Laptops for Students! What You Need to Know!

Laptops for Students

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Which school laptop you buy is an important decision. Chances are, this is the laptop that is going to stay with you for some years. If that’s the case, you’re going to need something that can go the distance.

This guide will take you through what you need to know before you buy your laptop as a student. 

The Reliable Brands

Students don’t have a mega amount of disposable income, even with that part-time job. So, when you make a purchase investment such as a laptop, you want to know it’s going to last the duration. That’s why looking at an established company us important.

The Lenovo student laptop range, for example, offers you more stability and an accepted assurance of quality.  Of course, the reasonable prices don’t hurt either. There are options to suit a range of needs including design students and more essay focussed subjects. 

Look For a Good Battery

The difference between a good battery and a bad battery is a laptop that can last for several lectures at a time, vs one that can’t. Battery life will be hinged a bit on your budget, in that if you spend a bit more you will get a better battery. However, thankfully, even the lower budget laptops tend to last for at least eight hours at a time. 

Consider Your Studies

Your academic niche dictates what you need from your laptop. If it is going to be where you do most of your work, you want something that can keep up with your demands. This means looking at a fast processor. If you are going to be storing lots of media files you are going to need a laptop with a memory capacity, or one that can support external memory devices such as SD cards.

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If you are just using it to type out essay after essay and the occasional Netflix binge watching session, then you won’t need to think about these things too deeply. 

Search Out Extras and Accessories

There are always offers and packages from legitimate companies for students. You can get software such as writing programs and anti-virus software mixed into the price of the laptop if you find the right deal in the right place. But it’s not just about the software.

You might want a keyboard or a mouse, and you might need a bag to carry your laptop around. These are all things that are thrown into the promotional sphere when it comes to device purchasing. Doing your research first counts and could save you some money immediately. 


Though it may feel like a major decision, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. You can break it down into smaller sections and create a pretty detail orientated checklist easily.

When you know what you need and what you want, then the next part is even easier. Remember that laptops for students are supposed to last for the duration of your studies, so choose smartly. 

Laptops for Students article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 29, 2022.
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