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In March 2020, Real Estate Investor/Tax Analyst Carlos Colon (a Philadelphia native, raised in Puerto Rico) decided to bring an idea of his to life; one which was building in his heart for a long period of time.

Realizing that (due to COVID-19 quarantine regulations) many of his peers would be housebound with nothing to do and nowhere to go – Carlos wanted to give back to the community via a peer-to-peer altruistic (and mission-centered) delivery service. He asked his wife one day – “What’s the expression in American culture used to demonstrate gratitude when a chore or task is completed on another’s behalf?”

Soon thereafter, the genesis of #ThankX was born: Concierge Community Couriers (based in our very own Philadelphia)! “Thank[s]” represents gratitude; “X” represents express!

Seeking local designers and project managers, Carlos Colon and Bruce Leto, Jr. (of Design With Artisan, Villanova Business School MBA Candidate) partnered TOGETHER in March 2020 to help transform Colon’s dream into a reality. Leto’s business school and project management background would serve as the right “architectural fit” to ensure that the appropriate help was enlisted.  

First, Leto decided to build Carlos’ website through his web design firm – Design With Artisan (top-rated Wix firm in the Philadelphia area). The website would drum up interest in the app, while giving members/businesses a platform to connect on. Additionally, would enable couriers and drivers to sign up to become accredited ThankX drivers.

Next, Leto connected Colon to an app developer (Divine Digital Agency), which created an effective, engaging, and interactive app – now available on the itunes, Apple, and Google stores (“ThankX”) for download! 

Lastly, with the help of Villanova Business School Professor Jose Palomino – Colon and Leto collaborated on the right messaging for the ThankX brand: “You need it? I got it. Delivered.” This messaging would not only directly reference the delivery/courier aspect of ThankX; but also the community element, which is just as important!

ThankX serves to inspire gratitude and hope by empowering communities (and small businesses) to partner and work together. From local corner stores and delis, to Whole Foods locations/warehouses in Philadelphia – ThankX expounds the message of personal delivery via giving back in a gracious manner.

 Gratitude is important because, as Carlos puts it – “what you give is what you get.” The Creator (God) is the greatest source of energy that there is. Carlos believes that it is spiritually important that we know how to say “thank you” – beyond just words! Being thankful is inextricably tied to being magnanimous!

Inspiration and success are; however, by no means new to Colon – with an impressive, multi-faceted resume. He started his professional life as a truck driver in the year 2000, traveling the US for almost 8 years seeking a brighter future. In 2012, Colon branched out into another venture by becoming a franchisee with Los Taxes Franchise Corp., opening multiple offices to serve the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

Throughout his years of hard work and dedication he has volunteered, sponsored, and worked with numerous organizations, pageants and fundraisers to give back to the community. Building on his own prior successes as an entrepreneur and businessman, Colon undertook ThankX as a project to empower, inspire, and connect the local Philadelphian/South Jersey communities.

From vastly dissimilar backgrounds, Leto and Colon linked together to ultimately leverage a “humane” element that has been missing during the pandemic and related political affairs. 

ThankX would be a conduit for clients to send goods/parcels to each other in a safe, customized, and efficient manner.  These deliveries would comply with COVID-19 safety regulations AND foster a sense of community (via charitable, personalized drivers and grateful recipients).

As Colon puts it: “each delivery has a unique story – from sender to recipient!”  Additionally, drivers selected to work for ThankX are ensured to embody the mission and community-oriented vision of ThankX. As Carlos puts it: “Our drivers must be customer-focused and facilitate a personalizedwarm, and memorable delivery experience.”

The ThankX team strives not only to connect people to requested parcels; but also to foster growth for small businesses by partnering and bridging local communities – Carlos’ employees are the keystone to his vision.

This is ThankX’s unique differentiator from Amazon and GoPuff – the magnanimous, personalized element of each delivery via courier experience. “Our drivers genuinely care about the people they serve,” expounds Colon.

How Does ThankX Work?

Say, for example, Juan wants to send medication from North Philadelphia to his abuela, who lives across the Walt Whitman bridge (in a COVID-19 safety compliant manner). Juan signs onto the ThankX app; schedules his delivery date; selects a delivery address and pick-up method/address; and with a click of a button – ensures that abuela receives her medication in a safe, efficient, and customized fashion.

Inventory is held and procured from local corner stores, delis, pharmacies (CVS) and larger entities (such as Giant, Whole Foods, etc.), which is why B2B ThankX partnerships are essential. While this is primarily a delivery (via procurement) service, ThankX does not buy products unrelated to its express deliveries.

Oftentimes, ThankX couriers balance their workload between personal (P2P) deliveries, and contracted deliveries from warehouses to stores, parts manufacturers, construction companies, etc. Per Colon: “It’s important for us to have multiple delivery platforms – to keep drivers busy and community needs satiated!” Drivers who want to sign up (either full-time or part-time) can visit and fill out a driver application form – must have a valid driver’s license.

Currently, ThankX is partnered with several large-scale warehouses in Philadelphia and focuses primarily on deliveries in the PA/NJ regions. Customer response has been relatively high, although ThankX is really hoping for a blogger or key influencer to feature its impactful message and generate more groundswell! 

ThankX inspires hope and gratitude during tumultuous times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for additional information and app download link! 

ThankX article and permission to publish here provided by Bruce Leto Jr. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 14, 2020.

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