Private Instagram Story Downloader!

Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram is a well-known way to interact with your audience. Users view the stories of the people they are most interested in on a daily basis. Much visual content consists of useful information that motivates us: tips, advice, and great solutions. If you are using a Creator account you can check who viewed your Instagram highlights.

However, not all videos can be watched on time. After 24 hours, they automatically disappear. We wish we didn’t lose stories when we need them.

How to view and save a story on the smartphone? And is there a way to do it anonymously, so that the other user doesn’t know about viewing? Surely viewing accounts that are set to private is possible. It can be either a saver, downloader or ig story downloader application.

In this article, we have collected the 7 best private instagram story downloader tools and apps that will help to store stories and keep anonymity. 

Top-7 Insta Savers and Downloaders for Stories 

Anonymity is ensured by a number of applications and services. Note that different solutions will work for different operating systems or device types (eg. laptops). Let’s start our overview.

1. Instasaved

Free and easy-in-use app to save the story and more. Users can also track publications, highlights, photo avatars, and streamers. There are two available ways to watch the stories.

On the one hand, users are able to view the content anonymously; on the other hand, they can download them on the phone using a link. The big advantage is that the app works on any website, browser on laptops, tablets, and smartphones (Android, iPhone OS).

2. Inflact 

If you are in search of smart functionality, the Inflact can be the right choice. The application provides saving content anonymously for several seconds for free. To do this – users need only to paste a link to the dedicated profile. Inflact ensures the security of each platform user.

In addition, Inflact can be uploaded on the smartphone (Android, iPhone) or computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux). This application also works in the Chrome browser as well. 

3. SaveFrom.Net 

SaveFrom is a service for downloading content from various social networks. The most popular media to download: Instagram and Facebook (Meta). To download the story anonymously –  you only need to enter the user’s nickname into the appropriate field of the application.

The solution works mostly on Android. The following functions are also available in the app: creating stories by folders in the smartphone gallery, filtering stories, and accurate file management. 

4. InstaStories 

One of the most popular ways only for Instagram. With the platform, users can secretly track stories and highlights, live broadcasts (online broadcasts, streams, broadcast recordings), publications (photos, videos, text publications), likes, comments, subscribers.

One of the advantages of choosing this solution is that users don’t have to be logged into Instagram to download stories. The story application helps do it without registering or logging in. 

5. ReShare Story

Story Downloader for sharing and saving content. Users can easily export videos, Reels, IGTV, whether it content from subscribed users or unfamiliar accounts. If you are not  following the person’s account you can find it through search and download what you like.

The solution has complete free and PRO versions. The free option helps to download stories with a certain limit for one day or week. The premium option provides unlimited access to all content.

6. Story Reposter

This smart application saves any media content from Instagram. Typical users can save interesting content into a smartphone gallery or directly report to their account. As well, saving the platform offers an ability to implement a variety of stickers, emoji, and filters.

This private instagram story downloader  is designed for the iPhone operating system.

7. Storynim

The program is suitable for those users who want an easy uploader but don’t want to enter their information. To view users’ pages secretly without notification and download their media files, you don’t need to sign in or log in. The app is free, easy to use, and time-consuming. Also, users are able to save posts and profile avatars. 

What about the Copyright Law and Personal Privacy?

Before you save the story, better check if the content has the author’s signature under the photo? Does the user agree to his material being saved or posted? If there are no such claims, you can safely download the content.

The apps will help you choose the save options that are most convenient for you and leave you in the loop with notifications. Use the Instagram tools with pleasure! 

Instagram story downloader article and permission to publish here provided by George Hall. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 23, 2022.