What is a Workation and Why You Need One! (Infographic)

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Almost everyone is familiar with remote work, the pandemic made sure of that. What many aren’t aware of, is that remote work allows for new opportunities, like planning the perfect workation. 

A workation is essentially taking your remote work setup to another location. Whether that be in your own country or somewhere across the world. It’s also not meant to take the place of a vacation.

If you take the opportunity to enjoy a workation, just make sure to also plan a vacation where you can completely unplug. 

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11 Benefits of Working in A Coworking Space!

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Are you tired of working in isolation? Is your office space too small or big and empty? It’s time to change your working environment and look for a coworking space near you. Coworking space is fast replacing the conventional offices where you have to fit in a cubicle to focus on your work.

Sharing your working space with total strangers is exciting but has its challenges and benefits all wrapped up together. You just need an open mind, your laptop, and the essential working tools such as a pen and paper.

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The Hybrid Workplace! Is it the New Future?

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The organizational skills of employees help them adapt to changing times. Technological disruptions, demographic shifts, changing work cultures, and travel are factors of change. Most of the organizations embraced these changes seamlessly and relentlessly. But the pandemic-induced isolation was a change that was unexpected by an entire globe, including the hybrid workplace. 

Corporates, leadership, and the workforce made a phenomenal transition to a remote workplace model. Without exacerbating the anxiety related to workflow-management teams, collaborated virtually and adjusted the new truth and change in record time. 

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How 5G and the Metaverse are Revolutionizing the Workplace!

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Since the pandemic triggered a global shift towards remote work, employees across the board have discovered the rich benefits that come as a result of working from home. While employees miss their social connections with coworkers, the increased productivity and convenience delivered by remote work have given rise to the demand for a hybrid work environment.

Using the power of 5G and the Metaverse, companies will have the potential to unlock new remote working possibilities that ensure both employee satisfaction and business productivity.

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Cloud Telephony! How to Set up a Small Business Phone System!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

So, you’ve finally started a business and can’t wait for things to fall in place. In the process of setting up, you begin to question your ability to communicate with others, not in person but on the line. Should you get a fancy office phone system or use your cell phone or consider cloud telephony?

What to do! 

Let’s face it: bulky phones, wires, and a migraine are not what you need in setting up a telephone system. As a start-up or small business owner, you want something smooth and easy as pie. 

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Ways to Make Work Enjoyable!

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For the majority of us, work is the only way of getting the resources needed to support our day-to-day life. However, more often than not, work is often unenjoyable and only done due to pure necessity.

Imagine, however, actually enjoying your work and going into to work every day?

Continue to read on in order to learn about the different ways in which you can make work life more enjoyable. 

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