Level up your Content Strategy with Video Marketing!

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These days, video is synonymous with content strategy and marketing. The skyrocketing popularity of videos explains why this is so and why you should make a video.

With so much competition in this space already, it is time to level up your content strategy so that it stands out.

The highest quality video content is, surprisingly, not the type with the most sophisticated videos. The quality of a video is determined by how relevant the video content is and how much engagement it garners. Good videos are able to connect with the target audience seamlessly.

Read on to understand simple ways to step up your video content and digital marketing strategy with little effort.

Use Video Content Everywhere

If you are only creating video content for your marketing objectives, reconsider your content strategy.

Incorporate video in all of your marketing material wherever possible. If you send out regular emailers, add a video to that. If you write guest posts on influencer blogs, add videos there. 

To make the most out of this strategy, you must create both long-form and short-form videos. Short-form videos make for great content to embed in other marketing materials. They work the best on social media, while long-form videos are best used on YouTube and Facebook.

Review the Narrative of your Videos

A common mistake many marketing firms make is to make their video content a hard sell.

Hard selling in videos only works when the video content needs to be less than 10 seconds. With such short content, there is no time to add much. For everything else, consider articulating the story of your brand.

If you don’t already do it, build a strong narrative around your product. Make it relatable and the storyline interesting. Most of your video content’s success rides on this aspect. Connect the problem or the opportunity your customer has with how your product solves it. 

Review the Length of your Videos

Different content platforms are optimized for different types of content. For example, YouTube is the best platform for hosting long-form videos and for YouTube video download. People have also started using YouTube as an OTT platform or an alternative to television. 

On the other hand, platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok are built for short-form video content.

Most marketers have their video content on all popular platforms. However, without optimizing for the recommended length of the video for each platform, the video content becomes ineffective. 

Review Video Performance on Various Devices

People use different devices to view videos these days. They may watch the video on their PCs which have large screens. They can also project the video on their TVs and watch them on those, increasing the screen size multi-fold.

On the other hand, they can also use a tablet or a smartphone to view videos. These have very small screens in comparison and need specific video optimizations.

The multi-device viewing of videos is here to stay. You are better off checking how your content looks on all the devices you think your audience uses and making modifications as needed.

Review the Editing Quality

Many videos that are captured using best-in-class video equipment end up not getting as much engagement as anticipated. In several cases, the problem lies with poor editing. Poorly edited videos can undo all the good of laborious video creation for marketing.

There is no dearth of online material teaching beginners how to edit a video. Also, editing tools have become easily accessible, and many people edit their own videos and use an online video converter.

While this is not wrong, always get an opinion from an experienced editor to ensure you maintain high quality, or use Video Production Manchester. This affirms that the quality of the video, both from the frames to edits, is kept high.

Review the Video Placements and SEO

The greatest of the videos fizzle out because of poor video placement. Constantly follow video trends on various social media platforms and modify the placement of your videos. Making videos viral has now become an art and a science. Master it.

Review your SEO strategies. With the constantly changing marketing environment, it is critical to modify SEO strategies to suit your needs. The target audience and their preferences are constantly changing. Keeping an eye on this will keep your videos fresh and relevant. 

Review the Data, Always 

Almost all video hosting platforms provide rich tracking information.

Invest in a data analyst who can help you surface patterns that you can use to finetune your marketing strategy. To make a video that delivers, you must be on top of the numbers all the time. 

Review the Intent

Effective marketing videos have a clear intent. Let’s look at some of the intents and how to improve your marketing campaign:

Product Reviews

Product review videos are made to build trust in the product being sold. Ensure that the intent is coming through clearly in the video.

Choose the right people who can convey the message clearly to make review videos. For review videos, keeping the content honest and relatable is key.

Educational Videos

If the marketing video is explaining the need for the product, make the educational part simple to understand. A great example of this is that if you are selling insurance, you first need to define what insurance is and why it is important. Without getting this message across clearly, selling insurance will be difficult.

How-to videos are another form of educational videos. These videos must be simple to understand and have a wow factor. Even if you are selling a simple veggie peeler that people use every day, the how-to video must make the product look unique.  

Influencer Videos

Influencer videos are a great idea as long as the focus stays on the product and not just the influencer.

Review if your influencer video is making the influencer overshadow your product. If that is the case, consider remaking the video to make your product the hero.

Influencers are getting expensive these days, so make sure you get your money’s worth.

Sales videos

Some of the video content in your marketing strategy is going to focus on direct selling. Do not shy away from adding calls to action sentences. When the video intends to drive sales, make the intent clear.

Adding discounts and providing something extra can boost sales, so use these tactics liberally.

With sales videos, you have to track the conversion numbers carefully and fine-tune your strategy. Sometimes you may have to target your video to a different audience, and at times you might have to modify the video.


Video content strategy has the power to make or break your marketing plans. It has a disproportionate role in the customers’ intent to buy and, ultimately, the sales made. This means that a large part of your marketing dollars must go into creating and promoting your video content. 

However, just doing this is not enough. It is important for you and your marketing agency to constantly review your videos and the video strategy. It ensures you are stepping up the effectiveness of your content strategy and delivering results.  

Content strategy article and permission to publish here provided by Rajarshi Modak. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 18, 2022.

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