Why Online Reviews are Essential for Small Business!

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Online reviews article and permission to publish here provided by Elaine Bennett.

Wearable technologies, social networks, and business directories have changed people’s shopping habits. 

Before making a purchasing decision, savvy customers google your brand and read customer reviews. 

Most importantly, they are more likely to share positive and negative experiences with your company with the public. 

Here is how online reviews can impact your small business.

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ECommerce Overpackaging is an Absolute Disgrace!

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My wife recently ordered some nail polish online from a VERY large online retailer. A few days later a large box arrived at the door. Rattling around in this large box were 2 small bottles of nail polish. The overpackaging was absolutely shameful and disgusting.

We’ve written about the topic before, and many years ago. And with all the talk about the environment, sustainability, recycling and waste elimination we would have thought the situation would have improved.

But at least one out of every 4 online orders we receive is subject to overpackaging.

This has to stop!

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5 ECommerce Store Improvements!

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Ecommerce store article and permission to publish here provided by Jake Rheude.

If you look back on the last time you visited an eCommerce store and made a purchase, it was likely sometime this week or during the holiday peak rush. The eCommerce game has changed so significantly in recent years that it’s become a regular part of our lives. For some of your shoppers, eCommerce has a prominent place in their daily activities.

Your eCommerce store needs to be at its best to capitalize on that and beat out the competition.

So, we’ve put together five improvements for your ECommerce store that you can quickly, efficiently, and affordably implement as you start the New Year.

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5 Keyword Research Methods to Increase Visibility on Amazon!

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There are a few factors that can make your product stand out to the customers. One of them is if your product offers standard quality at a relatively low price. 

While price is still the main factor for customers to notice your product, when it comes to online shopping, keywords somewhat play the same role. 

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6 Ways a Warehouse Management System Boosts ECommerce ROI!

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ECommerce ROI article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman.

Warehouses play a significant role in businesses that offer goods and products. Whether you have a physical or online store, they’re important since they hold these products and house your inventories.

Since they are beneficial in your business, it is only important that you have an efficient system in place. That’s where a warehouse management system (WMS) comes in.

An effective WMS can significantly improve the efficiency of your business’s daily operations and optimize your warehouse’s overall function, as well as your ECommerce ROI.

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Online Payment Protection Tips for Merchants!

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Payment protection tips article and permission to publish here provided by Muhammad Zayan.

When you run an online business, it’s your responsibility to keep the business secure, both for yourself and your customers. To handle various issues with payment gateway worldwide functionality, you need to take care.

Here are the payment protection tips you can take to protect both yourself and your customers from the risks of online commerce.

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Complexity in the Retail Supply Chain!

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As consumers the complexity in the retail supply chain is usually oblivious to us. We go to the store and pick up the goods that we want. Or we order goods online from our devices at home, in the office, or anywhere for that matter. We consume the items, returning them if necessary, unaware of all of the work that went into making those goods available to us.

A phenomenal amount of activity goes on behind the scenes to make this experience as seamless as possible. I am not saying that it always goes smoothly. Sometimes items are broken. They are late. Or there is some other issue.

But behind the curtain that is Retail there are a lot of people managing a lot of processes and dealing with a lot of complexity earnestly trying to make your goods available to you.

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Consolidate Orders Online and Stop the Senseless Waste Now!

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During the pandemic more people have been shopping online than ever before. It stands to reason that with lockdowns in place and many physical stores being closed, that ECommerce ordering and shipping is a great alternative to face to face shopping. And customers typically except sellers to consolidate orders they place.

Along with online shopping the never ending push for fast delivery has continued unabated, whether it’s really necessary or not.

The result of this however is that more and more online orders are being fulfilled and delivered piecemeal. An order of 3 or more items more often than not results in the delivery of 3 separate packages. There is no focus to consolidate orders at all. It’s insane.

Unless there is an urgent need for a specific item companies should be consolidating their items in fewer packages and avoiding all of this waste.

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What is ECommerce Payment Processing?

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ECommerce payment processing is the process of accepting electronic payments for online transactions. Internet-based shopping and banking have immensely grown over the years. Therefore, eCommerce payment processing has become vastly popular. Click for more here.

The common goal amongst all eCommerce businesses is to ensure the payment transactions are successful and the process is simple and hassle-free for customers.

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5 E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Choices! (Infographic)

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E-Commerce order fulfillment article by Dona Dimaculangan of 3P Logistics at  https://www.3p-logistics.co.uk/.

Businesses have long since entered the E-Commerce marketplace. But how do you physically fulfill all of those online orders?

The age of technology and innovation has made E-Commerce order fulfillment business processes and solutions so readily available that it has become highly competitive.   This competition is especially apparent in the area of E-Commerce  Third-Party Logistics (3PLs).

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Last Mile Delivery: Stop Shipping Air and Empty Boxes!

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When you order something Online there is great excitement in anticipation of opening your package when it arrives.  With any luck the company you have ordered from has provided a positive experience in the online ordering and payment process.  Now you are just waiting for the package to arrive.  You certainly don’t want them to stop shipping.

Most recently we ordered a couple of items online.  They were relatively small items and could easily fit in the palm of your hand.  Within a couple of days a large box arrived at the front door.   I wasn’t quite sure what it was because the box was rather big, big enough for a toaster or perhaps a couple of large board games.

I was surprised when we opened the big box, removed a bunch of crumpled paper and packaging material, and found the 2 small items we had ordered sitting on the bottom of this box.  The items could have fit inside a standard envelope.  Instead they were deliberately packaged in a box which could have held 200-300 of the items.  Why don’t they stop shipping air?

What a waste!

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Top ECommerce Order Fulfillment Challenges!

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Order fulfillment challenges article and permission to publish here provided by Catherine Park.

If you run an online business, you definitely know that managing it involves many moving parts. Ecommerce order fulfillment is among these moving parts that most eCommerce retailers overlook. Your profitability, customer experience, and overall business growth suffer without effective fulfillment.

Interestingly, despite simplified order fulfillment, most online store owners still struggle with several challenges.

Outlined below are common fulfillment obstacles faced by online businesses and their solutions.

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What is ECommerce Order Fulfillment and Why is it Important?

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What is ECommerce Order Fulfillment article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Choi.

Ecommerce is the future of the modern economy. With many countries placing restrictions to protect the health of their citizens or initiating a lockdown altogether, eCommerce is often the only option to keep the economy going. Meeting today’s service standards requires eCommerce fulfillment. If your customers can’t receive the fast shipping service they have come to know and love, your eCommerce business might be pushed aside. 

Customers will find alternatives if eCommerce order fulfillment is not to their liking. By improving conversions and driving more sales, the best eCommerce fulfillment services and strategies help transform logistics into revenue drivers.

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel Fulfillment Solutions!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

“Omnichannel” is certainly the prevalent phrase in the E-Commerce arena.  The expectation in an Omnichannel Fulfillment world is that a customer can order what they want, when they want, on whatever device they want, and have it delivered how they want.

The physical delivery part of the Omnichannel expectation can be very elusive.  Many companies claim that they are Omnichannel service providers.  But are they really?

How many E-Commerce Fulfillment options are there?  And how many do you provide in your company?

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EStore Order Fulfillment Acceleration Strategies

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EStore order fulfillment article and permission to publish here provided by Carl Torrence.

With the launch of Amazon’s Prime Membership back in 2005, the rules of the ecommerce game changed. Amazon Prime offered free two-day and cost-effective one-day/overnight delivery options; exclusive to their members.

According to a survey conducted by LaserShip, 63% of shoppers expect delivery of their orders within three days and the young shoppers are willing to pay a premium for this convenience.

Needless to say that retailers and ecommerce business owners are having a hard time keeping up with these demands. In fact, meeting customers’ demand for speedy deliveries is among the toughest challenges in the supply chain, as mentioned in MHI’s industry report.

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