Motivating Employees for Better Results!

Motivating employees

Whether your job focuses on operating a small warehouse or you have to handle shipping on a larger scale, finding the right way in motivating employees who help you get the work done will be important. Employee engagement needs to be up, or you could be out of luck if you are not motivating employees. 

But how do you make sure that you motivate your employees the right way? What steps will work to make them feel valuable and like they are part of the team? The good news is that there are some steps that you can choose and spending a few minutes on these will make a world of difference in how well your supply chain goes.

Some of these methods for motivating employees to get better results include:


You can’t expect your employees to do the work that you want and to understand how they are a big part of the company if you do not communicate with them. There does not need to be a hierarchy within the business for it to function and some of the best companies will make sure that communication is always present. 

It is important that you always communicate all of your organizational goals to the employees as clearly and concisely as possible. You also need to listen. You can’t be the only one who is doing all the talking, or your employees will get bored and even upset that you do not value their importance. 

While communicating, make sure that face time is present. Do not just send emails or have someone else do the dirty work. If you can ensure that your employees know exactly what you need them to do, they will perform better. 

And while some management worries about employees speaking up, this will actually help employees know you are there for them if they can come to you with a potential problem and won’t be turned away. 

Offer the Best Compensation

Employees who are barely making above minimum wage and who have very few benefits are not going to be motivated to do much for you. They will be there for a paycheck because it is better than nothing, but they will probably also be looking for a better opportunity and ready to run as soon as they find something better. This is not a motivated employee. 

While a good wage is important for helping your employees be motivated, you also need to spend some time on the other aspects of your compensation plan as well. Offer chances for raises, bonuses, and other benefits that will help the employee feel like a valued member of the team. 

There are many benefits that you can provide to your employees here. Paid vacation days, health insurance, reimbursement for travel, and 401 (k) are all good options to help you get that motivation that you want.

Aside from the monetary compensation, meaningful gifts for employee milestones are another way of showing that you value them. Consider getting them a personalized item like custom pens that they can also use at work, and not just some plaque for display.

For employee anniversaries or awards, a stylish watch or a set of elegant gold pens with their name or initials engraved on them would be a great choice. The personal touch can make a big difference. Gift cards or even vouchers for a spa day are options you can explore.

Create a Good Corporate Culture

One of the things that will ruin your business the fastest is a bad corporate culture. This is a toxic work environment in the first place and you will find that no kind of benefits or wages will be enough to keep the good employees in that for too long. 

To counteract this, investing in unique high end corporate gifts can be a step towards mending fences and showing appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication. These thoughtful gestures can help in creating a more positive atmosphere, signaling to employees that their efforts are recognized and valued.

While not a fix-all solution, such gifts can contribute to a broader strategy aimed at improving corporate culture and employee satisfaction.

If you suspect that your corporate culture is not all that great, then it is time to make some changes that will help. This can be done slowly to help garner more favor with your employees and to ensure that they see that you appreciate them. 

For example, you can start out by just recognizing the employees when it is their birthday or you can schedule monthly cocktail hours or some free lunches. This can make the culture seem more open and inviting than cold all the time. You can even provide some entertainment on occasion in the break room or get out the glove and start a softball team with the company.

There are a lot of options that you can consider that will help take your company to the next level. But really focus on the type of community that you have in the workplace. It is hard to get anyone involved and motivated in the business goals if they feel the environment is toxic. A few simple changes can help with that. 

Cheer Them On

The final step to the puzzle is the fact that you need to be their biggest supporter. When there is something that one of the employees does that is impressive and can help the business, do not just ignore it and figure that is part of their job. This is the fastest way to deflate their motivation and make them not want to work with you again. 

Instead of doing that encourage them to reach higher performance levels by rewarding it. Things like employee of the month and other similar initiatives that recognize and reward high-performing employees can help the employee feel more satisfied at work, which will help them to work harder.

 These rewards can come in the form of well-made customized awards, accompanied by valuable rewards (e.g., monetary incentives, vacation days, and work-from-home perks). Not only do recognition and rewards give employees some much-needed validation and motivation, but they empower workers as well. There’s nothing like a well-earned award to give them extra drive to work hard every day.

They also have the added bonus of showing other employees what it takes to receive recognition for their hard work. This can be the motivation that many will need to work harder and to do some of the tasks that you have been asking of them. This can add more productivity to everything. 

Helping to Motivate Your Employees Will Help You

While some of the steps above may seem like they are hard to do or will take a lot of your time, they are actually beneficial to your business as well. A motivated employee is a happy one who will work hard for you, which is never a bad thing at all. 

These steps are easy to put together and will ensure that the employee knows how to do their job, is happy where they are at so you will not need to hire someone else, and that they are going to continue to work hard. And this can prove very beneficial to your company as well. Try a few of the tips above and see how they can improve employee motivation.

Motivating employees article and permission to publish here provided by Gabe Nelson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 21, 2021.