Importing From China! The Essential Guide!


China has fast become a key player in the world’s economy. Since 2012, China has been the world’s number one trading country, and it shows no signs of moving from this spot anytime soon.

China is now the leading exporter of many items and Chinese products have become absolutely ubiquitous. In America alone, consumers purchase more than $500 billion worth of Chinese goods per year.

Why Import your Products from China?

Countless businesses have generated enormous profits off the back of the sale of imported Chinese goods. So, why is this? The most important factor is that due to the lower cost of materials and wages, China can manufacture goods for a far more reduced price.

Importing Exporting

What’s more, due to their expertise in mass production Chinese manufacturers are able to deliver a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by any other nation.

Design and innovation is another main driver, Chinese suppliers can provide a seemingly endless supply of unique and expertly-designed products that you simply will not be able to find elsewhere.

Learning How to Import

Importing goods from China can seem like a challenging prospect for newbies. Many business owners are put off by the idea of dealing with a supplier that is tens of thousands of miles away. This fear is understandable; however, the reality is that importing goods is not that difficult as long as you are careful and know what to expect.

If you don’t know where to start, this comprehensive guide tells you how to find wholesale suppliers and import products from Chinese suppliers such as Huawei. Learn about how to find and get suppliers and 3PL Fulfillment Agents at China’s biggest trade shows, including the Canton Import and Export Fair, Global Source Tradeshow, and marketplaces such as the Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace.

It also touches upon what to expect when communicating with foreign suppliers and how to negotiate with Chinese suppliers.

If you are interested in learning more about importing from China, we recommend that you check out this handy video guide from the team at 2Flow which covers everything you will need to know. And don’t forget to take into change regional activities such as Chinese New Year.

This indispensable guide offers a helpful run-down of product selection, sourcing suppliers, shipping, and more.

Watch the video guide below to get the low-down on importing from China.

China article and permission to publish here provided by Simon Pleass at Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on June 28, 2018.

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