7 Clever Ways to Save Money on Video Games!

Save Money on Video Games

The cost of equipment, accessories, and games makes gaming a costly pastime. When you build your gaming setup, you may expect to spend nearly $2,000 for a state-of-the-art processor and graphics card.

Those who love gaming don’t have to empty their bank accounts to satisfy their addiction. While you can get your hands on many of the most played online multiplayer games, including esports titles, free, the most in-demand ones will always cost you back a little cash.

On the positive, you will discover how to effectively save money on video games through this post, which will make your purchases sting less.

For instance, if you are a gambler, you can save by using a Springbok casino bonus instead of using your money to try a new game. Similar incentives are available for video games.

1. Purchase Used Games

Assuming you own a console capable of reading discs, this is a no-brainer and could make a world of difference.

The price difference between new and secondhand games at retailers like GameStop is typically just a few dollars, particularly for newly launched games. Used video games can be found on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Other regional options, such as Facebook’s Marketplace, are also available.

Taking this approach may test your patience. It takes time for newly launched games to make it to the secondhand market and even further for the cost to drop to an acceptable level. However, big cost savings may be yours for the waiting.

Used game consoles are another option for those looking to save money. You may save a lot of money by purchasing a used gaming console and its games as a bundle from a retailer or by browsing classified ads on websites like Craigslist.

2. Buy Bundled Games

You can get a discount if you buy the entire series of a game and its sequel at the same time from a digital marketplace. You could check out the time-limited packages that are offered by Humble Bundle if you are truly interested in value. They provide a curated collection of games ranging from five to over one hundred games at a price that works for your budget.

3. Leverage Memberships with Free Games

Games are included in the monthly subscription fee for both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. If you’re already a subscriber because you want to participate in multiplayer games, this is an added bonus you shouldn’t pass up.

Such AAA titles, although occasionally, are the newest multiplayer hit. They’re fun to play and worth adding to your collection every month.

These memberships further increase the scope for low-cost gaming. Xbox Live and PS Plus users have access to subscriber-only sales and deeper discounts in the digital marketplaces. This is a terrific option to save money if you prefer playing video games digitally, while it may not be less expensive than purchasing a physical copy.

4. Consider Streaming

Now, video game streaming could become an option for subscribers who are interested in playing the most recent PC and Xbox games but lack the hardware capable of doing so. If the internet connection is fast enough, you can access distant servers for a monthly fee instead of buying an expensive gaming PC or console and all of the games separately.

Streaming games allows you to play on a high-end Windows 10 PC on any other computer, Mac, and Android device without any lag.

5. Make Use of Loyalty Points

If you make purchases at the vast majority of different online game stores, you will be able to accumulate loyalty points. When you make a future purchase, you can use your loyalty points to get a discount on the price of the item. Additionally, there are times when you can exchange your points for free games if you meet certain requirements. Find out what the store has to offer, and put them to good use.

6. Look Out for Offers and Discounts

Finding cheap video games is possible if you know where to look. A select few online resources monitor the market for video games.

Using a price-tracking website is smart if you’re dying to get your hands on the latest game but can’t afford to pay retail price. PSPrices is the best location to find PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Games discounts. Whenever the price of a game you’re interested in reduces, the site will notify you through email.

7. Buy Physical Games

There is still a market for physical games, despite the fact that online gaming has gained popularity over the course of the last decade. If you choose to buy games in physical form rather than download them, you will not only save space on your gaming system, but you will also save money.


You’ll need cash to buy all of the games you want to play. As you observe, there are numerous options for economizing and to save money on video games. You can get many great used games by just being patient.

You could also buy bundled games, take advantage of discounts, buy physical games, or better still, try streaming.

Save Money on Video Games article and permission to publish here provided by Hafiz UzAir. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 15, 2023.

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