How Vehicle Tracking can help Businesses Negotiate Emission Zones!

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Emissions zones in cities are becoming more prominent across Europe, to try to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and improve the health of members of the public living and working in those cities. In April last year, London introduced the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) for vehicle tracking in an effort to make a significant reduction to pollution.

While the area the ULEZ currently covers is comparatively small, the plan to expand the boundary significantly in October 2021 would see the zone cover the entire area encompassed by the North and South Circular Roads which run around London.

This increase in the ULEZ would cover the area currently covered by the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and would become one of, if not, the largest emission charging zones on the planet.

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How are Electric Cars Going to Change Businesses?

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Electric cars have been around for a while, but their adoption rate has been slow due to various factors, such as the high cost of the vehicles, the lack of charging infrastructure, and limited range. However, in recent years, electric cars have gained popularity, and their sales have been steadily increasing.

This trend is expected to continue, and as electric cars become more affordable and convenient, they are going to change the way businesses operate. In this blog post, we will discuss how electric cars are going to change businesses.

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Our 2020 Top 10 List!

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As we continue on in our 4th year here at Supply Chain Game Changer we have realized some exciting milestones.

We have exceeded 3 million views across the Website, LinkedIn and Twitter. We have had over 100 guest contributors to our site supporting our goal of sharing experiences and expertise. And we have now published over 500 articles since our inception.

Continuing in our tradition of years past we present here our Top 10 articles for the first half of 2020. As everyone knows the globe has been immersed in all things related to and impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve written several articles with respect to the pandemic and the associated impacts on the Supply Chain, some of which are reproduced here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Here’s our list of our Top 10 articles of 2020, so far:

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Maximizing the Value of Decommissioned IT Assets!

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In the realm of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), the primary goal for most organizations is to extract the maximum value from their end-of-service IT assets.

While different ITAD providers may employ various strategies for asset remarketing, the common approach involves a blend of direct and wholesale channels aimed at securing the highest returns in the shortest time possible.

While market dynamics inevitably influence the final selling price, here are eight comprehensive steps that can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining the highest possible recovery value for your IT assets.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Sheri Hinish, The Supply Chain Queen®!

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At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.  As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action™” Interview series here at Supply Chain Game Changer. This interview is with Sheri Hinish, the World renowned Supply Chain Queen®!

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How Does a Circular Supply Chain Improve Sustainability?

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As the world fights against climate change and global warming, the concept of circularity is gaining momentum owing to its holistic and sustainable principles.

A product, service, or resource is renewed rather than wasted, so circularity is about maintaining value. If more people supported the circular economy, the struggling planet would be in better shape – we’re losing green spaces, animals, and plants.

Something has to change in the real world (and quickly).

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The Importance of Reducing Business Waste and Its Environmental Impact!

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As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, businesses have an important role to play in reducing their environmental footprint. One of the key ways to do this is by reducing business waste. From paper to plastic to food waste, businesses generate a staggering amount of waste every year.

Not only does this have a negative impact on the environment, but it can also be a drain on resources, profits, and reputation. Going green is more than just a buzzword today; it’s a necessary step for businesses if they want to remain competitive and sustainable in the long term.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of reducing business waste and its environmental impact, as well as provide practical tips for businesses looking to go green.

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Circular Economy in Chemicals: Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions!

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Have you ever thought about where all the chemicals in everyday products end up? Traditional models have often overlooked this crucial question. The result? Wasteful practices that strain our planet and resources.

The circular economy offers a fresh perspective. Instead of the old take-make-dispose routine, it emphasizes reusing and recycling. For the chemical industry, this isn’t just about sustainability; it’s also a strategic move.

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Ethereum Phased Out Mining! Why Can’t Bitcoin Follow Suit?

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Bitcoin has rewarded investors with impressive gains for over a decade. It proved a reliable source of income for miners, traders, lenders, HODLers, and other types of cryptocurrency investors who adopted well-developed strategies.

There are more ways to profit from emerging bull runs, but placing orders on cryptocurrency exchanges is generally preferred for investors who want complete control over their assets.

For this reason, there are more ways to invest in Bitcoin depending on the provider chosen, and similarly to Visa, transactions don’t pose environmental issues because they don’t consume energy.

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Different Sectors of the Chemical Industry!

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According to the latest published Chemical Sector Profile, there are mainly five sectors that embody the chemical industry: Agricultural Chemicals, Basic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Products, and Pharmaceuticals.

In the following, we will discuss each of these sectors in short. If you want to investigate the products used in each industry and need technical documents about each chemical you can visit

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Post Pandemic Stress Disorder in Supply Chain!

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SC Viral The Pandemic Diaries

A year of dealing with the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus, combined with another tough year ahead, has created an environment of Pandemic fatigue of the highest order.

Children have had to stay at home instead of going to school. Adults have had to work from home, or worse yet, are at home because they either lost their jobs or had their work hours cut. Going to the store to get the basics has meant seeing empty shelves, long line ups, curb side pick up, mask mandates, and social distancing reminders everywhere.

Businesses have been closed, forced to reinvent their ways of going to market, and restructured just to cling on and hope for survival.

And even with the approval of vaccines the poor initial rollout suggests that it is going to be a long time yet before we can go back to some state of normal.

How many people have Post Pandemic Stress Disorder?

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How Eco-Friendly Packaging is Impacting Sustainability!

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Plastics have integrated every sphere of our lives. We use them every day in our kitchens, schools and almost every place of business you can think of. But while there is a lot of talk about plastic, there’s not a lot of discussion about the different types of plastic.

Not all plastics are the same, and there are plenty of eco-green packaging innovations that make use of sustainable plastics easily available.

We know that how humans are impacting the earth is harmful and that we all need to be focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Close to 50% of emissions from the United States are linked to the energy that is used to make, package, ship, and dispose of food and goods.

A shift to sustainable plastics is the solution.

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4 Ways Packaging Optimization Can Improve Business Processes!

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If there is any stage that can affect the supply chain process, it is the packaging and packaging optimization.

Shipping companies and fulfillment centers package products to guarantee protection and ensure the end-user receives them in good condition. However, if suitable packaging materials are not used, the items might get destroyed. So when goods get destroyed, there are high chances of customer complaints, which can cost a company’s reputation.

While you might not have control over what happens during transportation and delivery, optimizing your packaging solution is the only way to reduce such issues.

Here are factors worth your consideration about this critical supply chain management element.

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Sustainable Packaging is Here to Stay!

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Do you know what all big brands have in common? Eco-friendly packaging and sustainable packaging! Well-known brands all over the globe have made slight modifications to their packaging to cater to conscious and educated consumer needs.

This change will help shape the future of retail, help companies retain and grow their customer base with the rise in awareness of environmental issues.

Let’s have a closer look at why sustainable packaging is beneficial. 

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4 Ways to Run a More Sustainable Business!

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A business owner has many responsibilities. They have to make sure profits are made while also ensuring that their employees are paid, taxes are filed, and so on. However, there is one aspect that has grown significantly in terms of importance and visibility in recent years: running a more sustainable business

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