The Digital Supply Chain Infographic!

Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain 4.0 is the manifestation of the Digital Supply Chain of the future as enabled by many of the Disruptive Technologies that we all hear about every day. Here we review our Digital Supply Chain infographic.

Everyone is impacted by the advancement of technology in both their personal and professional lives.  And that impact will only become more profound as time goes on.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Robotics, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and more are terms represent the technological breakthroughs that are being made every day.

For those involved in Supply Chain there are deep impacts that are occurring, and that will continue enabled by the evolutionary and revolutionary change that is enabled by technology. Let’s look at the Digital Supply Chain infographic.

The basic elements of Supply Chain processes remain the same.  Forecasts must be made.  Suppliers must be selected, qualified and approved.  Contracts must be negotiated.  Raw materials, goods and services must be ordered.  Goods must be manufactured, shipped, and received.

But the technology that is behind making all of these processes run is changing.  Greater automation, more transparency, exhaustive connectivity, and massive analytical capability hold the promise of making the Digital Supply Chain of the future more efficient and effective than ever before.

Enter the Digital Supply Chain, Supply Chain 4.0!

Digital Supply Chain infographic

The attached infographic is intended to capture the Disruptive Technologies  that are enabling this change.  Further we are describing many of the impacts and implications of these technologies on the Supply Chain of the future.  And finally the Digital Supply Chain that is Supply Chain 4.0 will require the development of experience, expertise and talent in the Supply Chain leaders of the future!

Digital Supply Chain

The Digital Supply Chain is the future!  The enabling technologies are now the basis for much of personal and business life today and their reach and application will only increase in the future.  Hope you enjoyed the Digital Supply Chain infographic.

Originally published on November 14, 2017.

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