn’t good enough? A good credit score is key in maintaining your personal finances and can be the defining factor of whether you can access the best financial services out there. 

This article will break down what makes a good credit score and help you understand where you sit in relation to others.

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What is ECommerce Payment Processing?

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ECommerce payment processing is the process of accepting electronic payments for online transactions. Internet-based shopping and banking have immensely grown over the years. Therefore, eCommerce payment processing has become vastly popular. Click for more here.

The common goal amongst all eCommerce businesses is to ensure the payment transactions are successful and the process is simple and hassle-free for customers.

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Enable Spend Aggregation in Procurement!

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Aggregating your procurement spend for the purpose of delivering greater value is a sound objective.  Theoretically you should be able to generate better service, better terms and conditions, and better cost.  Therefore you should enable spend aggregation.

Yet there can be many obstacles in your way to achieving this seemingly simple goal.  Loss of control, fear of job loss, questionable benefits, and a perceived loss of margin are some of the obstacles you may run across.  We discussed these in greater detail in our post Procurement (Part 1!) – The Spend Aggregation Obstacle Course!

You may be trying to aggregate spend within your company or across companies, or you are trying to outsource this to a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  To overcome the Spend Aggregation obstacles there are a series of enablers you need to enact to make this successful.

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Purchase Price Variance (PPV)! A Profit or Loss Opportunity?

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Purchase Price Variance, or PPV, is a common term in the realm of Purchasing/Procurement and Finance.

For some, PPV is a mechanical metric only, measured and reported on but without any further attention paid to it. For others it is tightly managed, actioned and used to determine Procurement’s effectiveness in either reducing losses or generating profit. Still for some others it isn’t even on their radar.

In my experience proactive, attentive, and detailed Purchase Price Variance (PPV) can make an incredible contribution to the profitability of a company. To ignore or downplay it is to lose sight of both the potential to drive profits and the exposure to incur losses.

What exactly is PPV, how can it be managed, and what is the strategic value of investing time and energy in this metric?

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Why $0.001 Matters!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

As the old saying goes, “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves!” This phrase, or rather the British version thereof, is attributed to William Lowndes, who lived from 1652-1724. And taking care of the penny is as true now as it was those many centuries ago.

Any savvy professional who works in Procurement or in Finance knows that this adage applies to everything they do. But it is not only the pennies that matter any more, but the fractions of a penny are just as important as ever.

Micromanaging the fractions of a penny across hundreds and thousands of skus in your inventory can add up to substantial savings, and profits, for any company astute enough to understand the opportunity.

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Tips for Overseas Small Business Taxes!

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Technology, the internet, and social media have made it possible and even prudent to run an online business from any location in the world and digital nomadism and the laptop lifestyle have struck a chord with entrepreneurs and independent contractors everywhere who see the value it has added to their lives, despite overseas small business taxes. 

Expats also run small businesses or businesses in foreign countries and may be struggling to accurately calculate and file their annual tax returns. Here are some tips to manage small business taxes from overseas with the minimum of hassle. 

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The Future of Accounting is Continuous Accounting!

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Let’s face it, before now, accounting was boring! As an accountant, you’d have to wait for long, tiring hours to input small accounting transactions. Then there was the dreaded spreadsheet that was used to run reports manually.

Most times, the closing process at the end of the month grabs the full attention of accountants. With this keen concentration on a singular goal, the accuracy of reporting was poor.

Are you tired of spending long hours trying to fix unbalanced accounts? How would you love to see accurate accounts that are always up to date irrespective of the period? Would you like automated systems that can track your purchase order?

This is the future that Continuous accounting offers!

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What is Decentralized Finance?

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Decentralized finance article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols.

Blockchain technology has not only raised the popularity of bitcoins to new heights. It has also contributed a lot to several other financial service sectors, one of which is decentralized finance.

No one expected the technology adopted in the bitcoin-based operations would be so effective that it would become a challenge for the existing financial services in the market. However, something unexpected has happened after the emergence of DeFi, as the financial sector has become more robust, and people are ready to switch to decentralized finance by avoiding the use of traditional systems meant for fiat currency.

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How to Cut Costs on Company Vehicles!

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Company vehicles article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

A company car can speak volumes about an organization and who they are as a brand, yet unfortunately, small businesses cannot always stretch their budget far enough to accommodate their employees’ transportation needs. 

Thankfully there are some ways in which you can cut costs without sacrificing quality; all it takes is a little time and dedication (and the right dealership). If you need to supply the rides for yourself, your loyal staff members, or both, here are some top tips to consider. 

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4 Challenges in Starting and Sustaining a SIOP (S&OP) Business Process!

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A Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) business process is an essential element for running a successful business.  SIOP will allow you to improve your forecasting, capacity and resource planning, cash flow, and inventory levels.

Yet there are many challenges with getting a proper, functioning SIOP process in place.  If the benefits are so clear why is it so difficult to get SIOP going and then to sustain it?

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7 Tips to Run a Successful Snow Removal Business!

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Snow removal business article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman.

Heavy snow generally causes roads to close. When this happens, transportation and the usual routines and daily activities of people get disrupted, or in some cases, might be put on hold. Situations like these call for professional measures, such as snow removal or clearing. In a way, instances like these have paved the way to the growing need for snow removal business today.

That said, if you’re planning to put up a snow removal business, you need to learn the nature of the trade—what should be prepared, monitored, and improved through the days of operation up until the business reaches its initial targets.

For that purpose, here’s an article to help you start. Below are some tips that you can use as you begin your venture in the snow removal business.  

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Benefits of Leasing the Audi A3 for your Business!

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Leasing a car for business is becoming quite popular as there are many benefits in doing so. Specifically, financial benefits, which is really what any business would like to hear. It is a cheaper option over buying, it comes with tax benefits as well as the option of driving different cars. 

The Audi A3 represents everything that you want your business to. So choosing to lease the Audi A3 allows you to make an impression even before they see you. It shows sophistication, class and that you mean business. A great asset to any company. 

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What is the Libra Cryptocurrency? (Infographic)

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Libra cryptocurrency article and infographic, and permission to publish here, provided by Sophie from White Ranking Technologies.

Libra is a cryptocurrency which runs on Blockchain technology to conduct safe and secure transactions.

Libra is powered by Facebook and the main motive behind launching it is to transform the face of the global economy. 

What more should we know about Libra?

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Cost Cutting! Brute Force or An Intelligent Program?

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How many times have you been asked to cut cost?  How many times have you been asked to cut costs so deeply that it is beyond your comprehension?

In those situations you can always use the Brute Force method.  Hacking and slashing resources and expenses in this way often compromises the very capabilities, skills, morale and services that are keeping your company afloat in  the first place.  But it can be quick.

But if you have the chance to deploy a proper Change Management program to drive the cost reductions or other improvements that you are looking for then you may have many more constructive opportunities in front of you.

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A Brief Guide to Buying Bitcoin From the Exchange Platform!

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You all are very well aware of the world’s biggest and most reputed crypto bitcoins. There are large numbers of investors that are making investments through an exchange platform in this crypto. You all know that there is no better competitor of this digital crypto, and there are so many reasons why this digital crypto is standing on the top.

This investment is excellent for generating profit, but also, an individual has to gain the best knowledge for it. One must face many drawbacks of this digital currency during trade in this crypto.

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