How Farmers Can Boost Food Production! (Infographic)

How often do you think about the global population? There are more than 7 billion people living on our planet, and that number will continue to climb. The earth could hold more than 8 to 11 billion people in less than 30 years, by 2050, creating the need to boost food production.

If you’re a farmer, however, you’re probably already aware of the growing need to produce food. The question then becomes, how do you do so? How can farmers increase the world’s food supply in a way that feeds people and protects the planet? 

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6 Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Heroes of Their Company!

Supply chain leaders and heroes will face the year with uncertainty and opportunity. Digital technologies are becoming more prevalent in basic supply chain functions, and changes in legislation are likely to spur dramatic changes that will result in the need to reevaluate supply chain strategy in both domestic and international locations.  How can they be Supply Chain heroes?

Similar to the supply chain maturity curve of technologies, as explained by Steve Banker of Forbes, supply chain managers should consider how top supply chain trends will influence operations in the coming year.

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What are the Highest Paid Blockchain Jobs?

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It’s been a few years since the world has been looking at the rise of new technology, specifically with the progress of revolutionary blockchain technology. This technology has become a solution to problems faced by various industries like healthcare, logistics, real estate, education, and supply chain, leading to the highest paid Blockchain jobs.

The integration of this technology is increasing at a drastic rate over many industries.  The buzz is that many popular and powerful companies are looking for collaborations and partnerships to launch pilot projects with blockchain technology.

Because of its unending advantages, blockchain has been continuously receiving offers from global leaders, renowned industry experts, and emerging entrepreneurs.

In fact, Blockchain is labeled as a portent for the upcoming industrial revolution. If you are looking forward to taking blockchain technology as a career for successful living, you are on the perfect track pursuing Blockchain jobs.

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The Role of Educational Toys in Child Development!

Educational toys play a vital role in a child’s development and growth. From boosting cognitive skills to enhancing motor development, toys designed for learning introduce concepts and skills needed for life.

When chosen wisely, they provide fun while expanding a child’s abilities across multiple domains. This article explores the impact of educational toys on various aspects of child development.

It’ll cover how they advance cognitive growth, speech and language, motor skills, social-emotional learning, and more.

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The All in One Resume Guide for Production Workers!

The best production worker resume is more than just showing your ability to assemble the goods on the production line. It should also show why you are the best pick for the position. Putting the pieces of the best production worker’s resume will help you stand out from the rest. 

And we’ve provide this resume guide to help you through the writing process step by step.

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How Do I Know if I Need a Career Coach?

There are a few key indicators that will help you determine whether or not you could benefit from working with a career coach. If you find yourself feeling stuck in your current role, or if you’re constantly worried about job security, it may be time to seek out professional help.

A career coach can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and create a plan to achieve them. They can also provide guidance and support as you navigate through difficult transitions.

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How Can Supply Chain Students Combine Theory and Practice?

SC Viral The Pandemic Diaries

Supply Chain Management, a crucial aspect of a business, is the study of the management of large quantity goods and services. Owing to the nature of the course, theoretical knowledge must be backed by practical activities for Supply Chain students to get a true sense of the nature of work and perform well as they navigate towards their work journey in this domain. 

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What TEFL Teachers Should Consider for an English Teaching Job!

Before checking out an international school, before thinking about teaching English students, TEFL teachers should consider four things. TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

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5 Minute Job Interview Tips for Success!

Many of you have been a participant in innumerable job interviews, whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee. 

Interviews can be highly time consuming for both parties so it’s imperative that this time is valuable for everyone.

Having interviewed hundreds of people, and been interviewed myself many times, I usually find that the essence of an effective interview can be reached in the first 5 minutes.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to discuss from the 6th minute on. But it does mean that I’ve usually made my decision within 5 minutes.

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Tips for a Successful First Job Interview!

The first job interview is one of the last steps to getting the job of your dreams. It is especially nerve-wracking if you have just graduated and are looking for a place of work. Perhaps you do not know where to start and who to ask. Everything stresses you out because, in the world of work, you are a beginner.

Getting to the process of a job interview means you have done a lot of things right. That is, you have managed to get the recruiter interested in your resume. They think you are a promising candidate and can potentially fill the position. 

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Finding and Applying for Supply Chain Jobs!

Supply chains are responsible for global economic growth and stability, and its various positions are in high demand nowadays. However, with workers from the baby boomer generation retiring, and not enough millennials are being recruited for the jobs, it has been the main issue in the industry so far. 

Interested in playing a role in creating products from start to finish, and watch the economy soar? It should be a no-brainer where to start in your career, even if you’re starting out at entry-level, with these steps.

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The AI Impact On Recruiting Procedures!

Artificial intelligence has really helped various businesses streamline their processes. It takes out the human bias from procedures and makes them more efficient., such as the AI impact on recruiting.

Customer service has been a particular success story, with automated chatbots tackling both online and phone queries. If you call up a helpline like Cox customer service number, you can expect to engage with AI and get the answers to most of your concerns. This reduces the need for round-the-clock hiring and getting more resources as customers increase.

With AI, companies can simply incorporate various programs which help the company grow in the most efficient way possible.  

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8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Healthcare Professional!

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And this is one of the few industries that will never lose its importance regardless of time and technological advancement. So, deciding to pursue a healthcare career can be quite beneficial for you.

A successful healthcare professional career can bring job satisfaction, a higher salary, and added benefits. However, being a healthcare professional can also be quite rewarding and fulfilling. Not only will it allow you to help people in need, but you will also be able to influence many lives throughout your career.

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Appraising the Increase in Demand for Global PPE!

While the global market for personal protective equipment (PPE) has always been deceptively large, it has recently seen accelerated growth that has been forecast to continue over the course of the next six years.

More specifically, the PPE sector is expected to peak at a value of $118.8 billion by the year 2028, with this highlighting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period.

There are numerous factors behind this rise in demand for global PPE, such as an increased governmental realisation of it’s value within multiple industries and stricter regulations concerning the use of such equipment, but will this trend continue and in which sectors is the level of demand likely to be most prevalent?

Let’s find out!

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10 Mountain Climbing Strategies and Lessons for Optimum Results!

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I met a guy who had recently climbed Mount Everest. In our conversation I learned that he actually reached the summit on his second attempt, having failed on his first attempt a few years earlier.

On his first attempt he could actually see the summit only a couple of hundred feet ahead of him. But he ran out of fixed rope. Despite being so close to his goal he had to make a decision. Does he risk the attempt given the very high chances that he could die and never see his young son and wife again? Or does he go back down and try again in the future.

In the face of summit fever, that feeling of going for the summit at all costs, he calmly made the decision to go back down, and live to try another day.

It was a fascinating story and lesson that could be applied to life and business. What other lessons can be understood through the experience of mountain climbing?

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