The Tricks to Maintaining Employee Happiness!

Employee happiness

Your business might very much be something that belongs to you, but as it grows, its success and the operation of your services likely wouldn’t be possible without your employees’ work. It’s easy to ignore that and see yourself as the one who holds all of the power due to the benefits that you might provide them with, but maintaining employee happiness could be more vital to your business than you expect.

Not only does this go a long way to fostering a positive work environment in general, but it can also reduce your staff turnover and develop stronger relationships between you and your employees, which translates into higher productivity levels.

Beyond the Salary

This isn’t to suggest that the salary isn’t important – it absolutely is. Your employees deserve to be paid properly for the work that they provide, and expressing to them that this is something that you understand can immediately get you off on a more positive footing.

In contrast, the opposite can obviously have a more negative effect. However, you can offer them more than just the salary, and these might be factors that help them feel truly comfortable and appreciated in their work with you. 

Being able to offer your staff company benefits isn’t just something that can help keep your present employees happier, though; it is also something that can be massively appealing to prospective job applicants. These kinds of factors might be what ultimately lead people to prefer working with you over your competitors and what keeps them interested in a long-term career with you.

Opportunities for Growth

That being said, another element that might impact how long your employees want to stay with you could be whether or not they see a future with you. You might offer them the most comfortable working environment possible, but if they feel their career has stopped in its tracks, they’ll likely be inclined to look for work elsewhere.

Therefore, the solution is likely to provide them with opportunities for training that can further their development and even go towards escalating their position within your company.

Plus, your workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from this arrangement. At the end of the day, your business will end up with a more qualified workforce, as well as one that knows their worth is appreciated. 

Encouraged Communication

How your staff members feel about you as their boss can also have an enormous impact on job satisfaction. Obviously, they want to know that their work is appreciated through the salary and benefits, but the act of working where they do has to be a positive one. This can be achieved through the physical environment, as well as the emotional one, but the latter might come down to the nature of their dynamic with you. 

You want them to feel as though they can be honest with you, and encouraging them to do so might involve patience and understanding. Sometimes, what they say might not be what you necessarily want to hear, but responding as positively and constructively as possible can help develop a sense of trust between you. 

Employee happiness article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 17, 2022.