4 Exceptional Financing Options for Emerging Businesses!

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Emerging businesses article and permission to publish here provided by Mikejohn Arizon.

The idea is excellent, the time is right, and the opportunity shines bright. Even 99 things go in a business’s favor, but it doesn’t have the necessary financial muscle. Everything goes in vain. One crucial element for business success is ensuring a handsome fund to start and sustain it.

A substantial amount of money is necessary for corporate expansion, long-term profitability, and consistent operations. The corporate finance technique is an essential part of the overall business plan. Unique entrepreneurial talents are required to provide low-cost funding options and business loans.

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How a Student Can Get a Business Grant!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Business grant article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Coleman.

Need to get a grant to start business? Financial support is important, especially for students.

Some students feel they can start their own business because they have many interesting ideas. This is a good opportunity for professional growth if you receive financial assistance. Unfortunately, not every person who is 20 or a little over has enough money to realize all their dreams.

This is why a business grant is a good option for you. But how can a typical student get it? Here are some interesting ways you can do it.

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Top Considerations in Credit Card Consolidation

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Credit card consolidation article and permission to publish here provided by William Rovetto.

You’ve seen a lot of mixed messaging if you’ve been reading up on credit card consolidation as a way to get your debt under control. Some sources say consolidation is absolutely the way to go. Others say avoid it at all costs. Still others say certain types of consolidations are good, while others are bad. 

Fortunately though, reading between the lines will help you find the main things to look for in a credit card consolidation to ensure it works for you. 

Here are the most important elements.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Vitor Angelelli, Head of Operations at Neogrid

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Unchaining Change Leadership

At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.  As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action™” Interview series. This interview is with Vitor Ayres Angelelli, Head of Operations at Neogrid North America.

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6 Ways to Attract Investors to Your Startup Business!

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Startup business article and permission to publish here provided by Priyank Sharma.

So, you have started your business that looked promising. It is well thought out, and the stakes for success are high. However, you worry about not being able to keep it running forever. You have considered getting investors. But do not know how to convince them to invest in your startup business. 

There are several promising startups that did not make it in the market. The main reason why startups fail is a lack of funding and resources. This is also why convincing investors to invest in your business is important.

Here are six (6) ways to attract investors for your startup business:

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Sales Forecasting Unchecked – A Supply Chain Nightmare!

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Great Sales people have wonderful characteristics and personality traits. They can light up a room, command your attention, bring big ideas to the table, and close deals with customers, all with unbridled enthusiasm. And this can be reflected in Sales forecasting.

Bringing these ideas to life and delivering on commitments made to customers most often requires different but just as impressive skills and effort from the Supply Chain and Operations teams within an organization.

But what happens if your Sales team is left unchecked, goes rogue and makes commitments that can’t be met at any cost?

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Our 2017 Top 10 Blog Posts … So Far!

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It’s been 6 months since we launched supplychaingamechanger.com.  Our goal has always been to share experiences and expertise.  The site has evolved.  The number of categories has continued to grow.  And the response has been absolutely tremendous. We can now present our 2017 Top 10 Blog posts.

In that time Supply Chain Game Changer was also selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs on the Internet.

So we thought that this would be a good point at which to share a list of the 2017 Top 10 Blog posts that we have published so far.  We would be remiss if we didn’t also thank the phenomenal Guest Bloggers who have given us such great content.

So here is the 2017 Top 10 Blog List, so far …

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What is the Libra Cryptocurrency? (Infographic)

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Libra cryptocurrency article and infographic, and permission to publish here, provided by Sophie from White Ranking Technologies.

Libra is a cryptocurrency which runs on Blockchain technology to conduct safe and secure transactions.

Libra is powered by Facebook and the main motive behind launching it is to transform the face of the global economy. 

What more should we know about Libra?

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Cash Is King! Creating a Culture Focused on Money Management

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“We have to make a decision.  We only have enough cash to either pay our employees or our suppliers next week, but not both.”  The old saying was true:  Cash is King!

Wow!  This was what my Controller just told me.  We had just acquired another company.  The decision was made to operate it at arm’s length from the parent company.  And this meant that we had to fund the operation with our own cash, which was at a dangerously low level.

Neither option that the Controller just mentioned was palatable.  We needed a strategy to tackle the immediate cash shortfall and to then create a strong cash position moving forward.

We had the Call to Action!  This would prove to be my first real lesson in Cash Management which could not have been made more intense and immediate!

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6 Strategies to Make Better Financial Decisions for Your Business!

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The better financial decisions you make in your company determine many outcomes including the future of your business. Mistakes made in the financial aspect have dire consequences and may cause serious harm to your business venture.

To make better financial decisions, you need to know your business’ numbers and create better strategies for making financial decisions. 

But how do you develop such strategies that can help you make sound financial choices for your company? This article shares ways you can achieve that and make your business more financially sound and sustainable.  

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What Exactly Is Supply Chain Management? 10 Different Definitions!

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When I began my  career there was no such thing as “Supply Chain Management”.  Supply Chain was not a title to be found anywhere on any organization chart.

Yet all of the functions that we now associate with Supply Chain have been around for a very long time:  Planning, Inventory Management, Logistics, Procurement and Purchasing, Warehousing and many more.

So what exactly is the definition of “Supply Chain Management”?  Interestingly there are many views on how to define Supply Chain.

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What Happens if You Can’t Pay Back Your Business Loan?

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Business loan article and permission to publish here provided by Olivia Alex.

Actions have consequences. Inaction does, too. Failing to pay back a business loan on time could result in extra interest payments, late fees, and even legal action. There’s really no option for not paying at all. In some way, the lender will always get their money back.

Knowing that, it’s important to take steps to ensure you’re able to make your payments or come to some type of settlement offer with the lender. Begin the process by using a loan payoff calculator to determine how much you owe, then put a plan into action. 

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Cash Management Tips to Survive the Pandemic!

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Cash is King!

If you didn’t realize that before the pandemic, in either your personal lives or at your company, more people certainly understand this adage now. Cash is King!

Without cash you cannot run your household and you cannot keep your business open.

The pandemic has made this a very real concern for everyone. Businesses are locked down so they are not able to generate the revenue to pay their expenses. As such many businesses have laid off employees, even if temporarily, to cut their expenses. And a record number of people have lost their jobs, even if temporarily, and as such they can’t even pay their bills.

Despite the numerous government support packages businesses, as well as individuals, need help on how to aggressively manage their cash flow just to survive this pandemic.

What are some cash management tips to help businesses manage their cash flow at this critical time?

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7 Ways to Help Raise Capital!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

It’s unfortunate how many businesses fail in their very first year. No matter how good they may, they fail because they could not secure funding and raise capital for their business. 

A good cash flow is the heart of every business. No matter how much loss or profit you see, having a good cash flow can keep you running for a long time. 

However, securing capital for your business is not at all easy. That is why many business owners and entrepreneurs look for help in financing their projects. 

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The Supply Chain Detective™: The Case of the Unpaid Invoices!

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The CEO called.  “I need you to go down to Mexico right away.  They aren’t paying their invoices and suppliers are stopping shipments.  Our manufacturing lines are going to stop.  I need it fixed right away.  Get those bills paid now.”

What on earth was going on?  Why didn’t the site just pay their bills?  This shouldn’t be a big deal.  And this was their problem, and responsibility, not mine.  But as with any crisis situation it’s all hands on deck to get the problem fixed.

Little did I realize that while on the surface this seemed like a simple problem, and solution (ie. just pay the darn bills), the reality would prove to be much more complicated.  This would be a case for a Supply Chain Detective!

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