Supply Chain Compensation is on the Rise!

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Compensation article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by,  Argentus at . 

This week saw one of the year’s most highly-anticipated releases in the Supply Chain industry: the Institute of Supply Management (ISM)’s annual salary survey.

As a recruitment company specializing in the industry, we consider it part of our mandate to spread the word about salaries in the field – and educate ourselves even further in the process.

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Our New, Flexible Workforce! Are You Reaping the Benefits?

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Flexible workforce article provided by Tony Giovaniello.

The World Has Changed!

Economic realities, the concern for our environment, and the digital transformation have reshaped our views of almost everything in life, including our work lives. Since the early 90s, when IBM had its first “layoff,” companies have become more comfortable with matching expenses to revenues by deploying new employment models.

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Lessons from Bad Bosses!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Over the course of a long career I have worked with and for many, many people.  As I reflect on the bosses I have had it is easy to create a list of those I considered to be good bosses and those I considered to be bad bosses.

But I have also always felt that you can, and should, learn from everyone.  Whether you  consider that they are good, bad or indifferent there are behaviours and qualities that you can see in every person.

Everyone can share similar stories, again both good and bad.  It’s how you react, adapt, adopt, avoid, change, and deal with these behaviours that is important.

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Ground Rules for Creating a High Performance Organization (HPO)!

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A High Performance Organization is one in which there is tremendous alignment among and commitment by the team members. And as a result this motivated team is able to achieve superior results. The level of collaboration and innovation they demonstrate is remarkable.  But what are the ground rules?

There are many characteristics of the culture which allows such teams to be high performing. And when they set out to drive change and make improvements it is those cultural characteristics which allow them to succeed.

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Supply Chain Education and Certification – What’s Missing?

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The phrase “Supply Chain Management”  was originally coined by Keith Oliver in 1982 and subsequently gained increasing popularity as its usage was proliferated in books and language. That was the start of Supply Chain education.

Since that time there has been an ever increasing number of Universities, Colleges, Institutions and Associations offering credits, diplomas, degrees and certifications in all or some aspect of Supply Chain.

But is just taking courses in basic topics like Procurement, Negotiation, Statistics, Operational Research or Planning sufficient?

While the basic courses are truly important we believe that they are insufficient for really preparing people for a Supply Chain career.

What is missing in Supply Chain education and certification?

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The Transformation of HR: Legacy to Modern!

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Transformation of HR article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Chapman.

How we worked has changed drastically in the last decade. Even though the pandemic was a harbinger of transformations in business models worldwide, organisational cultures also changed.

Working culture worldwide was affected by a recession, technological advancements, and an evolving workforce that now views employment differently. Ten years ago, research suggested that the best companies in the world named succession planning challenges along with providing leaders the tools they needed to be successful.

But nowadays, according to HR coaches and managers, the most prominent challenge is the aggressive competition for skilled employees. As a result, organisations nowadays are a lot more individualised and employee-focused.  This pushes employers to provide flexible working schedules to employees with personal obligations and help fresh graduates with post-grad education.

That said, that’s not where it stops. Here’s how the transformation of HR is evolving.

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Screen Time! Is That Enough To Be Good In Supply Chain?

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How many screens do you have?  And is your screen time?

You likely have a Cell phone or a Smart phone.  You may have a Desktop computer monitor or a Laptop, or both, between your home and your place of work.  You may have a wearable device like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch.    You may have an iPad or other type of tablet.  And your TV may even have Internet connectivity.

We are surrounded by screens and the amount of time that we spend on them is truly  remarkable.

But for those who are learning about Supply Chain, or any other profession for that matter,  is it best to acquire that learning and gain that experience just by watching screens?  Or is it better in Supply Chain to learn based on actual physical experiences and interactions?

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Advantages of Hiring a Casino and Dealers for Your Corporate Event!

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Organizing a corporate casino party is hard work, and making it a success is much more difficult.

Here are a few reasons why holding a casino-themed gathering is the perfect alternative for you if you’re searching for a fresh way to spice up your corporate events and give an amazing experience for your employees.

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The Power of Workplace Appreciation!

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Workplace appreciation article and permission to publish here provided by Grant Kamperschroer. The Power of Appreciation from the eGift card providers, Gift Card Granny.

Let us conduct a survey: how happy would you say your employees are? Do they like their work? Do you believe they feel recognized and appreciated for their work?

Not all too surprising, feeling valued at a company can have an extensive impact on how much an employee enjoys his or her job. What’s more surprising is that happiness can impact productivity. 

Great managers and leaders know that expressing gratitude to their employees is a powerful tool. It keeps people engaged in their work. And the research agrees. Research tells us that workers thrive when they know they are appreciated. In fact, the feeling of gratitude is connected to a number of health benefits. 

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How Background Check Technology is Changing HR!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Background check technology article and permission to publish here provided by John Brooks.

There’s no doubt that recruitment is an HR department’s most important function. Manually screening applications and verifying their contents would be tiring and time-consuming. Fortunately, background check technology can help HR personnel save time and money. Moreover, it can make the recruitment process more efficient, resulting in HR tasks and responsibilities becoming much less labor-intensive than in the past.

Here are some ways in which the latest technology such as background checks at is changing the HR field.

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Hit Song Titles for Your Business Moods!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Music is a universally important part of all of our lives. No matter what part of the world you live in, no matter what age you are, and no matter what you do in your life, chances are you are exposed to and influenced by music in some fashion.

Music affects our moods and emotions and conjures up memories. It can inspire thoughts and behaviours, and it can cause us to relax or motivate us to action of some kind.

Chances are you have heard a song title, or some lyrics within a song, that captures your mood or changes your mood. So many things, good and bad, happen on the job for which your feelings are captured in a song.

Here is our list of song titles any of which you can probably related to on any given day.

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Quantum Leap to the Top 10 Supply Chain Skills of the Future!

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There are many exciting quantum leap advances in Technology these days!

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotics, Industry 4.0, Big Data and Analytics, and Digitalization are all phrases that are emblematic of revolutionary changes both today and in the future.

It is important to know that these changes are not just impacting Manufacturing, Engineering and I/T.  These technological advances will impact every aspect of our personal and working lives.  And one area that will be driving these quantum leap changes is Supply Chain!

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Writing an Impressive Resume!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Impressive resume article and permission to publish here provided by Jessica Fender.

The supply chain industry is highly competitive and crowded. People are fighting their way up the professional ladder, and it can be quite a challenge to secure your spot. Companies and businesses are looking for new employees, but there are hundreds of applicants fighting for the same position.

This is just one of the reasons why your resume needs to be impressive. So it is not strange that people use a resume writer service to get help with this task so that they could succeed in getting a job.

Writing a winning resume in the supply chain industry means winning a chance for a live interview and presenting yourself in the best possible light. If you want to write a new resume but aren’t sure how just keep reading. We’ve made a list of 6 ultimate tips for writing a powerful and effective supply chain resume.

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Great Career Advice from Industry Leaders!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

We have had the opportunity to publish dozens of interviews with tremendous leaders as a part of our Seasoned Leadership in Action™ Interview series. With literally a millennium of collective career experience these leaders have selflessly shared their thoughts, expertise and advice, including their career advice, with us.

Here at Supply Chain Game Changer our fundamental mission is to share experiences and expertise for the benefit of all. Whether you are a student, at the beginning of your career, or an expert sought after by others, we can all continue to learn from others. We can all benefit from professional career advice.

In that spirit we have taken excerpts from our collection of leadership interviews. Specifically we have compiled here the great career advice that these leaders would like to share with others.

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Cost Cutting! Brute Force or An Intelligent Program?

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How many times have you been asked to cut cost?  How many times have you been asked to cut costs so deeply that it is beyond your comprehension?

In those situations you can always use the Brute Force method.  Hacking and slashing resources and expenses in this way often compromises the very capabilities, skills, morale and services that are keeping your company afloat in  the first place.  But it can be quick.

But if you have the chance to deploy a proper Change Management program to drive the cost reductions or other improvements that you are looking for then you may have many more constructive opportunities in front of you.

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