Why Get a Product Sourcing Agent?

Product Sourcing Agent

When starting your importation business, finding the primary resources required, such as a product sourcing agent, is one of the first and most vital steps.

Your manufacturer is the backbone of your company; it regulates your inventory, which determines how consumers perceive and communicate with you. A good supplier translates to high-quality products, satisfied buyers, good feedback, and repeat sales. On the other hand, a bad supplier means low-quality products, dissatisfied buyers, negative feedback, and a bad reputation.

Sourcing agents are an effective way of finding the most suitable supplier. They eliminate all the tiring work you would have done and nullify risks associated with testing a new manufacturer. This article explores all about having a product sourcer to deal with the China manufacturing process.

Who is a Product Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing agents or buying agents are third party providers that you can contract to locate high-quality manufacturers in their home nation on your behalf. They know the customs and speak the native language. They work closely with the manufacturer and will tour the factories and do on-site testing.

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They eliminate the need to locate a manufacturer on yourself and reduce the chances of importing low-quality products.

Why Get a Product Sourcing Agent?

There are multiple reasons for getting a product sourcing agent, but the major one is that you increase your chances of locating high-quality goods efficiently and quickly. 

Sourcing goods from Asia puts off many first time importers because Asia has a reputation for manufacturing low-quality products and the uncertainty that arises when you work with a manufacturer on the other side of the globe. Buying agents can find high-quality suppliers in your place, and much more effectively than you would do.

Functions of a Sourcing Agent

As you know, buying agents will help you find high-quality suppliers or products that you will resell in the country. If you already found your desired product, you have to tell your requirements to the buying agent.

The sourcing agent will search the market for your desired product and suppliers who will meet your needs. When they identify the suppliers, they will get back to you to select the one that matches your requirements.

After selecting your ideal supplier, the buying agent will help negotiate the conditions of the main elements of the supply. The primary functions of sourcing agents include;

• Manage negotiation and communication with manufacturers

• Perform quality inspections

• Manage logistics and shipping

• Oversee production

How to Choose a Product Sourcing Agent

For you to find a good sourcing agent, consider the following factors.


Like every company, you have to work with a sourcing agent that is licensed. A license indicates that they have the legal authority to operate as a sourcing company. It also helps in monitoring the buying agent and evaluating their legal precedence.

Effective Communication

It is common knowledge that communication is the key to creating solid relationships. The right sourcing agent has an effective and communication structure between suppliers and customers. Remember, ineffective communication will cause several issues later down the road.


You should find a sourcing agent that knows your industry and is familiar with sourcing the kind of goods you require.


A good sourcing agent is experienced. You should work with a sourcing agent who has operated in many years and has a proven track record. Case studies, reviews, and testimonials are effective ways of evaluating the experience of buying agents.


A good sourcing agent will always update you on the proceedings of the process. Bad sourcing agents will keep details away from you with the intent of manipulating the process to get leverage. The right sourcing agent should work with you to achieve the best results for your company.

Product sourcing agent article and permission to publish here provided by Joyce Chen at Epic Sourcing. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 10, 2020.

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