Using an Automated Procurement System at Your Business!

Choosing suppliers. Finding the right products. Making requisitions. Getting the right amount of products at the right price. All of these are the challenges of working in procurement, necessitating an automated popular procurement software.

But procurement is one of the most integral parts of running an operation. Whether you’re servicing other businesses in a B2B capacity or serving the general public, you need to be able to procure the right types of items in the right quantities to be successful.

It can be a complicated and challenging process.

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What if Your Supplier Had a Yelp Review?

Has your friend, or partner, ever looked at you and said, “Let’s go out to eat!”(Side Note: we’re talking about pre- or post- COVID 19 of course) and put a review on Yelp?

There’s often not many seconds between the proposition of eating out, and a frantic barrage of mobile searches on various review sites, blog posts and news articles.

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The Supply Chain Workload Iceberg!

SC Viral The Pandemic Diaries

Supply Chain responsibilities are vast in any organization. These jobs reach far and wide, touching virtually every business process, most metrics, and all functional areas.

But too often the expected deliverables from Supply Chain professionals are established without a real understanding of the totality and breadth of actual tasks that must be performed underneath those high level expectations.

With an iceberg it is said that only 10% of it is visible as the rest is under the water. This can be analogous to the work done in Supply Chain.

So let’s explore the Supply Chain Workload iceberg!

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China Sourcing Agent: Streamlining Your Supply Chain!

Are you looking to source products from China but don’t know where to start? Working with a China sourcing agent could be the solution you’re looking for. China sourcing agents are professionals who help businesses find suppliers, negotiate prices, and manage the production and delivery of goods from China.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of working with a China sourcing agent and provide tips for finding the right one for your business.

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Are you a Game Changer? Tell us your Story!

Every day there are individuals and teams all around the world who are making a difference.  They are driving transformational change in their jobs, in their Departments, in the Organization and in their Companies.  And they are achieving amazing results that defy what they previously thought possible.

We want to hear your stories and we invite you to share those stories on so that we can all applaud, and learn from, your tremendous efforts.

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In Search of Procurement’s North Star!

What exactly are you and your procurement team working towards? What is Procurement‘s North Star?

I don’t mean current contracts, products, projects, or initiatives. When asking, “What are you working towards”, I mean the big picture. What’s the mission, vision, and end goal of your company and/or your function? What is your guiding light? What displays the culmination of your hard work?

What is Procurement’s North Star Metric?

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Could the CPO Be Replaced by the Chief Value Officer?

What is the role of the Chief Procurement Officer?  And what is the role, and difference, of the CPO as compared to the Chief Value Officer?

Procurement is the process of translating customer requirements into the selection of highly capable suppliers, to timely, accurately, cost-effectively deliver high quality, mission-critical inputs and raw materials to internal customers. As well as assuring the accurate receipt and timely payment of all accrued invoices.

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How Can Businesses Benefit from Spend Analytics?

Every organisation spends money on multiple areas regularly to keep the business running. From purchasing raw materials to availing of specialised services, your company takes a chunk out of its treasury to fund its operations and attain its objectives.

If you wish to boost your savings and control the funds going out of your company’s treasury, analysing these expenses through spend analytics becomes essential.

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It’s Time to Welcome The Supply Chain CEO!

Unchaining Change Leadership

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that Supply Chain Management has emerged from its status a back-office function to become a major strategic differentiator for business. Welcome the Supply Chain CEO!

Over the past few decades, companies have realized that the way they bring products to market – from sourcing parts and services, to manufacturing, to shipping, to distribution – isn’t just a practical necessity, but an avenue for competitive advantage.

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5 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Contractor Management Program!

In an ever-evolving business landscape, organizations increasingly rely on contractors to supplement their workforce and expertise. While this provides flexibility and access to specialized skills, it also introduces complexities in management and oversight. 

A contractor management program serves as a strategic framework to effectively manage and optimize contractor engagements.

This article explores the importance of such programs, outlines five compelling reasons why your organization should implement a contractor management program, and provides best practices for its successful integration.

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What is Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)?

Regardless of what industry your company is in you are dependent on suppliers to operate your company. Thus it makes sense to have a Supplier Relationship Management program.

Suppliers provide components for products you manufacture and sell. Suppliers provide services for products or services you take to market. Suppliers move your goods from one point to another. And suppliers provide the goods, supplies, software and other items required by every function in your company to conduct day to day business.

Without suppliers no company could survive, let alone thrive.

Yet historically too many people have treated suppliers transactionally with no to little regard for fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Going forward it will no longer be sufficient to just have passive supplier relationships. Companies must have a formal, strategic Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) program!

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What is Supplier Diversity?

With all of the societal issues circulating around race, racism and discrimination it’s important to understand how this pertains to Supply Chain and what role Supply Chain plays in this arena.

Specifically in the area of Procurement there has been a history associated with attempts to direct spending toward diversity owned businesses. There have been successes and failures for sure but the underlying intent of providing business opportunities to those who would otherwise not have that opportunity still makes sense.

In this article we’d like to explore the history and state of Supplier Diversity. For some this is second nature yet for too many others this is not understood or not even known.

What exactly is Supplier Diversity?

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Create Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers!

Previous CIO of General Motors (GM), Tony Scott, was once quoted saying,“GM is a highly collaborative organization; we rely on a whole tier of suppliers for everything that we do.” They rely on collaborative innovation.

Our organization’s products, customers, and profit, are ultimately a byproduct of the global supply chain networks that operate on a daily basis to add value through collaboration. The complexity of global supply chains – especially in organizations like GM, often the elephant in the room – require hands-on relationship management of suppliers to ensure that supplier collaboration will lead to added value, and innovation.

It’s nice to see that their previous Chief Information Officer had enough perspective to recognize their suppliers’ importance.

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The Role of Procurement in Supply Chain: Key Strategies for Success!

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective supply chain management is crucial for organizations to thrive. At the heart of supply chain management lies the role of procurement, a strategic function responsible for sourcing, acquiring, and managing goods and services essential for business operations. 

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Supply Chain Personified! The Link Between Your Company Silos!

How many parts of your company act as independent Company Silos?  How many functions in your  organization conduct themselves like they are islands?

One of the main problems in a functionally organized company is that those functions over time can become isolated from each other.  The responsibilities, metrics, skills, strategies and mandates for each function can cause people to put their functional focus ahead of the greater company objectives.

But the Supply Chain team is uniquely positioned to bridge all of these silos and islands.  Supply Chain is truly the link that can hold your company together!

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