4 Ways to Run a More Sustainable Business!

A business owner has many responsibilities. They have to make sure profits are made while also ensuring that their employees are paid, taxes are filed, and so on. However, there is one aspect that has grown significantly in terms of importance and visibility in recent years: running a more sustainable business

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How to Expand Your Business to Take Advantage of the European Marketplace!

In a highly competitive global marketplace, business owners must reach a wider audience with their products and services to ensure they can compete, regardless of where they operate. 

It goes without saying that the internet has fuelled the growth of international trade. Today’s customers are fully prepared to purchase goods and services online from a company outside their country – if they can be delivered quickly and reasonably priced. 

That’s why breaking into the European marketplace is vital to enjoy growth and expansion for businesses of all sizes and sectors. After all, the current total population of Europe is almost 750 million people, all of which have the potential to be one of your consumers. 

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How to Successfully Sell a Manufacturing Business!

The decision to sell a manufacturing business can be a complex process, often fraught with challenges and uncertainties. Whether you’re planning to retire or transition to a new venture, finding the right manufacturing business broker can make the procedure considerably smoother, securing you the best possible deal.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to successfully sell your manufacturing business.

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3 Challenges Facing Supply Chain in the Next 5 Years!

We stand at the cusp of some interesting new possibilities for business. As such, we can expect some potentially drastic changes, and with them the need for smart solutions. We’ll take a look at a handful of the major challenges facing supply chain over the next half-decade, and how the industry is approaching these. 

It can sometimes feel as though our commercial landscape is in a constant state of flux. Whether due to frequent changes in technology, attitudes of consumers, or shifts in working practices, this can breed both an exciting sense of competition, as well as uncertainty. Supply chain managers are often at the forefront of these developments.   

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The Best Ways to Track Sales Performance!

Keeping track of your sales performance might sound simple, but the details can be complicated without the right tools.

As a manager or leader, you need to have a good grasp of the key performance indicators for your company so that you make logical, insightful decisions for the benefit of your company.

Fortunately, customizable sales dashboards will make your job a whole lot easier.

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How Smart CEOs Leverage Supply Chain!

Being a CEO is tough enough, let alone how difficult it is if you don’t have all of the skills and knowledge needed.. Many CEOs have a background in Finance or Sales and Marketing or Engineering, or are just entrepreneurs. But few have in-depth experience in Supply Chain, let alone understand how to leverage Supply Chain.

The truth is that the overwhelming, but often misunderstood and underrated, impact of Supply Chain’s importance to the success of an organization is missed and unknown to many CEOS.

Only truly smart CEOs get it. They get the importance of Supply Chain and understand that they will succeed or fail depending on how they do, or do not, leverage Supply Chain.

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Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Construction Industry in the Digital Age!

The construction industry relies on more than merely technical skills for its success. It is fiercely competitive; demanding companies employ creative and strategic marketing ploys to win over lucrative deals and deliver a strong brand impact.

This brings us to the need for a top-tier construction marketing agency adept at overcoming the industry’s unique hurdles. The partner leverages their profound industry insight and marketing expertise to help companies shine, engage the right audience, and spur remarkable growth.

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Our 2021 Top 10 List!

In the middle of our 5th year here at Supply Chain Game Changer we are proud to publish our 2021 Top 10 List. Here we are showcasing our 10 most popular articles for the first half of the year.

Since we’ve started we have amassed an extensive library of over 750 articles. There is something for everyone no matter what your interests, challenges and needs may be from one day to the next. And that fulfills our mission of sharing experiences and expertise for the benefit of all.

Still there is always more to right about to help our readers.

So let’s take some time to reflect, and look back on our 2021 top 10 list … so far!

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business Partnership!

The idea of starting a business partnership can be very exciting. It allows you to utilize complementary talents and shared resources. Diving into this endeavor also means a lesser financial burden as you can share this responsibility with your partner. 

However, business partnerships aren’t all good as there are several cons to this setup. For one, working with a partner will prevent you from making decisions on your own. Any decisions you make, whether big or small, should be consulted and approved by your partner first and vice versa.

If you’re planning to start a business partnership, think about the information below.

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10 Steps for Procurement Strategy Development! (Infographic)

All over the business landscape, more companies in more diverse industries are transforming their Procurement functions and Procurement strategy.

They’re leaving behind more transactional models and becoming more strategic, implementing total cost of ownership Strategic Sourcing models, either centre-led or decentralized.

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Supply Chain at a Crossroads – Back to the Shadows or into the Spotlight?

Unchaining Change Leadership

Supply Chain has historically been considered a back office function, necessary but lacking in prestige and strategic value. The Coronavirus pandemic created a dramatic and highly visible disruption in that paradigm. Suddenly Supply Chain and its importance was on the minds of political and business leaders, and the common person, everywhere around the world.

When the pandemic winds down there is a very real danger that people will go back to doing, and viewing, things the way they were before the pandemic. They will quickly forget the pandemic’s impacts and the need for the strategic deployment of more robust and resilient Supply Chains.

Does that mean that the importance and value of Supply Chain is at a crossroads? Will Supply Chain go back into the shadows as a back office function, or will Supply Chain take its place centre stage under the spotlight which is its rightful place?

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A Complete Guide to Business Process Outsourcing!

In the current digital world, a successful business isn’t necessarily an efficient business. The difference between these two businesses often comes down to deploying smart and innovative processes, like business process outsourcing, that match customer expectations.

Employing modern management techniques can elevate your business to great levels.

Apart from changing company structures, business process outsourcing is another excellent business process management technique that assures success. However, success with BPO requires careful and conscientious integration and working with quality vendors, such as this website.

This guide highlights important things businesses should understand on business process outsourcing.

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The Best Ways to Grow Your Small Business!

Are you the owner of a small business and looking for ways to expand and grow? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ways to grow your small business.

From diversifying your product offerings and using digital marketing to leveraging strategic partnerships and improving customer service, we’ve got a range of tips and tricks that are sure to help your small business take off.

Keep reading to learn more!

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7 Strategies to Optimize Your Distribution Center!

Distribution channels are vital for companies because they enable smooth item delivery to their customers. These centers include areas to receive the items, ensure package efficiency, and store, ship, and audit supplies which is why you want to optimize your Distribution Center.

According to PrecisionWarehouseDesign.com, effective warehousing enables products to arrive to the consumers in the best possible state. On the other hand, inefficient distribution centers are prone to inventory inaccuracy and poor warehouse layout.

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Effective Ways to Streamline Your Business!

Business effectiveness is a difficult metric to define, let alone track. But it is something that can be keenly felt, whether by managers overseeing a project or by the staff working against institutional inefficiencies.

Data suggests that new businesses are three times less likely to scale well than to stagnate or fail – with inefficiency in growth often a key part of the equation.

In what ways might you streamline your business, with success in mind?

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