How to Safely Handle Chemicals!

Every time I am asked about how to handle and transport chemicals I answer that it is all about being well-informed.

Indeed, there are various elements that one has to know when it comes to the storage and handling of chemical products.

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Circular Economy in Chemicals: Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions!

Have you ever thought about where all the chemicals in everyday products end up? Traditional models have often overlooked this crucial question. The result? Wasteful practices that strain our planet and resources.

The circular economy offers a fresh perspective. Instead of the old take-make-dispose routine, it emphasizes reusing and recycling. For the chemical industry, this isn’t just about sustainability; it’s also a strategic move.

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Different Sectors of the Chemical Industry!

According to the latest published Chemical Sector Profile, there are mainly five sectors that embody the chemical industry: Agricultural Chemicals, Basic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Products, and Pharmaceuticals.

In the following, we will discuss each of these sectors in short. If you want to investigate the products used in each industry and need technical documents about each chemical you can visit

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