What to Know About Making an International Phone Call!

International Phone Call

For those with loved ones in another country or those who travel a lot, international phone plans must have crossed your mind. No matter where we are, it’s always essential that we stay connected to our friends, family, and business from wherever they are. An International phone call facilitates this and help you feel closer to your loved ones.

But if you are planning to use them, you should know some important things about how it works.

Think of Renting a Phone

Many people don’t know this. But phone renting for making international calls is available. You can get them within the country you are in or purchase a phone that has the international calling feature and an international SIM card.

But note that this is only a short-term solution. Should you extend your trip or your prepaid card runs out, you may incur extra charges.

Get an International Plan

Calling plans are not limited to domestic calls only. For those who’ll need to make frequent international calls, getting on a plan is the most viable solution. As long as you get a special plan for your phone, you can use it abroad in most cases. However, the roaming fees for calling and using data may be a bit expensive.

Check with https://www.m1.com.sg/mobile/mobile-add-ons/international-calls about the international calls they have. But if your plans don’t allow international calling, find out the price of a phone service first when buying an international call plan. This is an important point, especially if you travel for a long time, as this way, you can make calls anytime without paying a high bill each time.

Understand the Time Differences

Please take into account the different time zones and understand the right time to call someone to avoid calling during off-hours. For instance, someone in the United States who wants to speak to a person in Germany should note that Germany is six hours ahead.

If you’re calling someone in Germany at 8.00 pm Eastern time, you’ll wake them up as it is 2.00 am. Not only can this cause disturbance, but if it’s a business call, you can be damaging your reputation.

Phone Numbers Look Different

You could get a strange phone number than what you are used to. For instance, for European phone numbers, you may set some components before you start dialing. One will have to dial the international access code that’s different if calling from a European country.

Also, you should know that all countries in Europe have their dialing code that shows the country a person is calling. What’s important is to know the code and the phone numbers of the country you are calling from.

Use International Calling Apps

It’s always wise for those traveling to get a dedicated international phone plan. But, it’s also a good idea to install some calling apps in advance. Most people these days use WhatsApp for messaging and calling. This is an excellent option as long as both parties have good internet. You can also use Skype if you want to make video calls when talking to different people.

However, bear in mind that these apps can take a lot of data while roaming, and you may incur additional charges other than data fees. Therefore, it’s best to remain connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid paying expensive data bills.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement in technology, you can speak to your loved one no matter where you or they are. These few essential facts about international calling can help simplify talking to your loved ones or business partners in another country.

International phone call article and permission to publish here provided by Beth West. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 18, 2021.

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