The Factory Relocation Guide!

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Are you considering or undergoing a factory relocation?

Anyone who has done it knows that it’s no easy task, and anyone who’s thought about it probably knows that it’s daunting to even consider. After all, these are just a few of the factors to take into account when relocating:

  • Finding the right facility
  • Breaking down, moving, and re-installing machinery and equipment
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Penetrating a new market and customer base
  • Personnel changes

Despite those challenges, the benefits of relocating your factory can be numerous and far-reaching. In fact, many of those perceived hurdles offer benefits, when done properly and approached with the right mindset.

In this piece, we’ll expound on the benefits of relocating your factory, as well as ways to make it easier once you start the process.

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7 Tips for Effective Power Plant Asset Management!

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There are power plant asset management issues that, if not properly prepared for, can cost your business an arm and a leg. That’s the reason why strategizing for the management of your power plant’s assets is crucial to prevent problems like unplanned outages.

Fortunately, there are software services that offer solutions to issues in managing power plant assets.

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5 Ways to Boost CNC Machining Productivity!

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Computer Numerical Control, or CNC Machining, is a valuable process for many manufacturing industries. It can help make products with increased quality and consistency while also allowing more opportunities to save labor costs.

If you are looking for ways to boost the productivity from CNC machining, here are five valuable tips:

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The Complexity of the Lego Supply Chain!

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My son recently showed me the assembled Lego set of “The Office” TV show. With 1164 pieces, the number of features and details in that set was extremely impressive and highly meaningful to anyone who was a fan of the show.

This attention to detail, and the complexity involved in creating such a set with so many unique pieces, got me thinking about the incredibly flawless precision required in the entire Lego manufacturing, packaging and distribution process.

Let’s review the complexity of the Lego Supply Chain process.

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10 Tips to Improve Industrial and Manufacturing Employee Safety!

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Employee safety is an integral part of any job. No worker wants to put their life at risk at work each day.

Industrial and manufacturing jobs are some of the most dangerous professions in the world. However, there are several ways that companies, as well as employees, can reduce the risks of injuries.

Here are ten tips that help increase industrial and manufacturing safety for employees.

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Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance – Which is Better? (Infographic)

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For most manufacturing operations, there are two fundamentally different approaches to maintenance: preventive vs predictive maintenance.

Most manufacturing and warehouse operations default to preventive maintenance, but a more tailor-made approach comes from predictive maintenance.

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The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure!

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The Electric Vehicle market will continue to expand around the world for decades to come. But one of the limitations with Electric Vehicles is their range of distance on a single charge.

In order to facilitate the growth of Electric Vehicle purchase and use there needs to be a dramatic expansion of the Electric Vehicle charging station infrastructure.

It won’t be enough to just charge your vehicle at home. There will need to be an expansive network of charging stations and options across any and every country.

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Preparing Your Company for Industry 4.0!

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Industry 4.0 is a hot trend that is continually helping to increase efficiencies in manufacturing and many manufacturing companies are actively looking for ways to adopt it in their own operations.

The potential gains for any production operation are significant, but there are also some requirements to be observed before attempting to implement Industry 4.0 practices in a manufacturing facility.

If you want to ensure that you will be able to take advantage of Industry 4.0 trends with minimal hassle, there are a few things you should do in preparing your company for Industry 4.0.

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5 Reasons for Manufacturing Production Delays!

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Manufacturing production delays can be devastating for the core business and others that rely on the manufactured products for their own processes. A delay in one manufacturing plant can have ripple effects across a whole supply chain, which is why it is so important to prevent these delays.

Doing so starts with understanding why they happen. Below we explore some of these reasons.

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Guide to Injection Moulding Marketing!

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The соnсeрt оf injeсtiоn mоulding hаs been аrоund fоr а lоng time, аnd desрite the fасt thаt it is used fоr mаss-mаnufасturing а wide rаnge оf соmmоn items by various laboratory consumables manufacturers, mаny рeорle аre unаwаre оf it.

Sо, if yоu оwn а business in the mаnufасturing industry, yоu mаy be wоndering hоw yоu саn mаrket yоur соmраny, serviсes, аnd рrоduсts tо роtentiаl сustоmers.

Рeорle wоrking in оther industries frequently require а wide vаriety оf раrts, аnd they will, understаndаbly, wаnt the best роssible оnes fоr the mоney they аre раying.

Аs а result, the text belоw will inсlude а list оf things yоu shоuld inсlude when develорing а mаrketing strаtegy fоr yоur саsting serviсes.

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How Risk Management Software is Transforming 3 Industries!

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In today’s world, supply chains are more important than ever. They’re a key part of any business’s operations, but they can also be one of the most vulnerable areas.

From a business perspective, it’s no longer enough to simply produce and distribute your products. You also have to make sure they get to their intended destination on time, in good condition, and ready to be sold.

That means managing employees, vendors, customers, and more on one platform. And if you’re not doing that well enough, you’ll lose money fast. In fact, 89% of businesses encountered a supplier risk event in the last five years. But not all companies are prepared for this level of risk and complexity. That’s where supply chain risk management software comes in.

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The Mexican Recession Impact on CaliBaja!

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CaliBaja is a North American manufacturing powerhouse. Located in Mexico but close to the California border, it serves as a vast hub of industrial jobs, making significant contributions to the production of products that ship all over the world. 

For Mexico, it’s a big boon, offering the community an enormous number of stable, well-paying jobs. As of Winter 2022, CaliBaja is home to seven million people and has a gross annual GDP of $250 billion- $70 billion of which comes from international trade.

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Cold and Flu Medication Shortages! What’s Going On?

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It’s that time of year. Cold and flu season. And I have started the season with a whopper of a flu. Naturally I went to get cold and flu medication. But in every store I went to the Cold medication shelves were virtually empty.

Why on earth would there be a shortage of this specific medication so early in the season? To my knowledge there was no cold or flu epidemic that was suddenly driving demand.

Was this a Supply Chain issue, a manufacturing or distribution issue, or was something else going on?

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Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Tips for Success!

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Most manufacturers still rely on traditional methods to promote their business. Word-of-mouth referrals, networking events, and trade shows are still preferred by those in the manufacturing industry for a good reason they still work.   

However, today’s clients are more demanding and better informed. And most prospective buyers are going online to research the most effective manufacturing business to partner with.

That said, manufacturers need to have an established digital presence to thrive in this increasingly competitive world.   

In this article, we’re sharing the basics of digital marketing and some tips to ensure your manufacturing business’s success in marketing to the online world.   

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How to Optimize Your Factory for Industry 4.0!

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Believe it or not, Industry 4.0 — the latest specialization for modern factories and manufacturing plants — does factor into design and and help optimize your factory layout. That is because digitization, or the current movement to connect and bring all equipment into modern times, absolutely influences design.

In essence, that is the heart of Industry 4.0, a complete synergy between operations, equipment, properties and, of course, the people who spend their time there. If 3.0 was about automation and boosting efficiency, this generation is about injecting the human touch back into the work environment, and that means accommodating such things from a design standpoint.

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