Revolving Door Management – Who Wants a Spin?

How many times have you seen new Management being brought into a company, only to see them leave and be replaced, through the revolving door, in a very short timeframe?

This happens a lot on Sports teams. Coaches and Players alike are replaced after a relatively short stint with no tolerance for poor performance.

I’ve seen it happen several times. Basically the CEO or Chairman gets rid of the entire Management team and brings in a new team. Within a couple of years the process is repeated. The entire team is replaced even though these people were considered saviours when they were brought in.

Does that kind of Revolving Door, or Turnstile, Management Strategy really work? Is it really a reflection of the performance of those being replaced or is it more a reflection of the poor leadership of those doing the replacing?

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Bronwen Hann, President at Argentus

At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.  As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action™” Interview series. This interview is with Bronwen Hann, President at Argentus.

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Stop Your Project From Becoming “Just Another Program”!

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Many a project starts off with very lofty objectives.  And with a lot of work and a little luck  those desired results are often achieved.  In every case those results usually have been achieved within a certain timeframe and with a lot of momentum.

Yet once you achieve those goals in many respects the energy and momentum which got you there may start to fade.  Yet your work has just begun.  The next question that always comes up is whether you can sustain, and further improve, those results.

Additionally if you are trying to drive Cultural Change and long term transformation after a while your initial project may become stale and your participants demotivated or distracted.

To avoid your project becoming “just another program” you need to proactively recognize when your project needs to be reinvented or rebooted to avoid irrelevancy and the back-sliding of your results.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with John Heffernan, Chief Supply Chain Officer at ModusLink!

John Heffernan
John Heffernan, CSCO at ModusLink

At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.  As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action™” Interview series at Supply Chain Game Changer.  This interview is with John Heffernan, Chief Supply Chain Officer at ModusLink.

I met John on my first day at ModusLink.  He was presenting to the Board of Directors.  John was one of the Global Operations Executives for the company.   He had complete command of his facts, situation, direction and strategy.   He was so knowledgable that his expertise and experience came shining through in everything that he said.

As John and I continued to work together we knew that we needed to make serious, game changing improvements around the world.  John and I continued to positively challenge and build on each other’s ideas and thinking.  This culminated in the deployment of a phenomenal program and the achievement of world class, industry leading results.  We raised each other’s game to the benefit of all!

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Leadership Techniques To Inspire Your Team!

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Leaders and leadership techniques are worth their salt are those who inspire others to be great.

Whether you’re a sales manager or a CEO, bringing out the best in people you work with is key to the success of your organization.

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Starting a New Job? Be a Positive Impact Player to Succeed!

I have seen many people join a new company and take a new job or leave for another company.  While I don’t have the precise statistics it is fair to say that as many as half of the people joining a new company will do well.  However atleast half of these people will struggle in their new roles and in their new companies.  Many will fail altogether.

What makes someone more or less successful when making such a career move?  What are the environmental factors which affect this outcome?  And most importantly what is it that the new employee does or doesn’t do that makes them succeed or fail?

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What is Business Acumen? (Infographic)

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Business acumen!

It doesn’t really matter what industry, it’s the biggest thing that executives tell us they’re looking for when hiring at the sole contributor level and above. For many executives, it’s even more important than relevant experience.

“If the candidate has business acumen,” the thinking goes, “they’ll be an effective contributor to my team. I can teach the rest later.” Someone who has business acumen just “gets it.” They can figure out their place in a business and quickly learn how to provide value, even if they’ve never done a specific function before. 

The concept has taken on almost mystical overtones. 

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Driving the Need for Culture Change!

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You have determined that something has to change in your company! Customer satisfaction may be low.  Employee morale may be in the dumps.  Financial results and operating performance may be falling far short of your objectives. You need culture change!

Or maybe you don’t have any of these problems. But you view that your company is performing well now yet it is not well positioned to go to the next level and be successful in the future.

Or it could be any combination of these pressures.  Whatever the reason, you have come to the realization that the culture of your company must change to get the results you need!

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The Change Leadership Process … And Guide!

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Eventually everyone is going to be faced with the need to either lead or participate in a process designed to drive change and transformation.

The need for change may be reactive.  Your competition may be eating your lunch.  Your company may be losing money or bleeding cash.  Or your metric performance may be well short of target.

Or the drive for change may be proactive.  Your company may be leading in your industry and have great performance.  But there is a risk of complacency seeping in.  Or your competition can’t be counted out so you need to increase your competitive advantage.  Or you may want to blow your targets out of the water.

Whatever the driving force for change is, wouldn’t it be great to be equipped  with the know-how to make that change happen.

Here is our view of the Change Leadership Process!

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Want Success? Integrate a Change Work Stream in your Transformation!

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The nature of the results you are trying to achieve will determine the type of change you need to create and the work stream to make it happen.

If you are making changes to a very small part of your job then your focus is very localized.  If you are leading a project solely aimed at achieving a specific result then your change management focus is somewhat larger.   But if you are leading a business-wide long term transformation then you need a comprehensive Change Leadership work stream and strategy.

While there are similar elements in driving change at any of these levels, the broader transformation requires a well thought out, well articulated Change Leadership program to be in place to lay the foundation for, and govern, your transformation.

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Could the CPO Be Replaced by the Chief Value Officer?

What is the role of the Chief Procurement Officer?  And what is the role, and difference, of the CPO as compared to the Chief Value Officer?

Procurement is the process of translating customer requirements into the selection of highly capable suppliers, to timely, accurately, cost-effectively deliver high quality, mission-critical inputs and raw materials to internal customers. As well as assuring the accurate receipt and timely payment of all accrued invoices.

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The Hidden Value of Your Intuition! It’s a Game Changer!

Imagine there was a super tool available to you at all times that would provide you with the insight to know the best direction moving forward, motivating you to take action!

Imagine this “super” tool would also give you the ability to see things differently, communicate powerfully, generate innovative ideas, and make quick decisions without getting caught up in the details and massive amounts of information.

Do you want this tool?

You already own it!

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Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken!

There are many different Supply Chains in the World covering every industry, every business or institution and every aspect of our lives.  But the single most important Supply Chain is the Food Supply Chain!  Our very survival depends on there even being a Food Supply Chain.

But there are two very opposite, yet unacceptable, problems in this Supply Chain.  On one hand there is a horrendously large amount of Food Waste.  Yet on the other hand an enormous portion of humanity suffers from Hunger!  The Food Supply Chain, the most important Supply Chain in the World, is BROKEN!

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Supply Chain Personified! The Link Between Your Company Silos!

How many parts of your company act as independent Company Silos?  How many functions in your  organization conduct themselves like they are islands?

One of the main problems in a functionally organized company is that those functions over time can become isolated from each other.  The responsibilities, metrics, skills, strategies and mandates for each function can cause people to put their functional focus ahead of the greater company objectives.

But the Supply Chain team is uniquely positioned to bridge all of these silos and islands.  Supply Chain is truly the link that can hold your company together!

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10 Great Lessons Learned in Business!

In reflecting back on over 1,000 sessions and almost 10,000 hours of working hands-on with entrepreneurial leadership teams, I’ve observed and learned some great business lessons that will help you and your leadership team.

My hope is that these leadership lessons will serve as constants for you as you build a great company, and that they’ll give you insight, something to shoot for, peace of mind, a wake-up call, and a few aha’s.


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