The Future of the Digital Supply Chain! (Podcast)

The Digital Supply Chain is the future!

Enabled by a vast array of enabling digital technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous vehicles, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Control Towers, 3D Printing, and many more, Supply Chain will become more electronically connected than ever before.

This digital transformation will have wide ranging implications for industries, business processes, the structure of work, and the skills that Supply Chain professionals will need.

In this podcast Bicara Supply Chain interviews Mike Mortson to talk about the Future of the Digital Supply Chain.

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How Smart CEOs Leverage Supply Chain!

Being a CEO is tough enough, let alone how difficult it is if you don’t have all of the skills and knowledge needed.. Many CEOs have a background in Finance or Sales and Marketing or Engineering, or are just entrepreneurs. But few have in-depth experience in Supply Chain, let alone understand how to leverage Supply Chain.

The truth is that the overwhelming, but often misunderstood and underrated, impact of Supply Chain’s importance to the success of an organization is missed and unknown to many CEOS.

Only truly smart CEOs get it. They get the importance of Supply Chain and understand that they will succeed or fail depending on how they do, or do not, leverage Supply Chain.

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A Don’t Touch Supply Chain Strategy Must Now Dominate The Future!

The overarching strategy for limiting exposure to, and spreading of, the Coronavirus is that of Social Distancing. We are all instructed to keep 6 feet apart from anyone, wear masks, and avoid any social gatherings and don’t touch. How does this relate to a Don’t Touch Supply Chain strategy?

Even with social distancing, the global lockdowns, temporary closures of many businesses and disruptions of economies everywhere there are still Supply Chains in action, as disrupted as they may be.

Truckers are still moving goods to points of consumption and essential services such as grocery stores are still in operation, providing the basic goods we all need to live. Everyone involved in these Supply Chains is abiding by the social distancing and protective mandates we all are adhering to.

How can Supply Chains be changed in the future to make them more robust and resilient and less disrupted by any future catastrophes, and god forbid, a future pandemic?

One approach is to develop and deploy Don’t Touch Supply Chain strategies!

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Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and AI in Supply Chain!

In the era of digital transformation, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their supply chain management (SCM) processes and create the Digital Supply Chain of the future.

One such revolutionary technology is ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a sophisticated language model that can understand and generate human-like text.

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Application of Web Based Technology to Improve Supply Chain!

Web based technology supports the logistics of operations, internal or production. Logistics can be understood as that activity that is responsible for the movement and storage of materials, components and intermediate products throughout the production process, in order to allow the fulfillment of objectives of continuity, order and cadence of the production function.

Since the appearance of the first computers, information systems have been introduced in companies as a powerful tool to optimize and improve their management. Such introduction of information systems was progressive, evolving according to its area of ​​application in the company and the existing technology at all times.

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The Digital Supply Chain Journey: Step 2 – Digital Transformation Leadership!

Getting anything done requires resources and management. Getting change to happen requires that plus leadership, drive and conviction. Getting a digital transformation to take hold takes all of that plus bravery, resolve, unrelenting persistence, risk taking, tenacity and courage.

At the heart of a Digital Supply Chain transformation is Change Leadership. We do not mean Change Management. We do mean Change Leadership and Digital Transformation Leadership!

But to have leadership you have to have leaders. Remarkable leaders. Extraordinary leaders. Whether those people exist or not will make the difference between success or failure of your Digital Supply Chain journey.

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How Did the Digital Supply Chain Evolve?

People often position the digital supply chain as essential for helping today’s businesses succeed. What a digitized supply chain entails, though, changed over the years due to the evolution of technologies and how people use them. Let’s look at how did the Digital Supply Chain evolve?

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Running Supply Chain on the Edge, with Edge Computing!

The supply chain management industry has undergone many changes in recent years. The introduction of IoT devices to the supply chain, the rise of edge computing, and its ability to increase connectivity and efficiencies, have changed how businesses operate across industries.

This article will look at how edge computing is revolutionizing supply chain management and data collection methods.

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Digital Supply Chain Predictions!

SC Viral The Pandemic Diaries

Digital transformation is now the overriding priority for most manufacturers and retailers, with the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the shorter term while providing the opportunity to grow a leaner operational protocol in the future.

The focus is definitely on the efficiency of operations relating to technological applications. The big question is; are you ready? If not, perhaps we can help.

Here are some interesting predictions from a reputable international research firm, IDC, which highlight key areas of technological applications regarding the impending digital revolution of the international supply chain.

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Digital Transformation Technologies and Predictions!

According to a recent survey conducted by Forbes Insights, 65% of logistics, supply chain and transportation executives acknowledge the necessity to revamp existing models and add flexibility to business operations in order to ensure omnichannel delivery, reduce costs and meet the ever-shifting consumer demand. through digital transformation.

In fact, 72% of enterprises involved in planning, executing and monitoring the flow of products from the point of origin to the point of consumption consider improved customer experience the key benefit of business transformation.

The path to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in the digitalization of logistics workflows.

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The 5 Big Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain!

What’s the core difference between today’s supply chain and benefits of the digital supply chain?

Look down at your desk. What do you see? If you see paper, pen, and a computer, you see the typical, modern supply chain.   If asked, could you provide the latest information on your current automation, key performance indicators, data, use of IT applications, and finance government?

The chances are good that much of this information is stored digitally. However, you would probably need to look through some of the physical, tactile paperwork to find all of the information.   Also, is the information stored only your computer or a server? Now, how long is that going to take you?

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Digital Twinning of Supply Chains!

This Digital Twinning of Supply Chains article focuses on transformative ideation of transport & logistics value chains. Current practices of Digitization, e-shopping and industry 4.0 have disrupted the market which is embarking for a revision of managed processes, policies and outcomes that may have once served the business well but are now being challenged at the fundamental level.

Any supply chain has complications which creates difficulty in making changes in a piece of the value chain – a balance is required in supply chain orchestration through digital transformation.

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5 Steps Towards Digital Supply Chain Transformation!

Here we present five important steps for all individuals that are interested in digital supply chain transformation to help you attain success despite the numerous challenges that you are likely to experience. 

In a digital supply chain, the different foundations are created using web-based elements. In the current generation, most systems are hybrid, which means that the supply chain systems utilize a mix of IT-enabled and paper-based systems.

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The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents!

The Digital Supply Chain road, or Supply Chain 4.0, is the path to the future.

Enabled by highly publicized technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and more the Digital Supply Chain holds great promise and exciting opportunities.

But even with established technologies the road to implementation can be challenging to say the very least.

As you are developing your Digital Supply Chain strategies it is important to understand, consider, and account for the inevitable problems and obstacles that will test your resolve and your leadership.

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Breaking Down the Latest Trends: Supply Chain Shifts in the Business World Today!

The modern business landscape is dynamic, constantly evolving in response to technological advances, geopolitical shifts, and consumer demands. One area that’s seen a significant transformation in recent years is the supply chain.

As the backbone of global commerce, understanding its shifts is crucial for any business professional. Below, we dive deep into the major supply chain shifts and trends shaping the business world today.

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