Managing Infrastructure Construction Projects Tips!

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Civil engineering and architecture are more complicated subjects than anyone outside the industry can fully realize. It’s true that the advent of digital technology has enabled us to do a lot more with construction projects, at a much faster pace, but there is always another side to every coin.

Despite the advantages, it must also be accepted that the degree of complication in modern construction plans is exponentially more complicated than it ever has been before.

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How to Properly Transport a Crane!

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Without cranes, the world as we know it today probably wouldn’t exist. People developed many of today’s infrastructure developments with the help of these powerful machines. But to get them where they are needed you must know how to properly transport a crane.

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7 Ways to Finance Construction Projects!

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Construction contracting has huge income potential. Government infrastructure projects are most lucrative especially when the contractor lands many projects. Getting those projects off the ground, however, is a different story. That is because, like all businesses, construction contractors take a huge risk by funding their projects using cash from their reserves.

Financing is the key. Taking out construction loans for business keeps the cash within the company as well as preserves cash flow by stretching out payment terms. The construction financing industry also happens to be very diverse in its offerings.

Contractors can take out any of these 7 types of financing to fund their new projects and keep up with contractual obligations.

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The Advantages of Using Metal Mesh for Your Products!

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If you’re into construction, carpentry, and transportation, to mention but a few, you’ve most likely used a metal mesh.

A metal mesh is an expanded sheet or roll of metal consisting of strands of metal running from one end of the sheet to the other. These strands form openings of different sizes that form a barrier hence the name mesh.

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Construction Management Applications for Independent Contractors!

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Construction projects are among the largest projects anyone can ever get involved with. They require all the personnel involved in the projects to possess the right construction and management skills as well as the proper use of the right resources, like construction management applications.

Some of the key processes you might encounter in a construction project include planning, budget tracking, time tracking for payrolls, scheduling, team collaboration for communication and file sharing, design, proposal creation, cost estimations, and managing approvals, and traffic management among others.

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What are the Best Building Materials?

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The construction sector employs various building materials for construction projects. Every building material has strengths and weaknesses that you should take into account.

When balancing factors like cost, aesthetics, structural integrity, and longevity, engineers and architects frequently use a combination of these materials. Structural engineers advise architects on the load-bearing capacities of these materials in building projects. Every building material is suitable for different uses because of its distinct characteristics.

That said, here’s a list of the best building materials used in construction.

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Has Bitcoin Altered the Construction Industry!

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Since bitcoin’s first appearance and push into the mainstream, numerous discussions have arisen about how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will affect the global economy. For example, the central bank of France has recently released a report that highlights ways in which bitcoin is revolutionizing financial transactions within the construction industry.

The report was produced by Bruno Biais, head of economic analysis at the bank, and Cyril Durand. The two researchers found that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are already impacting the construction industry through intelligent contracts.

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7 Ways to Manage Construction Employees!

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It is challenging to find skilled workers and what’s more challenging is that construction is considered an industry with high turnover rates. Construction employees often leave the industry due to a lack of benefits, poor pay, and underemployment. Management needs to find ways to create a more positive work environment for their employees.

Construction management is a complex task that involves juggling several tasks and deadlines. To help construction managers and leaders, here are some effective ways to manage construction employees:

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How to Mitigate the Lumber Supply Shortage!

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With new building codes using light-frame construction, there are limits on how many trees are cut down before putting our environment at risk. It puts pressure on manufacturers to find alternative sources for materials that are readily available elsewhere given the lumber supply shortage.

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Limestone Extraction from Florida Quarries!

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Limestone is a sedimentary rock that has been used since prehistoric times. One of the most common uses for limestone today is in construction.

Still, it has other uses, such as building roads and bridges, cement, and even agricultural fertilizer! The extraction process for limestone varies depending on where you are extracting it from.

This article will cover everything you need to know about limestone extraction from Florida quarries, including its history, uses, the extraction process, and more!

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How a Collaborative Network Will Change the Construction World!

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A Digital Collaboration Platform built specifically for the Heavy Construction industry will change the world by helping companies save thousands to millions of dollars on their construction projects, along with reducing the carbon impact, eliminating waste, and saving lives.  

Using supply chain collaboration technology, construction firms will see meaningful productivity gains. As construction in the US is a $1.27 trillion annual business, a very modest 3% productivity gain would translate into an industry created $40B stimulus package.

These unlocked resources, for example, could build over 2,500 new elementary schools each year or be invested in other US infrastructure projects like thousands of miles of new 4-lane highway or tens of thousands of Interstate roads being resurfaced.

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Your Guide to Managing Costs in Commercial Construction!

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A successful commercial construction project is largely about cost control. Without adequate financial measures, much can be called into question. 

Unfortunately, larger construction projects are known to suffer delays and run over budget as well. Commercial builds tend to fall into that equation, as they need to accommodate more people or be equipped with unique facilities and features. More logistics can lead to more potential for money to be needlessly squandered.

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Traffic Management Tips for Construction Sites: A Guide!

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Construction sites are busy, with heavy vehicles moving around, loading and unloading construction materials. This makes a construction site dangerous if no proper caution is in place.  

Unsupervised construction sites can lead to injuries, or worse, deaths, of workers, drivers, and bystanders. Nevertheless, such accidents are avoidable with traffic management. So, establishing a traffic management plan for your site is a must before starting your construction project. 

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Get These 8 Pieces of Protective Safety Gear for Construction Work!

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Working in the construction industry poses a lot of risks and potential harm. From getting cut with sharp tools to suffering from falls, it’s essential to wear the proper safety gear.

Having adequate safety equipment will keep you safe on site and prevent you from suffering any serious injuries.

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Rent or Buy a Crane for Construction Projects?

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Cranes are a crucial piece of equipment for any construction project.

They improve the effectiveness and safety of construction work by helping companies move and lift large, heavy objects. They also aid in the construction of structures, such as bridges, buildings, and even wind turbines.

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