A Marketer’s Secret Weapon: Free Instagram Link Video Download!

Instagram link video download

For many, social networks are a place where you can relax, look at photos of friends, find entertainment or discuss an interesting topic. Every day, thousands of people start their morning by reaching for their smartphones and checking their Instagram feed.

Most users know how to publish stories, posts, and share content on this social network – its interface is intuitive even for those who are far from computer technology. However, if you work in the field of marketing and your duties include administering your company’s social accounts, you need to know much more than basic functions.

In this article, we will look at one useful tool that can be called the real secret weapon of a marketer.

How to save video from Instagram to any electronic device

While ordinary people prefer to install the Instagram application on their smartphones and use it daily, professional marketers work with their computers. When you write down dozens of posts every day and have many videos to be uploaded and photos to be processed, you may not have enough capabilities of a regular smartphone.

I’d like to introduce you to Toolzu – a free online service that is available in the browser. No matter what computer you use and what operating system is installed on it (Windows, IOS, or Linux) you can get Instagram link video download in just a couple of clicks.

To download video Instagram, you must first copy the link to the post where the file you are interested in is located. After that, go to the hostel page in your browser and Paste the link into the search bar on the main page. In just a few seconds, you will see an available file that you can download in MP4 format.

The one-time download is available free of charge without any additional registration. For those who use this tool professionally, it makes sense to create an account in order to access advanced functionality. In particular, you will be able to see the number of available files and will be able to save all the videos as a package.

The main advantage of a web service for a marketer is that you can use it regardless of the operating system and type of electronic device. Whether you work in the office at your computer or are on vacation with only a smartphone at hand, you can solve work tasks by quickly saving the desired file using Toolzu.

Reusing downloaded video files on the Internet

Social media can serve as a source of inspiration for more than just marketers. Modern technologies provide extensive opportunities for editing files. For example, you can create your own presentation or mini-movie using editing.

The most popular today is the so-called user-generated content and native advertising. Many world-famous brands successfully create promo videos using videos sent to them by subscribers. Such a policy suggests that the company is available and always in touch with its customers.

In addition, the production of new videos is not only a complex and expensive process. Finding a new original idea is not easy. Using content from Instagram, you will always stay in trend and be able to keep your finger on the pulse (this is especially important in the B2C segment when it comes to sales).

Here are some options on how you can reuse files downloaded from Instagram:

  • Share a video from your subscriber to stories or publish it on your page.
  • Create your own video clip from several files.
  • Publish materials on another resource (for example, on a company website or on another social network).
  • Share the video on TikTok or adapt it to YouTube format.
  • Make money curating content or create a thematic blog
  • Forward the video to colleagues or friends in the messenger or by e-mail.

These are just some ideas you can do with an Instagram link video download. Of course, professionals should not be reminded of copyright. While using web services for anonymous downloads is not against social media usage guidelines, you should not use the data you collect for commercial use.

You can save videos for personal viewing or learning. In all other cases, be sure to make a link to the author of the digital content, or even contact him to ask for an exclusive right to use and sign the corresponding contract.

Instagram link video download article and permission to publish here provided by George Hall. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 28, 2022.