How to Mitigate the Lumber Supply Shortage!

With new building codes using light-frame construction, there are limits on how many trees are cut down before putting our environment at risk. It puts pressure on manufacturers to find alternative sources for materials that are readily available elsewhere given the lumber supply shortage.

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The Lumber Supply Chain is Going Against the Grain!

For a small building project I was planning I recently went to the local hardware store to pick up some 2″ x 4″ x 8′ boards. I had heard that the price of lumber had increased but I hadn’t paid that much attention to what was going on.

Until I went to the cashier, that is.

These boards cost over $12 Canadian, EACH! For another building project I worked on only a couple of years ago, my vague memory is that they were about $3-4 each. WOW!

I only needed a half dozen boards so the overall cost impact wasn’t that much in my case. But I could only imagine the enormous impact for people with much bigger projects, or for those building and buying houses.

What on earth was going on in the Lumber Supply Chain?

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