What to Do When You are Not Getting Enough Facebook Page Likes!

Facebook Page

Facebook pages are much in trend and are a popular source for promoting content. It is elementary to create a Facebook page, but it takes effort to get more Facebook page likes.

There are several reasons why it holds a vital role for those who are aware of it. There are endless pages which are there for a decade, but still, they fail to earn likes. The ways were less that time so was the knowledge.

With the growing technology and awareness, it is now easy to grow your page smoothly.

Facebook pages

Before anything, it is essential to know what a Facebook page is and how does it work? A Facebook page is a page created by an entity through his Facebook account. The purpose behind creating it can be just for fun, to boost a product or an entity. One can create a page to share a meme or blog links too.

The purpose behind creating some pages is to render a helping hand to the world or offer services. Another reason behind creating a Facebook page is to earn in the future, as people can really earn well by promoting other brands, people or events. It is a growing business now! Nowadays, many events, movies, TV serials, web series, news and even political posts reach the masses through these pages.

Even the educational sector is not untouched by it. Facebook pages are usable to promote schools, colleges and other educational organizations too! 

Different roles on Facebook pages

Teamwork always pays off, and in the case of Facebook pages, one needs teamwork to succeed. It adds more to creativity and regular monitoring of the functioning of the page. Facebook page roles are divided into three main parts:

  1. Admin- This role indicates the ownership of the page. The admin of the page has the complete right on the page. He can remove anyone, including the moderator and writer, and recruit new ones.
  1. Moderator- The one with the right to moderate any post and approve a post or comment is a moderator.
  1. Writer- This is not such a popular category. This category helps in writing the post for the page.

If these roles are handled carefully, the page’s success is unstoppable.

How can Facebook pages help in the long run?

There are numerous reasons to support the fact that Facebook pages can prove helpful. Some of the popular ones are here below:

  • A Facebook page with a good number of likes develops trust among the targeted audience. The reach of the pages immediately affects the reach of the page. In short, it increases engagement immediately! You can also purchase post shares to increase engagement fast.
  • It is a good source of income for many, as the recently announced reels and bonuses are now doing wonders.
  • It adds creditability and holds a significant role in influencer marketing.
  • Even media industries, advertisement industries and almost all sectors use it as a promotional medium.

Less Facebook page like: Don’t lose heart! We have got it sorted!

A Facebook page with less number of likes is likely to be lost somewhere in the enormous page list. It can be disheartening if you are not getting the desirable likes on your page even after so many attempts. A Facebook page with numerous likes comes under the popular heads. So is it really tough to reach the target? The answer can be a combination of yes and no!

Strategy to increase Facebook page likes

It can be simple if you know the strategy, but it can be tedious if you are far away from the process. Let us understand the process of getting enough Facebook page likes:

Good Content

Content is the conqueror of hearts only if it is worthy. Unique content has always managed to earn fame for any Facebook page within a blink of an eye. It attracts more and more people to your page quickly. Some innovative ideas through videos or a post full of original humor, or an appealing graphic are sufficient to take you to the level you intend to.

Remember you also share the posts from the pages if they are interesting or if they have extraordinary humor. Try to add content or graphics that have never been used before or are in trend.

Announcing a Competition

A simple way to do this is by announcing a small contest where you can ask people to like and share your page on their profile. It will attract more engagement, resulting in more likes. Announcing the winner and giving the prize to the right contestant at the right time adds a perk to the goodwill of your page.

It directly ensures that you succeeded in winning the audience’s trust and likes. You can also start grabbing engagement by announcing regular updates about the competition.


You can ask for a shout-out from the Facebook pages doing good in their genre. They simply have to share your page on their timeline and have to ask their audience to like and follow your page. It is a simple process but works wonderfully. There are many instances where a newly made page turned famous overnight through this process.


You need to share the content continuously on your Facebook page so that the audience remains active on your page. Often such pages reflect on the feed of the person who likes the Facebook page. If he ends up liking the page, the chances are high that his friends may also get a notification of the page.

Sending Requests to Your Facebook Friends

Asking your Facebook friends to like your page is a good idea. Here your audience already knows you and has trust in you. It is easy to gain this type of likes. Ensure that you also like their pages. It will be an excellent way to educate your Facebook friends on what you are doing.

Taking the Aid of a Third Party

Imagine when you can gain Facebook page likes without much effort! Sounds interesting and exciting! Indeed! BuyQualityLikes render these services in an unbelievable way. They have a list of plans from which you can choose the best and most affordable one.

If you want less Facebook page likes, you can choose the lowest plan, and the same goes for the highest. The biggest surprise that lies here is the likes never come from any BOT but from those accounts that are real and active. These accounts are functional and contribute well to your future Facebook page engagement.

Here you are not required to share your password with them. Just share the Facebook page link on which you want likes. The likes get delivered quickly if there is no issue with the page or technical errors. In any other circumstances, their customer care service reaches you quickly to render the likes at a go. Just pay the amount and see the numbers increasing at speed like never before!


Collaborating with some influencers or brands may help you to increase Facebook page likes easily. When the audience trusts any entity or a brand, then they are more likely to trust your Facebook page if they share it on their page. It will be two way benefit. The collaborator will get aid from your viewers and vice versa.

Facebook Ads

These days, you can promote your page by boosting it. For the same, you need to run ads. The efforts can be less if you hire some experts. Here you can choose the targeted age- group, geographical location, countries, particular interest people and much more.

The people who come through this mode are those who are active on Facebook, and in return, you can benefit through their friends too. Every time when they will like any post or page, it will reflect on their friends’ walls. Facebook ads are doing pretty well with just a small drawback if you are specific in your selection, then it can be expensive, and if you are not an expert, you might fail to attain the goal.

There is a specific algorithm to understand to reach the vast number of likes on your Facebook page you always wanted.

Sharing it on other Social Media

Sharing your Facebook page through different social media can help you grow too. Especially the contribution of WhatsApp cannot be overlooked in it. Almost every second person uses WhatsApp, and sharing the link to your Facebook page can add benefits.

It will not only add to the number of followers but can also attract engagement to the post. There are other places where you can share your Facebook page link, like Instagram, YouTube, website and much more. The whole idea here is to have more Facebook page likes here.

Wrapping up

Facebook pages are growing at an incredible speed and hold a significant role in the advertisement. You are making a huge and non-rectified mistake if you still need a reason to grow it. Go through the whole blog to decide which strategy suits you best. Start working on your content, as good content is sufficient to accomplish the goal with ease.

Article and permission to publish here provided by James Thomas. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 7, 2023.

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