Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Office!

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Declutter your office article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

Decluttering your office is a no-brainer. It will make managing your files and other resources a lot easier – plus, your working environment will suddenly become more spacious and vibrant. After all, it’s difficult for employees to concentrate when everywhere they turn is a mess. So, if your office is in desperate need of a declutter, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some easy-to-follow decluttering hacks that are designed specifically for companies as well as entrepreneurs who might work from their own offices at home. 

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Signs Your Business Should Go International!

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Signs your business should go international article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

For many people, the goal of international travel is one that appeals to them in a big way. However, before you set out down this particular path, you want to be 100 percent certain that it is something that your company is ready for.

Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in a situation in which your company is put at risk from a failed project that can cost time and energy, as well as slow down the overall progress that you had built up.

Here are a few of the main signs that your business should go international

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Should You Buy or Lease Your Photocopier?

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Buy or Lease Your Photocopier article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Calvin at number1officemachines.com.au.

Photocopiers are an integral part of any workspace. Nearly every office nowadays is equipped with a multifunctional copy machine, one that can carry out essential operations, from printing to scanning and photocopying.

Many businesses often, when it is time to upgrade or get a new photocopier, already know what array of features the machine should be equipped with, but the question of whether to buy or lease, can be one which isn’t quite so obvious. 

After following a guide to buying a photocopier, and weighing up the different factors involved in deciding what type of copier will best suite your business, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of whether to buy or lease a photocopy machine. 

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A Mezzanine Can Offer High Value to Your Business Space!

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Mezzanine article and permission to publish here provided by Nancy Miller.

Do you have a business and want to make it a success? When you want to make your business a success, then you need to think out of the box with respect to your expense management. You will need to make significant changes in your business strategy.

Plus, you may need to make some changes in the architecture of your office. You need to make value-added changes. For example, adding a mezzanine floor in your office can change things for the better.

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Acoustics Matters!

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Acoustics article and permission to publish here provided by Grant Kamperschroer at straightnorth.com.

Acoustics affect critical aspects of a building’s function, from productivity in the office and communication in the classroom, to the price an apartment, condominium or single-family home can command.

Understanding how to select a combination of building materials, system designs and construction technologies that will provide the most appropriate sound control is key to creating a successful acoustical design.

Energy from sound waves interacts with every object and surface in a room – some energy may be absorbed or scattered by room furnishings and some energy may reflect off or transmit through partitions. 

Sound can bend around barriers and squeeze through small openings, all of which can allow noise to reach surprisingly far beyond its point of origin.  As a result, designers must consider the dynamics of sound when determining how they will control noise within a building.

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6 Signs the Future of Work is Here!

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Future of work article and permission to publish here provided by Amanda Mosley at gigster.com.

As software continues to eat the world, companies must find ways to build more innovative teams. For these companies, The Future of Work is here today.

How companies reshape the way they engage digital talent will have a huge impact on their ability to innovate.

Here are six ways digital leaders are creating The Future of Work now.

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6 Skills Accountants Should Hone to Increase Employability!

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Accountants article and permission to publish here provided by Mikejohn Arizon.

Today, the finance sector is evolving rapidly. From new payment modes to decentralized ledgers – the role of banks and financial institutions is undergoing a massive change.

Similarly, the integration of FinTech is encouraging businesses to upgrade their finance infrastructure and keep pace with emerging technologies. With evolving dynamics in the finance world, job descriptions and employment prospects are also changing. 

Employers look for accountants and analysts who can work with digital data, applications, and advanced software solutions. In addition, they also want employees with a firm understanding of budgeting, corporate finance, and law to keep up with state and federal regulations.

Therefore, you have to be technologically apt and commercially aware to continue your career as an accountant. 

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Why You Need to Invest in Mobile Phones for Your Business!

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Mobile phones article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn.

What does a business need in order to succeed? A solid business plan? Sure. Good staff? Absolutely. A tenacious owner at the helm? Of course.

But as well as all of this, a business needs to have access to technology that is going to make sure it can thrive. This means computers, laptops, and arguably one of the most important features your business needs in this day and age, a mobile phone.

You may well already have a mobile phone but it could be a good idea to invest in separate ones for the business.

This article will go into more detail about why your business should invest in mobile phones.

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Considerations for Disinfecting Your Business!

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Disinfecting your business article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony.

Cleaning has always been an important consideration when running a business. It is even more important now. COVID-19 has shown us just how quickly germs can spread. Not only will disinfecting your business help prevent this virus from spreading, it can also keep you and your employees safe from other viruses, like the flu, too.

However, disinfecting means more than taking a Clorox wipe to your keyboard every once in a while when you think of it. There are many things to consider if you want to create a healthy environment for everyone who works in the office.

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Shared Working Spaces are Great for Business Growth!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Shared working spaces article and permission to publish here provided by Marlene Coleman.

Over the years, business models have changed immensely to become much more dynamic and flexible. Businesses are now open to exploring ideas that might have, a few years ago, seemed outlandish and absurd. The concept of coworking or using shared working spaces is one such notion.

Most businesses consider the traditional, employee-only workspace to be the one most conducive to productivity. However, when analyzing employee satisfaction, the shared workspace always comes out on top as a winner.

A shared workspace, or a coworking area, is a communal setting where different entrepreneurs can work together. There are many benefits of working in such environments. It can give you the chance to grow your business exponentially. It can be a much better choice than the costly and often stuffy option of getting your own office. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit immensely from using a coworking space.

This idea is still relatively new, so we understand if you’re still unsure. However, keep reading below, and we’ll be sure to put all your doubts to rest.

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5 Ways Poor Office Ventilation Impacts Your Operations!

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Office ventilation article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most business organizations have made the issue of indoor air quality (IAQ) a priority to minimize the spread of the deadly virus.

The global health crisis has shed light on the fact that indoor air quality and proper ventilation are paramount in maintaining good health and productivity for any building’s occupants.

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Does Access Matting Hurt the Environment?

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Access matting article and permission to publish here provided by Skyler Malley at diamondtservices.com.

Access matting is a process of using mats to create a barrier between the earth and a job site. Often access matting is used during oil drilling or other large construction projects. These mats create a barrier for specific ground protection. 

There are many different materials that access mats can be made out of. These materials might include wood, composite, fiberglass, rubber, or plastic.

Access matting prevents environmental damage, and although many people associate all aspects of the oil and construction industry with hurting the environment, it actually does the opposite. 

Not only can access matting help you get your project done faster, but it can also help prevent negative environmental impact.

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6 Tips to Improve Workplace Safety!

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Workplace safety article and permission to publish here provided by Catherine Park.

Regardless of the industry you are in, it’s important that you think about keeping your employees safe. According to the National Safety Council, workplace injuries cost employers $171 billion in lost productivity, medical expenses, and legal fees

Going beyond the financial cost of workplace injuries, your business can also suffer reputational damages. Having the legal and moral responsibility to safeguard your employees from potentially debilitating injuries and medical conditions.

Creating a safer workplace is crucial to this end,  so consider these tips and reduce onsite hazards.  

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How to Maintain a Photocopier!

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How to Maintain a Photocopier article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Calvin at number1officemachines.com.au .

A photocopier is an indispensable piece of machinery. It’s one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any office. The importance of a photocopier in the daily operations and the invested money on it mandate that it is maintained in top form.

However, it is not unusual for a few copier related issues to surface at times. That being said, your copier machine may require some dedicated attention. Point to be noted here is that the way you generally handle your machine is a big factor in how it performs in the long run.

The better it’s treated, the smoother it works with minimal interruptions. We have collated some pointers on how to maintain a photocopier and keep it in excellent shape.

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The Power of Workplace Appreciation!

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Workplace appreciation article and permission to publish here provided by Grant Kamperschroer. The Power of Appreciation from the eGift card providers, Gift Card Granny.

Let us conduct a survey: how happy would you say your employees are? Do they like their work? Do you believe they feel recognized and appreciated for their work?

Not all too surprising, feeling valued at a company can have an extensive impact on how much an employee enjoys his or her job. What’s more surprising is that happiness can impact productivity. 

Great managers and leaders know that expressing gratitude to their employees is a powerful tool. It keeps people engaged in their work. And the research agrees. Research tells us that workers thrive when they know they are appreciated. In fact, the feeling of gratitude is connected to a number of health benefits. 

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