Construction Management Applications for Independent Contractors!

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Construction projects are among the largest projects anyone can ever get involved with. They require all the personnel involved in the projects to possess the right construction and management skills as well as the proper use of the right resources, like construction management applications.

Some of the key processes you might encounter in a construction project include planning, budget tracking, time tracking for payrolls, scheduling, team collaboration for communication and file sharing, design, proposal creation, cost estimations, and managing approvals, and traffic management among others.

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How a Collaborative Network Will Change the Construction World!

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A Digital Collaboration Platform built specifically for the Heavy Construction industry will change the world by helping companies save thousands to millions of dollars on their construction projects, along with reducing the carbon impact, eliminating waste, and saving lives.  

Using supply chain collaboration technology, construction firms will see meaningful productivity gains. As construction in the US is a $1.27 trillion annual business, a very modest 3% productivity gain would translate into an industry created $40B stimulus package.

These unlocked resources, for example, could build over 2,500 new elementary schools each year or be invested in other US infrastructure projects like thousands of miles of new 4-lane highway or tens of thousands of Interstate roads being resurfaced.

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How CAD Files are Used in Construction!

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A computer-aided design file (CAD) contains two- or three-dimensional drawings made of points connected by lines. These lines represent the different features of the structure being designed or built, such as walls or columns. 

According to Spatial, 2D CAD files are drawings, while 3D files are called assemblies or parts. These files are integral to the construction process because they provide designers with a powerful visual creation tool for their models and architecture plans. 

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Moving Construction Vehicles to Minimize Schedule Delays!

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In the construction industry, only 30% of projects are completed on schedule and within budget. As well as common problems such as labor shortages, bad weather, construction vehicles or last minute changes to plans, the majority of contractors cite poor site coordination as a major cause of delay.

Workers waste time waiting for materials or appropriate equipment, performing repetitive tasks and unloading late deliveries instead of focusing on using their skills to move the project along.

Through vehicle automation, digital collaborative network technology and more sustainable delivery processes, the transportation and management of construction equipment and materials both on site and on the road can be made more efficient. 

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How Modular Construction Impacts Supply Chain!

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The supply chain is an integral part of any business. By understanding the various elements that go into it and how they affect your business, you can make smarter decisions in managing your supply chain. Construction is one of the most wasteful industries worldwide. Each year, construction sites generate millions of tons of waste. Fortunately, modular construction can reduce this amount.

Modular construction is a method of building in which components are constructed in a controlled off-site environment and assembled on-site. It’s often used for residential buildings, such as single-family homes, but you can also use it for other construction projects.

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Recruiting Construction Workers – The Ultimate Guide!

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Recruitment is an essential part of every business, and construction companies are no different. Construction is a vital part of the economy, and there is always a high demand for qualified workers in this industry. However, it can be difficult to know where to start if you are recruiting construction workers.

There are so many ways to find employees, and each method has advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we will discuss the different methods you can use when recruiting construction workers, as well as the pros and cons of each approach. Let’s get started.

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The Importance of Weather Monitoring in Construction!

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Among all the external factors that affect construction work, the weather is one of the most crucial ones, which requires weather monitoring.

Depending on the situation, weather conditions can hamper the construction progress, lead to delays, damage construction equipment or resources, and pose health and safety risks

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Managing Infrastructure Construction Projects Tips!

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Civil engineering and architecture are more complicated subjects than anyone outside the industry can fully realize. It’s true that the advent of digital technology has enabled us to do a lot more with construction projects, at a much faster pace, but there is always another side to every coin.

Despite the advantages, it must also be accepted that the degree of complication in modern construction plans is exponentially more complicated than it ever has been before.

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