The Importance of the International Shipping Industry!

Even during the epidemic, the international shipping industry significance in the value chain and the transportation of resources and goods worldwide was emphasized, probably most prominently.

“Since the start of the epidemic, the shipping sector has effectively acted to maintain the integrity of the system and thus the safety of the supply of goods,” as mentioned in the latest reports.

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The Minimum Load for Trucking!

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 While you can find many supposed intellectuals kicking around a ball about what really made western society great, almost anyone is going to agree that modern western civilization would not be where it is today without the use of trucking. What is the minimum load for trucking?

Inventions were great, and assembly lines and the Industrial Revolution were truly spectacular. Still, it was the ability to ship goods throughout the land that really ushered in modernity in ways that we never thought were possible before.

All of this was enabled due to hard-working truckers out there driving across the country to deliver their freight.

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What are Incoterms?

Anyone in Supply Chain has likely heard the phrase “Incoterms”, certainly if you are involved in Freight and Logistics management, or perhaps in Finance.

Even if you haven’t heard of “Incoterms” you are more likely to have heard of terms like “Ex Works”, “Free on Board” or FOB, or “DDP” (Delivered Duty Paid, amongst others. These, and more, are called Incoterms.

But for those who are unfamiliar with all of these acronyms and definitions they can be quite confusing and difficult to understand.

In this article we will endeavour to provide more clarity on what Incoterms are.

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Breaking your Supply Chain Traffic Jam!

Does anyone like being stuck in a Traffic Jam?

Prior to one Holiday season several years ago the volume that was coming into the Distribution Centre receiving area was unprecedented and unpredicted.   We were out of room on the docks and we were out of storage space but trucks kept on coming.  And we were still weeks away from being able to ship product to stores to relieve the pressure.

We were gridlocked.  We kept inching our way along but we were very, very close to having this traffic jam of activity shut us down.

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How to Ship Heavy Equipment!

If you work in the heavy equipment industry, there comes a time when you might need to ship large machinery. Though the process might seem intimidating, it’s not so complicated when working with professional movers.

Heavy machinery shipping companies work professionally to ensure that your cargo is safe and gets to its destination on time.

To know more about how to ship heavy equipment, you might need to continue reading as this article will provide a detailed insight into it.

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5 Insights for Managing Your Fleet Strategy!

Overseeing a fleet of vehicles can be a tough job. Anyone who’s been involved in fleet logistics has probably spent countless hours going over schedules, vehicle maintenance records, driver training requirements, and a host of problems and delays that have the tendency of popping up at the worst of times without a fleet strategy.

If you’re experiencing issues or have questions regarding fleet strategy, you’re not alone.

A good professional, though, is always looking to improve their methods. To guide you on your way, we’ve spent some time putting together a list of 5 insights to help you manage your fleet strategy better.

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Route Planning for Logistics and Distribution!

Route planning is essential for logistics and distribution companies as it allows them to provide a more efficient delivery service.

There are many transportation challenges in the delivery industry and multiple factors can cause delays, resulting in poor service and customer complaints. In order to ascertain the optimum route for multiple deliveries, many logistics and distribution companies use the latest in route planning software. 

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4 Unique Services Offered By Trucking Companies!

 A trucking company’s primary purpose is to transport full-truckloads of goods from one location to another. It is no surprise that most people think truck companies offer no other services to their customers. This is a sad, not to mention costly, mistake. These companies know very well how to become a dispatcher and how to keep customers satisfied.

A standard trucking company offers other unique services that can help you and your business save both time and money.

Use these services instead of or alongside your conventional shipping methods to realize a tremendous cost-benefit. 

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Why Chauffeur Services are a Must Have for Business!

As a business professional, your time is valuable. Every minute counts in the fast-paced world of commerce, so it’s crucial that you make the most of it. One of the most effective ways to manage your time is by utilizing chauffeur services.

With a reliable and easyway chauffeur service, you can relax and focus on the work that really matters, whether it’s preparing for a meeting, responding to important emails, or even getting some much-needed rest after a long flight.

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Choosing the Right Vehicle Security Scanner for Your Business!

In an age where security concerns are paramount, ensuring the safety of vehicles is more critical than ever. Whether you’re a private vehicle owner, a fleet manager, or responsible for securing public transportation, selecting the vehicle scanner is vital.

With a myriad of options available in the market, it can be daunting to navigate through the features and functionalities to find the perfect fit. Fear not, as we unravel the essential features to consider when choosing a vehicle security scanner.

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5 Steps for Sustaining Healthy 3PL Relationships!

The key to sustaining healthy 3PL relationships is very much dependent on the person that is given the role to manage the relationship with the 3PL service provider.

One of the biggest mistakes that many organizations make when they move from the DIY to 3PL model is in the selection of the person they choose to manage the relationship.

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What to Do in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle!

Getting into a collision with a commercial vehicle like a semi or big rig can be a terrifying experience. Small personal cars scarcely stand a chance against the massive trucks that can weigh 80,000 lbs or more when loaded to capacity. Before you think about calling a lawyer for truck accidents you will need to handle the immediate aftermath of the event. 

As you sit there trying to process the reality of situation, your first instinct is to check for the safety of the other passengers in the car and think of getting help. The most critical thing to do next is stay calm, breathe deeply, and think about how to get out of the car without aggravating your injuries.

Make a conscious effort to fight the rising panic and follow these steps. Ideally this has been covered in your Commercial trucker training.

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How Do Companies Manage Their Freight?

In today’s world, where globalization and international trade play an increasingly important role, efficient freight management is becoming a key aspect of success for many companies.

Freight management includes the coordination and control of the delivery of goods from the sender to the recipient. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main methods companies manage their freight and trucking operations.

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Understanding Commercial Relocation Costs: Factors to Consider for a Budget-Friendly Move!

Relocating a commercial business involves many considerations, and one of the most critical aspects is understanding the costs involved. From planning and logistics to packing and transportation, a commercial move requires careful financial planning to ensure a smooth transition without breaking the budget. 

By understanding the factors contributing to commercial relocation costs, businesses can make informed decisions and effectively manage their budget for a successful move.

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3 Tips to Implement Dash Cameras in Your Fleet!

Adding dash cams to your company’s fleet offers benefits such as fewer accidents and claims, as many commercial crashes in the U.S. are due to avoidable driver errors or risky driving behavior. Using dash cameras can help identify risky driving behaviors, keeping both your drivers and others on the road safer.

It is normal that some drivers may feel intimidated about implementing a fleet dash cam. As such, it is important to take steps to help truckers feel supported to successfully implement dash cameras in your fleet.

Get prepared with these three tips to implement dash cameras in your fleet.

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