The Rise of Electric Vehicles: Why Your Business Needs to Consider Charging Stations!

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The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is transforming the way we think about transportation. As more and more consumers switch to electric cars, the demand for charging stations is increasing rapidly.

For businesses, the rise of EVs presents both challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, companies that rely on traditional gas stations or fuel-based transportation may find themselves at a disadvantage in the marketplace.

On the other hand, businesses that invest in electric car charging stations can position themselves as leaders in sustainability and customer service, while also generating additional revenue streams.

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Scaling Up Your Property Management Business!

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Are you a property rental owner focused on expanding your operations? Have you been searching for ways to increase efficiency and streamline processes at your business? Look no further!

With the right automation strategies, landscape improvements, and professional property management agencies, scaling up your property management business has never been easier.

In this blog post, we will discuss how these three aspects can help significantly enhance your organization’s capacity to expand its reach and offer an even more comprehensive service. 

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Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived!

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With the relaxation of many of the protective pandemic protocols, more and more companies, institutions, and people are trying to get back to “normal”, or business as usual. However this is a moment of truth.

We can’t go back to business as usual. There have been too many disruptions in every aspect of our lives. The old ways of doing things, particularly in Supply Chain, have been exposed as contributing to these disruptions.

Still there are many who will conveniently forget the life changing experience we all have gone through with the pandemic, and this inertia will inhibit making the improvements necessary.

So will we move forward and make changes and improvements, or will we stagnate and remain stuck in the old ways? This is the most important Supply Chain question.

Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth has arrived!

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How Supply Chain Can Accelerate Time to Market!

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Rapid or slow, or even delayed, time to market makes the difference between success or failure of your new products and/or services, and in turn your company.

There are many factors that impact time to market either positively or negatively. Some of these factors can be planned and controlled. Other factors are unplanned and the ability to recover from these quickly is most important.

Regardless, one of the functions that plays a preeminent role in terms of influencing time to market is Supply Chain. Here we discuss the many ways that Supply Chain can help, or hurt, your time to market performance.

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How to Ensure Your Business Online Reputation Remains Strong!

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When running a business in the modern world, it is the case that more and more of it will be conducted online. With this in mind, you certainly need to take all the necessary steps to ensure your online reputation remains as strong as possible.

Otherwise, this can easily lead to a situation where you are not attracting the customers you initially hoped for. Not only this, but it could well be the case that your nearest rivals will be in danger of overtaking you and getting one step ahead of everything you have done.

Taking all of this into account, there are plenty of ways your business online reputation remains strong. The following blog post will be all about some of them.

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The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain! Which Will Prevail?

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Anyone who has worked in Supply Chain knows that problems will arise anytime, anywhere and anyhow. These problems will require quick reaction, expediting, firefighting, long hours and sleepless nights.

Certainly the disruptions caused by the pandemic have made reactive Supply Chain operation the norm in virtually every industry and every geography.

How much of this reactivity could have been, or can be, avoided through the implementation of more robust Supply Chain strategies? After all wouldn’t you prefer to work in a more strategic and less frantic organization?

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The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure!

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The Electric Vehicle market will continue to expand around the world for decades to come. But one of the limitations with Electric Vehicles is their range of distance on a single charge.

In order to facilitate the growth of Electric Vehicle purchase and use there needs to be a dramatic expansion of the Electric Vehicle charging station infrastructure.

It won’t be enough to just charge your vehicle at home. There will need to be an expansive network of charging stations and options across any and every country.

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Competing against Amazon? You Need A Blue Ocean Strategy!

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Amazon is far and away the leader in the E-C0mmerce space.  Their growth continues at an exceptional pace.  And they continue to expand their products, services, and capabilities.  In short they continue to press their advantage and make it difficult for anyone else to compete with them.  You need a Blue Ocean strategy!

But if you are in the E-Commerce space that is your reality.  Amazon is the biggest shark in the room.  So how do you compete in the face of such an overwhelming adversary?

One technique is to consider creating your own Blue Ocean Strategy to create competitive advantage!  If you can define dramatically different space in which to do business you may be able to keep this shark, and others, at bay (at least for a period of time).

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Valuable Ways to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency!

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Supply chains might one of the most important elements in running any successful business. If your supply chain isn’t functioning correctly, then you can’t deliver goods to your customers on time, adhere to changing peaks in demand, or outshine the competition.

Unfortunately, managing these environments in an efficient, consistent, and productive way is often easier said than done. As customer expectations and global environments continue to evolve, supply chain management is no longer a set-it-and-forget-it concept. 

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The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain Poll Results!

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Is your Supply Chain reactive, always fire fighting and dealing with new problems every hour and every day?

Or is your Supply Chain proactive, having defined and implemented the strategies necessary to create a more robust and resilient Supply Chain, less amenable to daily disruptions and surprises?

In a recent article, The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain! Which Will Prevail? we discussed this problem and state of companies around the world.

We polled our readers to find out where their companies stand in this regard. Here are the results!

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How to Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions!

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Supply chains are believed to be the backbone of your business operations. They’re fragile ecosystems that can lead to severe losses when a disruption occurs. This is mainly because the systems are interconnected. One slight change affects the process downstream. 

Supply chain disruptions are unpredictable but can be controlled. They occur due to various reasons. There’s no supply chain immune to the disruptions. All it takes is strategic measures to minimize and contain the disruptions. Below are some insights on how to go about it:

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Post Pandemic Inventory Priorities: High Turnover or Extra Inventory?

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Most of the pre-pandemic Inventory Management strategies were centred around improving inventory turnover, keeping inventory levels as low as possible, and reducing the amount of cash tied up in inventory. The backbone of all long-standing philosophies such as Just-In-Time, Lean manufacturing, and Kanbans were all designed around minimizing the amount of inventory on hand in any Supply Chain.

But it took a global pandemic to turn all of those paradigms and approaches on their heads. Systems and processes designed to minimize inventory levels proved to be inadequate to withstand the unprecedented disruptions in both supply and demand that the pandemic would instigate. Look no further than the fact that we ran out of toilet paper, of all things.

Before things start to getting back to “normal”, it’s important to ponder whether these low inventory business models should be continued, adjusted, or even abandoned as we look to the future of inventory management. What should our post pandemic inventory priorities be?

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Our 2021 Top 10 List! (Part 2)

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As we come to the end of our 5th year here at Supply Chain Game Changer it’s time to reflect on the tremendous events of the year.

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have continued to stretch far and wide, unabated, touching many aspects of all of our lives. Even the supply of Christmas Trees will be impacted in some fashion by the pandemic due to logistics delays, trucker shortages, and environmental forces.

We would like to thank our incredible followers and readers for the ongoing support. Supply Chain Game Changer is recognized as a Top 10 site globally in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Procurement. We’ve been recognized for global Though Leadership and Influence in Change Management, Supply Chain, Management and Education Technology.

And as we ended the year we published our 1000th article! An amazing milestone representing our extensive library with something for everyone.

So let’s review our Top 10 list articles for the second half of 2021!

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Preparing Business for the Digital Supply Chain! Oracle Interviews Mike Mortson!

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Mike Mortson was recently interviewed by Oracle as a part of the Oracle Global Supply Chain Influencer program. This article was posted on the Oracle Supply Chain Management blog.

Supply chain professionals are hiking their spending on supply chain innovation—substantially. Ninety-five percent said they plan to spend more this year than last, and 60 percent will spend more than $1 million over the next two years on disruptive technologies such as robotics, automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

As digital transformation confronts supply chain leaders, Oracle caught up with Mike Mortson of Supply Chain Game Changer to discuss the current state of the supply chain technology landscape—including how the easiest path forward, in many cases, may involve embracing a supply chain-as-a-service model to benefit from cutting-edge technologies and first-rate digital supply chain management skill sets.

Here is the Oracle interview with Mike Mortson.

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Amazon Supply Chain Strategies!

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Amazon offers sellers fulfillment options. One is FBA and the other is FBM.

As a growing seller, you may already know what fulfillment options work best for you. With newer technologies being founded, Amazon continually offers new services and breaks the rules of supply chain management to improve their service, margins, and for sellers.

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