How to Pick the Perfect Shoes When Buying Online!

Perfect Shoes

Are you an online shopper, or do you prefer wandering the malls looking for the perfect shoes? Both options have pros and cons, and it’s OK to have your favorite. If you’re buying online, you’ve surely faced some difficulties that make you reconsider your options.

One of the greatest issues is buying shoes that simply don’t fit. Different manufacturers and brands use various materials that are not the same. They simply don’t fit your feet like the pair you used to wear previously. This is an issue that needs to be solved when you can’t get the perfect shoes.

In this article, we solve this issue and many more. You must follow the guide below if you want to know how to buy shoes online and have them delivered in perfect condition every time. Keep reading to learn how to buy the perfect shoes online, and never make mistakes.

1. Make sure you’re opting for a trusted brand

Getting shoes from a brand no one has ever heard of is gambling. You never know what you are getting. The shoes may look spectacular in the images, but you have no idea what they will deliver through the mail. On the other hand, famous brands have a reputation for holding on to, so you know you’re getting a top-notch product.

For example, getting RM Williams from Blowes Clothing is great, as you know exactly what will arrive on your doorstep. These shoes are always spectacular, and you probably already had a pair in the past. You know what you can expect from them.

2. Look for reviews from previous buyers

You’re probably not among the first that will buy from a particular page. Many others have already ordered an item, received it, and had the chance to try the shoes on. Many of these people will go back online to share their experiences and explain what kind of product they got.

Find out more about the product by simply reading these reviews. They will tell if some shoes are worth buying or not. Go through the multiple reviews to find both positive and negative points. If there are more negative than positive, you know you should look for shoes elsewhere.

3. Measure your feet and choose based on length, not the shoe size

The shoe sizes commonly accepted will not work here. Different brands will provide different sizes for the same numbers. They simply can’t be identical, so it’s best to measure the size using a ruler. Measure the dimensions of your feet, compare them to the chart, and pick what seems to be the best solution.

Manufacturers have different machines when they create shoes. Different materials will create a different final product, so it’s best to go with the ruler. If the dimensions don’t fit the actual numbers, you should send them back and ask for the right fit.

4. Carefully inspect the images to see if everything seems perfect

Before putting an item inside the cart, inspect the shoe carefully. Since you can’t actually see it, the best option you have is to look at the image provided. If you find flaws in the shoe displayed, which is a photo of their best item, you can surely expect something wrong with the delivered product.

If everything seems normal, you should order. Looking closely at the image and reading the description will show you how the shoes are made. You will find out about every detail they have, and if there’s something you don’t like, you should look for another pair elsewhere.

5. Look for a great return policy

In case something’s wrong, you need to return the product and get a new one. Look for their return policy and order only from sellers who instantly change or return the item without questions asked. Read carefully what’s in their rulebook and be prepared for everything.

You can’t be sure what you order and what you get when ordering through the mail. If you need something urgently, simply go to the mall, but if you can wait and return the product you don’t like, then online shopping is for you.

6. Look for influencers wearing them on social media to see how they actually look

Instagram influencers constantly have new shoes on them. They promote them as part of their ads program or simply because they bought something they love. Search for the shoes ,and other items such as eyeglasses, you want through the system and find out if someone already has them on.

Check out how it looks on them. Mind that these people are professionals with perfect lighting and camera, and most shoes look stunning. Still, if you see that a particular model isn’t looking fabulous, you’ll know that you shouldn’t buy them. If they don’t look good on an influencer, you won’t love them either.

Perfect shoes article and permission to publish here provided by Petar Bekjarovski. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 31, 2023.

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