What You Need to Know About Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)!

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Managing a fleet of trucks is not a simple job. It is essential for fleet owners to ensure that their vehicles are in excellent condition, the staff is well-behaved, and the delivery of services happens as expected using electronic logging devices.

If you are new to fleet management services, it is essential to learn about various helpful tools. In this article, the focus is on Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and how they benefit fleet agencies to improve transportation management.

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Do You Need a Forklift?

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The forklift is one of the most essential and useful pieces of equipment across multiple sectors, so if you are considering the titular question, chances are that you need one.

To know if you and your company really need a forklift right now, simply answer the following questions.

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3 Ways for Fleet Managers to Boost Road Safety!

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Every time a supply vehicle gets into an accident, it’s bad news all around. Injuries, deaths, damage and loss of property, police records, suspension of operation, litigation, bad PR, and loss of business are just a few of the possible aftereffects. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for fleet managers to take every precaution that they can to prioritize road safety.

The following are proven ways for fleet managers to mitigate both the frequency and the intensity of road accidents.

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How are Electric Cars Going to Change Businesses?

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Electric cars have been around for a while, but their adoption rate has been slow due to various factors, such as the high cost of the vehicles, the lack of charging infrastructure, and limited range. However, in recent years, electric cars have gained popularity, and their sales have been steadily increasing.

This trend is expected to continue, and as electric cars become more affordable and convenient, they are going to change the way businesses operate. In this blog post, we will discuss how electric cars are going to change businesses.

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Delivery Vehicle Accidents Things to Know!

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The rise in the demand for goods being shopped online has also brought about a new phenomenon of more and more delivery vehicle trucks and drivers on the road, and greater risk of delivery vehicle accidents.

And, it’s no longer just about the delivery of the goods now. To meet the demand for faster delivery of orders, many drivers can be under so much pressure to speed up. There are quotas to be met and deadlines to catch.

Despite all of the road and safety measures in place, it’s also not a surprising thing to note that delivery vehicle accidents happen quite more frequently now. When it does happen, the situation becomes tricky. The delivery is stalled, and there’s a question of liability now, whether it’s solely the driver or the company has some responsibility for what happened.

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How CB Radios Benefit Supply Chain and Logistics!

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To say that communication is essential in the transportation industry is an understatement. Supply chain and logistics involve various people working together to ensure that goods and materials reach their destination in time. 

CB (citizen band) radios are a part of that journey, especially for truckers. It is a communication tool that allows them to keep in touch regardless of the route and destination. This article will discuss how CB radios are helping people in the supply chain and logistics industry.  

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What’s the Difference Between Logistics and Distribution?

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What is the difference between Logistics and Distribution?

On the surface some people may consider them synonymous.  Without consulting a dictionary both Logistics and Distribution suggest imagery involving the movement of  goods.

But to anyone who works in Supply Chain, in particular with a title including either the term Logistics or Distribution, or if you work in a Distribution Centre or for a Logistics company, then there are distinct differences between these words.

But are there also commonalities?

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How to Choose the Best Fleet Management Software!

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Before going into how to choose the best fleet management software, first let’s talk about what fleet management software is and how it can benefit OTR fleets. A very simplified definition for Fleet management software is the software utilized by companies or organizations to help manage and operate a fleet of vehicles.

The software should be thought of as the brains and other devices, the extremities that feed the software with information. The software then decodes and presents it to the user in a manner that makes sense to them. The system can include cameras, GPS, DVRs, the vehicles’ diagnostic port reader (OBD), panic buttons, and more.

Fleet sizes and travel vary from company to company so that specific needs may differ from another fleet’s needs. One thing any decent management software type will do is make it easier to coordinate and manage your fleet through various collecting and storing methods.

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The Logistics of Corporate Office Moves!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate dynamics, the logistics of office relocations have become a pivotal aspect to consider. This article delves into the intricacies of corporate office moves from a supply chain perspective, shedding light on the crucial factors that ensure a seamless transition.

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Delivery Drones are Taking Off! (Infographic)

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Also known as an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV), a drone is an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. Drones can be operated remotely by a person or they can be controlled intelligently by computers, or in most cases, a combination of both, and used as delivery drones for instance.
Initially drones were primarily associated with the military and aviation sectors, however, they are now being increasingly used for various activities within the leisure, non-profit and commercial spheres.

In this piece, we will look at how retailers and logistics companies could use drones to deliver parcels to customers. 

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4 Tips When Buying Shipping and Packaging Supplies in Bulk!

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Does your company supply or ship items to clients? If so, proper packaging is essential to ensure that ordered goods can reach your clients in excellent condition. Or else, you’ll risk losing clients due to poor quality services. 

Most companies order shipping and packaging supplies in bulk because they save time and money. It helps streamline business operations, saving you the hassle of making weekly or monthly purchases. Since you won’t have to pause production to wait for packaging materials, your business can continue operating normally. 

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How to Benefit from Trucking Companies!

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Are you looking to benefit from a trucking company to transport your products? If so, you want to make sure that you get the most out of transport services.

Here are some handy tips that your business can use when working with trucking companies.

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Efficient Warehouse and Vehicle Fleet Management for Businesses!

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For businesses with inventory to oversee, efficient warehouse and vehicle fleet management is crucial. By streamlining operations and implementing best practices, businesses can save time and money while ensuring that their products are properly taken care of. 

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A Practical Guide to Using Digital Tachograph Tools!

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Having an excellent business fleet is one of the secrets of highly successful companies. Transportation of products for deliveries and staff for meetings is smoother with fleets. A functional digital tachograph can measure significant metrics like speed, driving time, and driver’s activity

Transportation can result in higher company expenses if you don’t track them well. The increasing cost of fuel, car maintenance and purchasing of vehicles can drain a company’s resources.

The digital tachograph download (DTD) helps record driver and vehicle information, including travel distance, speed, driving time and activity. As such, it allows you to be compliant with relevant regulations and ensure that drivers are not doing more than their legally-mandated hours behind the wheel.

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Common Mistakes in Importing and Exporting! (Infographic)

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The trading industry has grown over the years in different areas of the business world, especially in how it affected the online community’s ability to market different products. The importing and exporting business is still the most lucrative industry anyone could venture into.

Aside from the full range of goods to choose from, playing a critical role as an importer/exporter can help you generate anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars monthly in revenue.

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