Supply Chain Intelligence Summit! (Video)

In April, 2022 I was invited to present at Unicorn Partners’ Supply Chain Intelligence Summit. They wanted to have “an intensive and critical examination of the reality and the dream of end-to-end supply chain visibility”.

For anyone who follows Supply Chain Game Changer, you know that we view end-to end Supply Chain connectivity and visibility as the foundation to create the Digital Supply Chain of the future.

Further, we believe that we are now at a massive inflection point in the history of Supply Chain Management. This was a great opportunity to share our view of the current reality and our vision of the definitive Supply Chain of the future.

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The Supply Chain Renaissance Has Begun!

The term Renaissance is widely associated with the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, denoted by the dramatically renewed interest in, and advancement of, art, science, literature, learning, composition and exploration.

Dozens and dozens of perpetually famous individuals made their enduring mark during this period, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Shakespeare, Marco Polo, the Medicis, Martin Luther, and Gutenberg, to name but a few.

The 21st century marks a similar period for Supply Chain. Never in history have we heard so much about Supply Chain, its critical importance to every aspect of our lives, and its role in shaping the very fabric of our future.

The Supply Chain Renaissance has begun!

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Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Poll Results!

Time will prove that the global Coronavirus pandemic has marked a major inflection point across the entire history of Supply Chain Management. Largely unknown and not understood before the pandemic, Supply Chain’s visibility and importance has seen an unprecedented level of exposure during the pandemic.

Everyone now understands that when Supply Chains fail, much of what enables our personal and professional lives also stops. The fragility of Supply Chains experienced during the pandemic demands improvements in the robustness and resilience of this core function.

It has created a Moment of Truth for Supply Chain. Will companies revert back to their old ways of doing things after the pandemic or will they make the improvements needed for the future?

We conducted our Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Poll to find out.

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The Supply Chain Renaissance Readiness Poll!

We believe that we are on the verge of a Supply Chain Renaissance. A period of time in which people, technologies, cultural demands and amenability, and motivation will all conspire to launch a long period of rebirth in Supply Chain.

While we discuss what this means in our article “The Supply Chain Renaissance Has Begun“, we thought we would conduct a poll amongst our readers to understand their readiness for this period of renewal.

Here we present, and interpret, the results of our polling.

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Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Video!

This period of time, that is this post-pandemic period, will be considered a unique inflection point in the history of Supply Chain Management.

As pandemic related restriction are relaxed, if not eliminated, people and businesses will be trying to get back to “normal“. For many, they will be happy to forget the disruption that the pandemic caused and will go back to their old ways.

For others, they will realize that they must make major improvements to create more robust and resilient and sustainable Supply Chains, leveraging all of the capabilities and technologies that are at hand.

As such, this is Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth. Watch our Video and hear our views as to what has happened, what this means, and what the future has in store.

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