Video in Digital Content Marketing!

Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing is a very young tool. Business does not always understand what tasks to set for it and what results to expect.

Multiply the complexity of content marketing by two when it comes to video. Without knowing all the complexities and features, it is easier to turn to full-service video production. By choosing a good partner company, you can be sure of the good results of their work.

Successful cases using useful video content can be counted on one hand. Instead, companies invest in mediocre video marketing (record “sales” videos) or occasionally shoot viral videos, paying for creative, production and seeding.

Everything is simple with them: if you make content, then this is content marketing. When a smart manager comes and sees that the direction does not solve a specific business problem, the experiments with video are over.

Formulate the problem

Video as part of a digital content marketing strategy should be in the world of users, not in the world of the brand. Therefore, the purpose of video content is to bring specific benefits to the viewer: to teach, educate and explain. You can use an online video converter to support any of your needs.

This basic principle helps to correctly formulate the problem. But it is worth interpreting it incorrectly, and you can make a lot of mistakes. After such an experience, it is easier for companies to forget about useful video content forever.

Mistake 1: Selling Your Product

Marketers are mistaken when they operate with classic video marketing techniques. The approach implies a complete focus on your own product: we tell how it works, praise the advantages and bypass the disadvantages. In another way it is called “advertising”.

Mistake 2: Treat “Viral Video” as Content Marketing

Advertisers are sure: if you have money for a video, you need to invest in a viral video. They are driven by the illusion of a quick return on this kind of content.

It is difficult to convince advertisers – they see only individual outstanding cases and want “exactly the same, but about us.”

What are the tasks

We sorted out conceptual errors and found out that video content should be useful, regular and should not be thought of as a virus. Now let’s look at what tasks content marketing for business can solve.


Suitable for a company that has recently entered the market. Clients do not yet know about her, so she needs to build her expert reputation from scratch.

It also works when competitors don’t invest in content marketing (or use it the wrong way). In such cases, useful video content will help compete with them for the attention of the audience.

If there is already a large brand in this segment that is engaged in conventional video marketing (removes videos about itself or viral ones, buys crops and cooperates with agencies), then it will be difficult to get the attention of the audience. The larger the competitor, the more content needs to be produced for low-frequency demand. It is necessary to decompose the topic and close each client’s problem with a separate video.

Confidence in the product

Relevant for companies that sell various products. Digital content marketing, which is geared towards building trust in a product, will require a lot of effort. The thing is, you can’t advertise directly. So, you can not talk directly about your product. What to do?

I have one answer – branding. We produce a useful video, place the product logo on top of the picture, and achieve association with the product.


Suitable, firstly, for well-known and recognizable brands. They can show a piece of corporate identity, and the audience will immediately have an association with the product.

Secondly, thinking about the number of sales is convenient for content projects. A good example is educational products (we give away part of the content for free) and professional events (we record interviews with speakers of a future conference).

High quality (HQ)

An option for recognizable brands – with high turnover and large budgets. They have enough money to maintain their own video production – even at a rudimentary level. It is important for brands to maintain the highest level of quality in everything – such is their fate.

Digital Content Marketing article and permission to publish here provided by Yanis Temby. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 26, 2022.