10 Ways AI Is Used In ECommerce!

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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve definitely heard of the impact and ways AI has been having upon the business world. Today, we’ll be looking at its impact on eCommerce.

AI has slowly been integrating itself into all our daily lives, whether it be shopping on Amazon, or relying on airport security to keep us safe. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have also been investing in it heavily.

A variety of eCommerce businesses have already started using AI for a number of reasons. On top of capturing more traffic in the first place, AI takes it one step further by helping businesses understand these new customers. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and, subsequently, retention. 

Because of this, more and more companies have started investing in machine learning services. In this article, we’ll be exploring 10 powerful ways AI is used in the world of eCommerce.

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A Basic Guide to ECommerce Inventory Management!

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In this digital age, one of the best ways to earn money is to sell unique products online with the help of an eCommerce platform, such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc. However, to have a profitable online selling business, it’s crucial to understand the importance of inventory management in eCommerce. 

An effective inventory management system is one of the most crucial elements of running a sustainable eCommerce business. It helps businesses arrange their products systematically and ensure all products are released on time to increase fulfillment rate and promote positive customer satisfaction.

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3 Ways a 3PL Fulfillment Agent in China Keeps ECommerce Competitive!

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The recent supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on e-commerce companies. Either they can’t get products at all or there is a massive delay in when they can get them, resulting in upset customers, frustrated business owners, and overworked freight companies.

To plan for Q4 inventory, you had to have your orders in place several months ago and now, it’s too late. Fortunately, there is a way for you to solve these supply chain issues, though, and it involves partnering with a 3PL fulfillment agent in China.

Here are the three ways a 3PL fulfillment agent in China can keep your e-commerce company competitive.

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Out for Delivery – How to Handle Delivery Exceptions!

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Dealing with delivery issues is part of life for eCommerce companies. You need to track your packages and work with the carrier and your customer when problems arise. However, since COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of supply chain management, including consumer deliveries, it’s even more crucial to direct every part of your fulfillment and delivery processes especially when they are “out for delivery”. 

When a package is “out for delivery,” that could be a sign it will soon be delivered or your first notice that the delivery has run into trouble. 

However, before we delve into delivery exceptions, let’s take a step back and review the order status notifications customers can get during the fulfillment and delivery process. 

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What is a Multichannel Distribution Management System?

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Many businesses begin with single-channel distribution. That sole channel could be a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce website. In either case, all sales flow through one outlet.

The advantage of a single-channel distribution management system is simplicity. There’s only one channel to manage, one channel to stock, and one channel to market to customers. As a business expands, however, the single-channel model can limit growth.

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Supply Chain Optimization Techniques to Achieve Your ECommerce Goals!

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Supply chains are central to optimal eCommerce results. The supply chain includes everything from ordering raw materials from suppliers to ensuring products are delivered to consumers in the best condition. Needless to say, any issues in these intricate processes and lack of Supply Chain optimization leads to customer dissatisfaction and a poor reputation.

Supply chains are an intricate collection of processes. Issues in one portion of the chain will disrupt every downstream process. As a business owner, optimizing your supply chain for efficiency will reduce these issues and help you build strong customer and vendor relationships.

In short, if building a robust eCommerce business is your goal, you must optimize your supply chain.

Here are 3 ways to achieve Supply Chain optimization.

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From Click to Ship in 4 Minutes! Ultimate Principles for World Class Fulfillment!

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The capability we had in E-Commerce order fulfillment was rather basic.  We had employees manually pushing carts up and down standard warehouse racking aisles picking goods off of shelves.  And when they had completed an order or a set of orders they would then push the entire cart back to a centralized order packing station.

As a Supply Chain Services company we needed a dramatically better capability if we were wanted to have customers trust their growing E-Commerce business with us.  Pushing carts around a warehouse is both inefficient and lacks innovation.

We had to go back to the drawing board.  But in doing so we would end up with a World Class solution!

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Best Ways to Migrate OpenCart to WooCommerce!

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Businesses are continually seeking methods to improve their e-commerce platforms due to the ever-growing popularity of online shopping. Two popular e-commerce systems with plenty of functionality and customizability choices are OpenCart and WooCommerce.

If you are already utilizing OpenCart but are thinking about switching to WooCommerce, it is crucial to comprehend the ideal strategies for a successful shop migration. In this post, we’ll look at the procedures and resources you may utilize for the OpenCart to WooCommerce migration.

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To DC Or Not To DC? That is the Warehouse Design Question!

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The fast growing E-Commerce channel makes it an attractive avenue for most companies to participate in.  The tremendous amount of investment required to participate in online product sales requires explicit decision making as to how a company is going to fulfill those orders.  You need a warehouse design strategy to provide your fulfillment solution.

The E-Commerce Fulfillment solution you choose must take into account your customer’s demands, your competitive pressures, and the financial constraints that most companies have to deal with.

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What are the Supply Chain Impacts of Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition?

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Big news out of the grocery retail world as Amazon has announced its acquisition of major organic foods retailer Whole Foods Market – for an eye-popping $13.7 billion sale price that doesn’t look so massive given Amazon’s $136 billion sales volume in 2016.

Analysts across the retail industry are talking about the huge implications of this sale for a retail industry that many say is in the middle of a major meltdown, in part owing to Amazon’s massive growth in the eCommerce space. This foray into the grocery business is a big challenge to companies like Target, Wal-Mart, and others, and also a sign that reports of brick and mortar retail’s demise might be greatly exaggerated.

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How Mailroom Management Software Boosts Last Mile Logistics!

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Although every part of a parcel’s journey from source to recipient has experienced increased congestion in the past few years, last-mile logistics suffers the most. Mailroom management software offers residential properties the ideal solution for handling increased volume while boosting tenant satisfaction in a big way.

In early 2020, online shopping increased 74% and projections point to the surge continuing up to 200 billion packages annually by 2026.

The reasons include Covid-19 restrictions, more digital shopping opportunities like grocery delivery, and new appreciation for convenience, speed, and savings. In order to reap all these benefits, the entire supply chain experienced a shift toward growth.

When it comes to last-mile logistics, however, the front desk workers at residential buildings need extra help.

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Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce! (Infographic)

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The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in E-Commerce is underway.  Further it has the potential for exponential dissemination across the Retail landscape in the future along with expansion of it’s applications and capabilities.

From playing a role in managing the Customer Experience to providing Buying, Replenishment and Fulfillment capabilities to analyzing the ever growing expanse of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay in Retail.

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What are Amazon Prime Days and What You Need to Know!

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Amazon’s Prime sale is back under a new name, Prime Big Deal Days. Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers, announced it will launch the event on Tuesday, October 10, six weeks before its yearly Black Friday sale.

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Same Day vs Next Day Delivery … What’s the Difference? (Infographic)

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E-commerce has changed the game of how parcels are transported and delivered to customers with the expectations of same day vs next day delivery.

With the help of advanced technology, the days have become shorter. We no longer have to wait for the sun to rise and set a few times before we receive that box of meat pie that’s probably not safe to eat anymore.

What once felt as if a pack mule was used to deliver a package, now seems like a teleportation device is involved in the delivery.

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World Class E-Commerce Fulfillment Principles! (Infographic)

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E-Commerce is the fastest growing avenue for doing business anywhere.  It has been for many years and it will be for many years to come.  In support of this your operations need to be World Class.

It is certainly a challenge to establish the sales, marketing, merchandising and transactional infrastructure to offer an efficient and effective E-Commerce solution to your customers.

At the core of the Supply Chain an enormous challenge is to have a highly competitive and compelling E-Commerce Fulfillment solution.  So what are the key principles that you must have in place to design, construct and deliver a leading E-Commerce Fulfillment solution?

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