Use Video Media to Build Your Customer Base!

Video Media

All businesses must stand out and make a long-lasting impression on their target audience. If you don’t, you fail to make an entrance, and you close the door behind you. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder for firms to reach out to their clients, discover new markets and differentiate themselves from their rivals, especially in today’s video media rich world. 

While it’s true the internet and introduction of social media have afforded new and exciting ways to build and maintain customer relations, with such a glut of content already online, standing out can often be challenging – particularly for firms just starting out or operating in highly competitive markets.

This is why businesses need to adopt a media-rich content strategy, and video is just one strand of this part of your plan. 

The Importance of Building and Maintaining an Online Presence

There are now more web pages than there are people, which means that CEOs and company marketers are constantly striving to find new ways for their message to be heard. Having a website and being proactive on all the relevant social platforms are obvious prerequisites to building a strong online presence.

There are many other ways they can achieve this, such as SEO and paid ads. Still, increasingly, firms are turning to alternate media to help attract greater attention and build client loyalty – namely, video production and advertising. Video advertising is enjoying a boom once again due to the easy sharing nature of viral clips on social media, and it’s for this reason why it’s an essential aspect of marketing to add to your foray.

Having a strong, memorable online presence is crucial for every business. Without one, potential customers won’t know where to go when they have a problem that your product or service will fix. 

The Power of Video

It’s widely accepted video is the most engaging online media format and can deliver far more information, much quicker than any other form of media. Video can quickly gain traction and become a viral sensation – if you hit the right requisites and hit your audience at the right time, of course. 

Your business can no longer sleep on video content. Below we explore four ways you should start using videos to help to define your brand and instill loyalty in your clients. 

Make a company video: If you want a quick way to encapsulate your firm, its values, and its operations, there are few more successful methods than producing a corporate video. Having a short video showing what you do – and how you do it – can significantly simplify the process of explaining the benefits your company brings to its clients (potential and existing). You can then use this short introductory video across all your social channels as well as on your website home page. Ensure your employees feel part of the process and want to share with pride the video, and you’ll soon be showing on all the right screens. 

Hold webinars or online conferences: If you want to build a real connection with your customers, nothing beats a personalized live webinar or specialist online conference. Through the recent coronavirus pandemic, more people tuned into internet video messaging and conferencing than ever before, and, even as we seemingly emerge from the worst days of the virus, it’s unlikely the trend is going to change anytime soon. For the greatest impact and to ensure the widest accessibility, you should utilize live captions to make sure your message hits home and is understood. You could even use the ‘live video’ services of the major social platforms rather than trying to organize streaming services yourself. 

Make a testimonials video: Most promotions specialists would agree that there is no more compelling marketing message than hearing the experience or recommendations of others. By making a testimonials video, you’ll not only back up your claims of excellent service, but you’ll also prove you to take an active interest in your customers and value what they have to say. 

Invest in online advertising: Video has been proven to be the most engaging type of media so, if you’re considering investing in online advertising, it should be your format of choice if you’re to enjoy the greatest chances of success. Making a short video advert and running it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube costs a fraction of the price of traditional TV advertising – plus, it is far more targetable to your precise demographics. 

Final Thoughts

Video media is one of the most powerful and memorable forms of media available to businesses today. An outstanding video marketing campaign can transform a company, putting the name of the business in the mouth of everyone who watches it.

Video conferencing and introductory videos can ensure every employee can access information and training in the most accessible way. Video can ensure your business continues to build a loyal, returning customer base, which is crucial for every industry.    

Video media article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 9, 2021.