Our 2021 Top 10 List!

2021 Top 10 List

In the middle of our 5th year here at Supply Chain Game Changer we are proud to publish our 2021 Top 10 List. Here we are showcasing our 10 most popular articles for the first half of the year.

Since we’ve started we have amassed an extensive library of over 750 articles. There is something for everyone no matter what your interests, challenges and needs may be from one day to the next. And that fulfills our mission of sharing experiences and expertise for the benefit of all.

Still there is always more to right about to help our readers.

So let’s take some time to reflect, and look back on our 2021 top 10 list … so far!

10. Waiting for Good Forecasting is Bad Strategy!

9. Featuring Our Top 16 Articles on Freight and Logistics!

8. How to Become a Supply Chain Game Changer™! Ratelinx Interviews Mike Mortson!

7. The Single Point of Failure in Supply Chain – The Suez Crisis!

6. Post Pandemic Stress Disorder in Supply Chain!

5. The Supply Chain Workload Iceberg!

4. The History and State of Vehicle Routing!

3. Why $0.001 Matters!

2. What is Inventory Management?

1. Purchase Price Variance (PPV)! A Profit or Loss Opportunity?

Our 2021 top 10 list, for the first half of the year, covers a wide range of topics including real time tactical issues such as the Suez blockage crisis and on to very strategic issues such as forecasting, post pandemic stress disorder, and PPV. In all the content is informative, educational, thought provoking, paradigm setting and transformative.

Thanks to all of our readers and followers for your ongoing, and growing, support of Supply Chain Game Changer, and to those who have availed themselves of our Ebooks and Videos. No matter whether you are an expert, a professional, or a student, there is plenty of content here to meet your needs.

Originally published on June 29, 2021.
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