Supply Chain Visibility Has Never Been More Important!

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In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic the need for complete, end to end Supply Chain visibility has never been more important!

The necessity for visibility started with store shelves being emptied of toilet paper, food, and various household items. People were panic buying in the face of the unknown implications of the pandemic. More and more countries and jurisdictions were locking down their citizens, temporarily shutting down businesses and enforcing social distancing and self isolation.

The chronic need for Supply Chain visibility has become of utmost importance with the overwhelming strains on global healthcare systems and networks. Hospitals and support organizations have been running low on masks, personal protective equipment and ventilators.

Most alarming is that projections of the heightened demand for these items are not met with broad visibility as to the supply and inventory of these items.

Supply Chain visibility and the Digital Supply Chain has never been more important!

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An Outlook for the Future of Supply Chain!

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An Outlook for Supply Chain article and permission to publish here provided by Joe Gregson.

The purpose of this article is to introduce my view on the current and future state of Supply Chain Management; aiming to continue growing my network of like-minded professionals.

Upon graduating with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2017, I started my Supply Chain career planning inventory and managing orders on Excel to fulfil online consumer and retail business demand for a haircare product.

Albeit with dynamic data to analyse and understand, the manual and repetitive nature of many tasks confirmed my interest in roles exploiting technology and automation. As a digital native born at the end of the millennial era, it is fair to say I also expect nothing less.

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What is Deep Learning? And What Does it Mean for Supply Chain?

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When I start writing text messages or emails these days I automatically receive prompts for the next words that I may want to use, or even phrases to complete my sentence, as I’m typing.

The word and phrase suggestions are ones that are consistent with the type of language I would use. And the name suggestions are unique to people I know and communicate with regularly.

My Google mini recognizes family voices instantaneously and responds not only to our questions but adds custom comments directed at each of us individually.

It’s clear to me that my computer and smart phone and Google mini are learning what language I typically use. With increasing accuracy they can predict what I might want to write next based on words I am typing. And the voice activated devices are increasingly interactive.

How does this Machine Learning, or Deep Learning, actually work? And how will it shape Supply Chain now and in the future?

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Smart Manufacturing: 5 Factors That Make Your Factory Smart!

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The manufacturing industry has been changing rapidly, aided by the newest software systems and machinery. Consumers continue to demand customized products, adding to the challenge of low-cost production.

Manufacturers have been forced to look hard at their production methods, labor costs, and transportation expenses, among numerous other areas throughout the organization. This focus has resulted in the emergence of smart factories in which machines and software share information and collaborate as never before.

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Digital Procurement Ecosystem Creation in 8 Minutes!

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Digital Procurement Ecosystem article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at

I was in Paris last week, touring around as people do in Paris, and visited Fondation Louis Vuitton.

If you’ve never been before and are a fan of art, architecture, and culture, I can highly recommend adding it to any future itineraries.

The museum’s collections are magnificent, and the building itself is a true masterpiece. Beyond the artwork, Fondation Louis Vuitton offers an experience to tour the multiple levels of decks that interweave themselves between the inside and the outside of the building’s structure.

On one of the decks sits a piece of artwork named “Where the Slaves Live”. It is a living organism, composed of inorganic and organic materials, forming a ‘living sculpture’ that is a small scale ecosystem- an ever-changing work of art.

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Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Poll Results!

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Time will prove that the global Coronavirus pandemic has marked a major inflection point across the entire history of Supply Chain Management. Largely unknown and not understood before the pandemic, Supply Chain’s visibility and importance has seen an unprecedented level of exposure during the pandemic.

Everyone now understands that when Supply Chains fail, much of what enables our personal and professional lives also stops. The fragility of Supply Chains experienced during the pandemic demands improvements in the robustness and resilience of this core function.

It has created a Moment of Truth for Supply Chain. Will companies revert back to their old ways of doing things after the pandemic or will they make the improvements needed for the future?

We conducted our Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Poll to find out.

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Digital Opportunity for 3PL Logistics Operations!

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Digital opportunity article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by

Third-party logistics (or 3PL) providers, are standing on the brink of breakout growth. The shipper ecosystem is burgeoning with more delivery orders, more inventory to be managed, more deliveries and more services than ever before.

The global 3PL market, valued at $728.6B USD back in 2018, is expected to reach $1.5 BILLION by 2025. While 3PL providers want to adapt to this new market opportunity, their existing logistics operations often have a hard time keeping pace with these growing demands.

In this increasingly challenging environment, technology has become an integral part of expanding and maintaining competitive logistics services.

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What is 5G? And What Does it Mean for Supply Chain? (Infographic)

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There was a time not that long ago when there were no cell phones or smart phones. Now they are literally billions of smartphones and cell phones. This doesn’t even include the number of desktops, laptops, tablets, and all other internet enabled electronic devices.

The latest technology that will be driving this massive infrastructure is 5G. Much as with all of the technologies before it the latest generation of technology will lead to profound advances in capabilities.

This will invariably impact the Supply Chain of the future.

What is 5G technology? And how exactly will it impact Supply Chain?

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digital Procurement!

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Digital Procurement article, and permission to publish here, provided by Sam Jenks at

Don’t Panic!

Navigating the complexity of the global supply chain as a procurement professional can sometimes feel like taking a walk through the Amazon without a compass, or entering into outer space without an oxygen tank.

It’s important that procurement teams take into account the new risk reality and challenges that face them, their organizations and their value chains. As the world around us continues to put the pedal to the metal within the digitalization of business solutions, procurement can’t decide to slow down for every speed bump.

At the same time, it’s never smart to punch the gas if you haven’t packed a spare tire. You never know when you might run into something sharp along the way.

Finding the perfect balance between preparation and action can be tricky.

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Stand Out Digital Supply Chain Strategies!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

Digital Supply Chain strategies article and permission to publish here provided by Alejandro Carrera.

The digital economy is bringing a paradigm shift in the business models across the world, thus blurring the industry boundaries. No matter the niche, the customer today expects both products and services to be delivered real quick and tailored to unique requirements.

Effective digital supply chain strategies can help organizations stand out from the crowd. It is then that companies can make themselves faster, granular, flexible and accurate.

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Preparing Business for the Digital Supply Chain! Oracle Interviews Mike Mortson!

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Mike Mortson was recently interviewed by Oracle as a part of the Oracle Global Supply Chain Influencer program. This article was posted on the Oracle Supply Chain Management blog.

Supply chain professionals are hiking their spending on supply chain innovation—substantially. Ninety-five percent said they plan to spend more this year than last, and 60 percent will spend more than $1 million over the next two years on disruptive technologies such as robotics, automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

As digital transformation confronts supply chain leaders, Oracle caught up with Mike Mortson of Supply Chain Game Changer to discuss the current state of the supply chain technology landscape—including how the easiest path forward, in many cases, may involve embracing a supply chain-as-a-service model to benefit from cutting-edge technologies and first-rate digital supply chain management skill sets.

Here is the Oracle interview with Mike Mortson.

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Critical Infrastructure Planning Guidelines for Supply Chain!

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Infrastructure planning article and permission to publish here provided by Kenny Johnson. 

Over the years, digital disruption has become a norm for all industries, and supply chain businesses are not an exception. Technology has changed the entire structure, right from internal communications to physical operations.

Things are only going to get bigger and better in the future, with digital innovation poised to take over the sector. Right now, it is important to have the right technology infrastructure for your supply chain business so that you can make it future-ready.

Whether you are planning to start from scratch or looking to revamp the existing infrastructure for your business, here are some guidelines to help with your infrastructure planning.

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Digital Procurement Improves Supply Chain!

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The Hackett Group has recently released their analysis of their procurement benchmarking database. It demonstrates the advantages of working with a digital procurement strategy. 

Some of the most notable areas where world-class procurement organizations outperformed the “peer group” were increased operating efficiency and how more effective they were at delivering their services to both, internal and external customers.

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Defining the New Normal in Supply Chain! What’s Normal Anyways?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has upended almost every aspect of our personal and business lives. And now we hear talk about this “new normal”.

The economic and personal turmoil has been unprecedented. But with uncertainty around the future spread of the Covid-19 virus and uncertainty about the arrival of some kind of vaccine there is increasingly talk of a new normal.

A new normal implies a significant change from our ways of living and doing business as compared to how we lived and worked before we heard of the Coronavirus.

What is this ‘new normal’ state?

And what is the new normal in Supply Chain?

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What is the Digital Supply Chain?

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All of the technologies that we hear about every day, from Blockchain to Virtual Reality, have many areas of applicability in both our personal and business lives.

But in the area of Supply Chain, which truly spans the entire operations of most any company, these technologies provide the platform to totally redefine how the work of Supply Chain is conducted every minute of every day.

In the simplest terms we are entering the age of the Digital Supply Chain!

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