Top 6 Reasons SSDI Claims Get Denied!

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Persons suffering from chronic diseases, severe injuries, or serious health conditions can qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, if SSDI has denied you, you may think the process is not worth it, but that’s not true. You can still successfully obtain SSDI claims by filing a petition at the reconsideration level. 

But what are some possible causes for your claim’s denial? The top reasons most SSDI claims are declined are shown below. Let’s get going.

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What is General Liability Insurance and Why Do Businesses Need it?

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Running a business requires a lot of support and services from external companies. One of the most significant services every company requires is insurance. 

There are many different types of business insurance out there, ranging from sector-specific options to insurance policies that every company needs to have.

Among the latter category is general liability insurance. As the term ‘general’ in the name might suggest, this is a generic form of insurance that covers a wide range of issues that almost any business might encounter. 

If you’re unsure of what general liability insurance is and why your business needs it, then keep reading this handy guide to find out more. 

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How Business Insurance Can Protect You!

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Business insurance is essential. Businesses, like landscaping for instance, need several types of insurance coverage to make sure that they protect themselves from claims made against them due to negligence, poor quality, contractual failure and many other possibilities.

Here are the different areas in which insurance is vital for the protection of a business. 

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