Best Apps to Have While Travelling!

Best Apps

Although it is a fun and refreshing activity, the planning process in traveling can be a chore, especially if you don’t have the best apps to support you on your travels. 

You need to find reasonable flights, accommodation, activities, means to travel around, such as visas, and make many other decisions. For this, plenty of your hours can be taken from your time unless you use the best apps available.

Fortunately, with the advance of travel software technology, these factors can be completed in a couple of minutes with some of the best apps listed below to aid you in traveling.

Best Apps


This app will be your buddy in helping you pack everything you need for your trip. You can input information in like weather, location, and activities you are to perform while traveling to list everything you need to have in order to feel relaxed and have a good time on your trip.


A well-known app to predict the future of flights and notify you when one is available for the most reasonable rate. You can book flights as well as hotels with the use of this app. It can help you save a lot of money on travel and accommodation with finding the rates in the location you select.

Obimy app

Obimy app helps you to keep in touch with your loved ones while traveling. With obimy you can send digital senses (kisses, hugs) without many additional texts and noise. It is also possible to see heartbeat of your loved one in the obimy app.

Soda pdf

Let’s you excess, create, send, convert, annotate and get signed electronic documents from anywhere in the world by having an account on sodapdf. As PDF is a format that never changes its format no matter which software or hardware it is accessed on, it is the most reliable format to handle documents.


This app lets you be on top of your flights. You can track the flight status, its number and other information to stay updated. Not only that, but it also gets you results from several sites on the best prices and discounts on flights, accommodation, renting a car and so on.


Everybody knows about Airbnb, and many of us have even seen how legitimate the works of this app are. If you didn’t know, you could book any kind of lodging, small or grand with the help of this app in your destination. These lodgings will not be provided directly by the company itself but in partnership with it. You can find places with reasonable rates with it when hotels are often too expensive an option.

Wi-Fi Finder

The Internet can be an essential need in finding your way around an unknown place and connecting to people. The Wi-Fi Finder app lets you view all the available Wi-Fis near you to connect to the internet. If you need to work as you travel, you can use this app to connect to the internet and send and receive documents from anywhere. 

Currency Converter

You’re going to need to convert your money in the currency running through your holiday location. Often converting can be a costly procedure with substantial fees. The Currency Converter app can come in handy at times like these to provide you with cheap methods to convert and be able to do it fast when you need to send money abroad.


What if we told you that you could earn while you drive a long distance to travel? With a Roadie app, you can make a delivery for someone and earn money from it. On short deliveries, you can make $8 to $60 and on long ones your earning can reach $600. This money can help you pay for fuel and maybe accommodation as well.


This service is present today in almost half of the countries of the world. It’s so widespread that you can get an Uber anywhere you travel to and save on transport costs as they might be a cheaper solution to local taxis. Having an Uber app on your mobile will come in handy whenever you want to change locations on a destination. 


Are you traveling to a place whose language is not English? You need to get a little know-how on the linguistic of that location in addition to some knowledge on the culture. A useful app to help you learn a few words on the way and help you know what a native is saying, Duolingo can be your pal. 

Best apps article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Poulson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 3, 2020.

Cover image by Rachel Moore from Pixabay

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